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I chose your company because of honesty and I am extremely satisfied with the work.
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“I chose your company because of honesty.  The crew was polite and very knowledgable.”
Ronnie S. of Clemmons, NC
We had our crawl space encapsulated and are satisfied with the work. The cleanup was satisfactory.  Everyone we dealt with … Read Full TestimonialJanis and Wayne G. of Clemmons, NC »
Janis and Wayne G. of Clemmons, NC
Was told by Lauren R. how impressed she was with the guy who came out to her home. I called, … Read Full TestimonialMarilyn T. of Clemmons, NC »
Marilyn T. of Clemmons, NC
Reviews From Clemmons, NC
  • Clemmons, NC 27012
    "Among the many things I liked about this company besides the excellent work they do…"
  • Clemmons, NC 27012
    "this was a nervous project for us but the end result looks great – the…"
  • Clemmons, NC 27012
    "The crew at my home was the best. Brett Bond and Steve Lagray were outgoing…"

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Clemmons, North Carolina

Water in the basement or crawl space leads to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues. It also leads to a reoccurring headache for you. Luckily, our trained experts are available to permanently fix the problem.

We will properly install a hidden drainage system in your Clemmons basement and completely encapsulate your crawl space with CrawlSeal vapor barrier. We are here to solve the problem for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement
  • Basement, Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Structural & Foundation Repair in Clemmons

Foundation problems destroy your Clemmons home’s value and can be dangerous. Our team of structural and geotechnical engineers is here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

We Fix

  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs
We Use

  • Wall Anchors
  • Slab Piers
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Helical Deck Piers
  • Sticking Windows
  • Underpinning

PolyRenewal™ Concrete Leveling & Lifting

The sunken and cracked concrete around your Clemmons home is both an eyesore and a safety hazard. It is also likely to get worse, but we can fix it for you.

Our experts use PolyRenewal, a superior polyurethane foam. Small holes are drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected and the expanding foam lifts the concrete. The majority of contractors you will call use mudjacking instead of foam. Mudjacking is heavier, require larger holes in the concrete and does not last as long as PolyRenewal. Call us today to learn more.

We Fix

  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Patios
  • Sinking Sidewalks

  • Uneven Concrete
  • Sunken Pool Decks
  • Highway & Commercial Issues
Job Stories From Clemmons, NC
Clemmons, NC - Basement Wall Insulation
The team at Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the Basement To Beautiful insulated wall panels along the basement walls after the interior drainage system called, BasementGutter was installed to manage intruding moisture. The inorganic Basement To Beautiful wall panels is custom engineered to eliminate wood framing and fiberglass insulation so homeowners can have a healthy, dry and energy efficient basement.
Clemmons, NC - Basement Wall Stabilized

The horizontal crack along this Clemmons, NC basement wall was becoming larger as the years passed, eventually the homeowner could no longer hide the problem. Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the basement wall using the Basement Wall Anchor System.

Clemmons, NC- Bowing Basement Wall Braced

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed ten zinc-plated IntelliBraces™ along the cracked basement wall. The IntelliBraces™ were secured to the floor system of the home and floor of the basement to immediately stabilize the slightly bowing basement wall. 

Clemmons, NC- Exposed Crawl Space No More
The exposed crawl space under this Clemmons, NC home had exposed dirt and open vents causing the HVAC system to work hard to keep a comfortable room temperature in the home above. The Crawl Space Team sealed off the open vents using X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels and covered the exposed dirt and walls using the 20mil. antimicrobial CrawlSeal liner.
Push Piers Provide a Stable Home for Clemmons, NC Homeowners

Clemmons couple Ruth Anna and David A. planned on selling their home, but before they could do that, they had to make sure there were no problems that might deter potential buyers.  The couple did a self inspection where they noticed cracking in their foundation.  Knowing this could be a potential deal breaker for a buyer, the couple needed to find a contractor to fix the problem quick!  A close friend referred the couple to Tar Heel Basement Systems, who they decided to call that day!

That same week, the couple was met by foundation repair specialist William Blake at their Clemmons home.  After inspecting the foundation inside and out, William told the couple that their house had begun to settle. William recommended the installation of push piers.  Push piers are steel tubes that are attached to a steel bracket.  The bracket is connected to the house via the existing footing and the piers are then driven hydraulically into the ground.  Combining the structural weight and the contributory soil load, the piers are continuously driven until a suitable load bearing stratum is encountered.  Over time, the piers actually lift the house to its original position!

With the recommendation agreed upon, Kent called in primary foreman Orville Schoenfield to complete the foundation repair project.   Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems, Ruth Anne and David no longer have to worry about something keeping them from selling their house!

CrawlDrain and SafeDri Combo Rescue Disastrous Clemmons, NC Crawl Space
A crawl space is typically an unfinished part of the house with very low ceilings and is a prime breeding ground for water and mold problems.  When Royce T. found herself having water, mold and moisture troubles in her crawl space, she knew she needed a solution and fast.  She called up a contractor, who referred her to Tar Heel Basement Systems.  She decided to contact them for more information. Tar Heel responded to Royce’s call and sent out crawl space repair specialist John Williams to evaluate the condition of her crawl space.  John recommended a handful of waterproofing and mold prevention products that would transform the crawl space from damp and musty to dry and healthy.  On the waterproofing side, John recommended the installation of a CrawlDrain drainage system, which is designed to work with a vapor barrier system.  It’s installed along the perimeter of a crawl space and catches incoming water while preventing dirt from clogging the system.  The SafeDri sump pump was installed to collect the water from the drainage system.  The SafeDri is just like its brother model, the SafeDri Super Sump Pump, except it has two distinct features that make it unique.  The SafeDri Sump Pump is made to accept the CrawlSeal crawl space vapor barrier for an ensured airtight seal.  The SafeDri Sump Pump is also made with a unique cover design, that when a plumbing leak is present, the water fills up an alarm pocket on the pump’s lid activating a SafeDri™ Battery Backup System that will notify you that there’s a problem.  Finally a Tar Heel dehumidifier was recommended to combat and eliminate present and future moisture issues in the crawl space. Although crawl spaces can be a pain, a clean and efficient one can benefit a home immensely, making it easy to get to plumbing and electrical, and creating more storage space.  Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems, Royce’s crawl space is water free, mold free and moisture free!
Waterproofing Products Save Clemmons, NC Home
One day homeowner Armando C. in the Clemmons, NC area found that his basement was taking in water at a substantial rate.  With nowhere left to turn, Armando knew he needed to find a waterproofing company and fast!  He immediately began researching waterproofing companies and soon came across Tar Heel Basement Systems who he called that same day for a free estimate. Soon after, Tar Heel sent out waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn to meet Armando at his Clemmons home.  After careful evaluation of the basement, Kent knew exactly what to install.  Kent recommended the BasementGutter drainage system to be installed along the perimeter of the basement to catch the water coming in from the outside.  A SafeDri super sump pump would also be installed to drain water out of the home and keep the basement dry. Finally, an FreezeGuard and outlet were also installed to ensure safe drainage in even the coldest of winter months. With the recommendations in order, Kent called Orville Schoenfield and his crew to come in and install the waterproofing products.  Tar Heel Basement Systems is the type of company to give their customers only the best and because of that commitment, Armando’s basement is successfully waterproofed and will stay dry for years to come!
Work Requests From Clemmons, NC
Arden Drive in Clemmons
Mildew ,moisture,odor from dirt crawl space
Armsby Road in Clemmons
Basement has some moisture seeping through the concrete block wall leaving some white residue. Need to know if this needs to be fixed, and if so, how much it will cost.
Barons Road in Clemmons
Cracked mortar along front wall (underground) in basement. Slight bow. Previous owner's water damage to blame also from a leaky roof and or large tree too close to house.
Bridgewood Rd in Clemmons
I recently moved my weight bench and padded floor away from the corner of my basement and realized that water has been getting under my laminate floor and warped it. I need to get any leaks to the basement found and fixed.
Britton Gardens Rd in Clemmons
Water developed in a closed crawl space and some black mold developed as a result of lingering moisture in air and on ground. Need an inspection of this property as we have interest in buying it.
Brookdale Dr in Clemmons
Water coming into walk in basement
Brookdale Drive in Clemmons
I would like an estimate for having a vapor barrier installed.
Burke Farm Road in Clemmons
I have some standing water in my crawl space
Center Grove Church Rd in Clemmons
I would like to inquire on the cost to seal a crawl space.
Centergrove Place Ct in Clemmons
Need inspection
Clemmons Rd in Clemmons
Existing customer requesting a quote for french drains. appointment set.
Crescent Meadow Dr in Clemmons
Drywall & tile cracks
Eagle Glen CT in Clemmons
I am having a problem with water leakage on one side of my house.
Elm Hill Drive in Clemmons
Have recently noticed cracks around interior doorways and in some areas, interior door frames have separated from the sheetrock at the top completely.
Epping Road in Clemmons
Drywall cracking at the upper right corner of several door frames. Front (and other) doors hard to close.
Fairwood Ct in Clemmons
Basement wall will have a small leak twice a year. Want to finish the basement and need to fix these before. Thanks
Forest Line Dr in Clemmons
I would like for someone to look at my basement and lets talk about waterproofing.
Gardenspring Dr. in Clemmons
I have a leaning 7 foot tall retaining wall that I need to get an estimate to correct the leaning.
Glengarriff Rd in Clemmons
Concrete surrounding pool. Settled in 2 places, one creating a trip hazard.
Need a quote to seal our crawl space.
Golden Bear Lane in Clemmons
Steps breaking away at platform, dropped 1 inch in 16 years, needs jacking
Golden Bear Ln in Clemmons
Front porch has settled away from foundation,needs repaired
Hampton Rd in Clemmons
I need to have a backup system for my sump pump
Hanes Way in Clemmons
Purchased a home, inspection etc was done during a dry spell. After the last day of rain I found that the crawlspace had anywhere from 1 inch of water to 9 inches at its deepest point. The land around the home has moss so I knewm moisture would be a concern but I didn't think the crawl space would flood. I'm going to make some grating improvements where I can but would like to find a way to keep the moisture from molding/rotting the bottom of my FIRST HOME. HELP!
Harper Spring Drive in Clemmons
Corner settlement showing foundation crack with basement floor crack. Most likely underpinning needed.
Harpers Grove Lane in Clemmons
Water in crawl space
Holder Road in Clemmons
Water from yard flows in basement during heavy rain events .
Idols Rd in Clemmons
Would like a quote for 20 x 24' crawl space remediation (drain and sump)vs. full conditioning. Thx
Knob Hill Court in Clemmons
My front stoop steps are brick and they are cracking at the mortar and they are obviously sinking to the right side. The mortar has pulled away from the left side of the house. The stoop itself is fine, it is just the steps that are sinking.
Mabel Hartman Court in Clemmons
I have a sinking concrete patio covered with brick pavers. The size of the patio is about 38'6" x 10'5". The outside edge of the patio is supported by helical coils. The drop in the patio is were the patio meets the house. The patio is reinforced with rebar. There is an attached screened-in-porch (13'8" x 7'8") covering one end of the patio. The patio has dropped about 1 to 1.5 inches on the end opposite the screened-in-porch and about 1/2 inch on the end with the screened porch.
Mallard Landing Boulevard in Clemmons
Requesting an estimate for efflorescence on the walls. Appointment set.
McKnights Trace in Clemmons
Our house is 15 years old, water collects in one corner of crawl space after it rains.
Meadow Glen Ct in Clemmons
The walkway to the house has 2 blocks lower than the rest.
Middlebrook Dr in Clemmons
Poor drainage from the building and water in basement.
Moratock Lane in Clemmons
I had you guys install a radon mitigation system a dew weeks ago and I have not heard back from you regarding the re-check. Please call me to schedule the re-check. Thanks! Brian
Moravian Heights Lane in Clemmons
I have standing water in my crawl space.
Moravian Hgts Ln in Clemmons
Water in crawl space
Old Byerly Rd in Clemmons
Need estimate on crawl space insulation and possible structural repair
Parkfield in Clemmons
Horizontal cracks in basement wall, stairstep cracks at top of basement wall and on outside brick wall.
PepperTree Rd in Clemmons
Interested in $ quote on waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation
Peppertree Road in Clemmons
We have a bulge in our flooring through the middle of the house where the beam is which has caused our wood floors to separate through the entire length of the house. Before replacing the flooring we would like to know if there is an underlying issue that needs to be corrected and would like to get a free quote. Thank you!
Pineview Dr. in Clemmons
I have an unfinished basement. Water has seeped in during recent rains.
Queens Ct in Clemmons
My cinder block garage wall has a horizontal crack running the lenght of the entire house. I am interested in a quote on your power brace system. The crack runs approximately 55 feet.
Riverview Dr in Clemmons
We had water in our basement after a hard rain.
Rollingwood Dr in Clemmons
I have a wall in my basement/garage that has a moisture leak and mold is beginning to grow.
Rollingwood Drive in Clemmons
Realtor's client buying home, estimate for moisture in basement. Office quoted fee. Referred by Home Inspector. Appointment set.
Roquemore in Clemmons
Caller looking for basement waterproofing. Partially finished. He has two spots that are leaking and has some mold. Been happening for a couple of months. Puddles of water. Provided contact information. Found company online. Appointment set.
Roquemore Road in Clemmons
Water in my finished basement living area. Recently moved some furniture and I have water and mold in the carpet.
S Peacehaveh Rd in Clemmons
Water in basement
Spring Park CT in Clemmons
Have 4 floor supports for wood frame 2 story house on crawlspace that are 6x6 brace but are not secured or foot padded correctly per home inspection that need corrected.
Springfield Village Court in Clemmons
I have a concrete porch that has settled that needs to be raised and leveled.
Squirewood Drive in Clemmons
Requesting service. Foundation repair work done about couple months ago.Around where the piers were installed and dirt backfilled. The places are sinking. Call disconnected while on hold.
Stancliff Road in Clemmons
Rainwater seeping through masonry wall at east elevation
Stoney Brook Road in Clemmons
Caller needs an estimate for PolyRenewal on a back stoop. Referred by television commercials. Appointment date and time was stated and the call got disconnected.
Styers Crossing Ln. in Clemmons
Would like to see about sealing the crawl space and what would be the cost.
Styers Ferry Rd in Clemmons
I have a brick front porch that is leaking water into the basement when it rains. The flashing against the brick foundation has eroded and fallen into the basement, leaving a hole for water to penetrate. I need this repaired and was wondering if you do waterproofing and will re-pour the porch once broken into pieces. Please email me, as this is the fastest way to get in contact. I can provide pictures of the damage to help with the assessment if you need them.
Tangle Oak Dr in Clemmons
I'm considering closing off my crawlspace from outside ventilation...
Tanglebrook Trail in Clemmons
Sagging floor joists under kitchen; potential moisture problems in full basement
Taylors Run Drive in Clemmons
New client, referred by Home Advisor, has moisture in his basement. Appointment set.
Trinity Garden Cir in Clemmons
Small graound leak in basement, may need pump repair.
Ttamore Lane in Clemmons
Pool area settlement
Valley Brook Road in Clemmons
I need a quote for 143 feet of water guard installation for a basement.
Valleyoak Dr in Clemmons
Home inspector found cracks in basement and porch areas.
Valleyoak Drive in Clemmons
Crack in foundation, resulting in moisture in basement. Crack in garage cinder block wall. Crack around top level door/door jams.
Verbena Way in Clemmons
Requesting service Driveway leveled . Fallen 1/2 an transfer to Ashley. Appointment set
Vineleaf CT in Clemmons
Calling to get an estimate for water proofing his crawl space appointment booked
Wellsburg Ct in Clemmons
Need new crawl space doors
Whitby Avenue in Clemmons
I have a cracked retaining wall and water leaking in basement with black mold.
Willowood Drive in Clemmons
Have a floor that needs leveling before I can remodel my kitchen