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I chose Tar Heel Basement Systems over the other companies because the sales presentation was great and very informative. The … Read Full TestimonialRar Joan B. of Winston Salem, NC »
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Testimonials From Winston Salem, NC
Barry had great presentation, patience and followed up with us after the initial appointment. We shopped around and compared other … Read Full TestimonialJohn & Julie H. of Winston Salem, NC »
John & Julie H. of Winston Salem, NC
After seeing Tar Heel Basement Systems’ ads in the Winston Salem Journal and receiving a referral from some close friends … Read Full TestimonialGraham C. of Elkin, NC »
Graham C. of Elkin, NC
I have a home in the North Carolina mountains that was literally rotting away from the underside to the point … Read Full TestimonialJohn T. of Winston Salem, NC »
John T. of Winston Salem, NC
Reviews From Winston Salem, NC
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    "The crew of 3 guys on site were very hardworking and knowledgable. They did not…"
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    "I was extremely impressed with everybody that I came into contact with on your staff!"
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Winston Salem's Basement & Foundation Contractor

For over a decade Tar Heel Basement Systems has been the trusted basement and foundation contractor in Winston Salem. We provide permanent, warranted solutions to make sure your home is protected. Armed with patented basement & foundation products and trained professionals makes us the obvious choice.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair

Water and moisture in the basement or crawl space results in mold, rot and structural repair. We prevent this from ever happening by waterproofing your basement or encapsulating your crawl space.

If you are having water and moisture problems in your basement we install an interior drainage system. Any entering water is captured in the drainage channel where it flows to a sump pump that pumps it out and away from the home. A basement dehumidifier is installed for humidity and moisture control. Our system comes with a transferable lifetime dry-basement warranty. You will have a permanently dry basement.

We Provide:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Humidity Control
  • Moisture Control

For Crawl Spaces we provide protection and moisture control by sealing the space and encapsulating the area with heavy-duty, vinyl vapor barrier. We also install proper insulation and an energy-efficient crawl space dehumidifier. If needed we can also install a drainage system and sump pump as well. Any entering water is removed and any excess moisture is controlled. Your crawl space is kept dry and protected.

Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling

We fix foundation problems before they can become worse. Using non-invasive methods we lift your Winston Salem home back to its original position. If you have symptoms of a foundation issue: wall cracks, bowing walls, uneven floors give us a call at 1-877-963-9464. The foundation products we use to fix your home have a 25 year warranty. 

We Use: 

  • Wall Anchors
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Foundation & Slab Piers
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts
  • PolyRenewal

As well as more serious foundation problems we also lift and level sunken concrete slabs. To fix the slab we drill small holes throughout the concrete and inject PolyRenewal, an expansive polyurethane foam. The foam expands to fill all the gaps and lifts the slab to its original position.

We can fix sunken sidewalks, patios, concrete around pools, etc. PolyRenewal has many advantages over traditional mudjacking and slabjacking. PolyRenewal is much lighter than mud slurry. It also cures much faster and is pumped through much smaller holes in the concrete. It is the best way to fix sunken concrete.

Job Stories From Winston Salem, NC
Basement Window Troubles Resolved in Winston Salem

Susan P. of Winston Salem, NC was having trouble making her basement energy efficient. After seeing information online, she decided to give Tar Heel Basement Systems a call.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the EverLast Basement Window. The Everlast Window is made of vinyl so that it won't rust, rot or ever need to be painted. Unlike her original basement window that only had one pane, the EverLast Window has two panes and comes with weather stripping to keep outside elements out of her basement.

She is now happy that her basement has become more energy efficient and has gotten a cosmetic transformation at the same time!

Dugout Crawl Space Gets Some TLC in Western Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Cendella's wife was having allergy problems and they were running a household dehumidifer constantly in the living area of their home. Mr. Cendella attempted to fix the concerns in the cellar himself by remediating the mold, installing new fiberglass insulation and a 6mil. vapor barrier, and a sump pump. They were still dealing with returning mold and water intrusion in their dugout crawl space. Mr. Cendella was in need of professional advice and called Tar Heel Basement Systems. System Design Specialist, Craig Sechrist, completed a full inspection of the dugout crawl space and provided Mr. Cendella with a permanent solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems installation crew was able to restore Mr. Cendella's crawl space by following the four steps to a healthy crawl space. First the crew had to fix the water intrusion problem by removing the old, useless sump pump and installing the SafeDri sump pump. Secondly, the crew isolated the house from the earth by laying down an antimicrobial liner called CrawlSeal. Thirdly, the crew sealed all crawl space vents and other outside air leaks. Lastly, the installation crew installed the Tar Heel dehumidifier to condition the crawl space air. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to eliminate Mr. Cendella's worry and leave his crawl space healthy, mold free and energy efficient!
Exterior Foundation Cracks Sealed in Winston-Salem, NC
Marlene E. had noticed exterior stair-step cracks in her brick foundation. Additionally there were gaps around the window frame due to the back right corner of the home settling more than an inch. She was concerned that the problem was worsening and wanted to have it fixed as soon as possible. Tar Heel's systems design specialist Sam Agnew inspected the foundation issues and offered Marlene a solution for the repair. He recommended the installation of a push pier system to lift and stabilize the portion of the home that had settled. Foreman Josh Watson and his crew were able to install, lift and stabilize Marlene's foundation in just one day. With 4 push piers, the home was lifted to instantly seal the 1/2 inch crack in the brick wall and close the window gap. After the work was done, the property was cleaned up and restored to its original condition. Marlene E. was so pleased with Josh Watson and his crew. Due to her difficulty walking, Josh spent time taking pictures and videos to show to her inside the house while the work was taking place. She felt very involved, in control, and thankful for such a great crew.
Foundation Settling Threatened Winston-Salem Homeowner: Slab Piers Saves it!

Lisa D. became worried when she noticed signs that her foundation was settling. Worried about the long-term consequences of the structural issues, Lisa contacted Tar Heel Basement System after coming across an ad in her local newspaper.

Tar Heel sent foundation specialist William Blake to Lisa’s Winston-Salem home. After evaluating the outside of her home, William concluded that Lisa’s foundation had in fact fallen victim to foundation settlement. He explained that the installation of slab pier systems would effectively fix her settlement issues. Slab piers are long steel piers that are installed under the slabs that are settling. These piers are driven deep into the earth in soil that not only can support the homeowner’s home, but also lift the once-settled slabs back to their appropriate level.

Lisa agreed to William’s recommendations and had the slab pier system installed.  Primary foreman Josh Watson and his crew were called in to complete the installation process.  With the slab piers successfully installed, Lisa can now live peacefully knowing that the days of tripping hazards and not being able to properly close doors are over.

Muddy and Moldy Crawlspace Drained, Insulated and Sealed
This homeowner in Winston-Salem first called Tar Heel Basement Systems in 2011 for a basement waterproofing system and was so satisfied with the work that she called us back to work on her crawlspace. When Bobby Luttrell arrived to take a look, he found pooling water, high humidity, damaged plastic and insulation as well as mold growth. He recommended a complete sealing and insulating system with CrawlSeal vapor barrier and X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation. He also installed an EZ Flow drain system and a SafeDri Super Sump Pump to drain any infiltrating water out of the home. The homeowner was very pleased with the results and now knows that both her basement and crawlspace are moisture free and healthy.
Radon Mitigation was a No-Brainer for this Winston Salem, NC Homeowner

Radon is no laughing matter, causing more than 21,000 lung cancer-related deaths a year, radon should never be overlooked.  When Greta F. found her home had elevated levels of radon, she knew she needed to call in an expert to lower the radon levels, or risk putting her life in jeopardy.  After being referred to Tar Heel Basement Systems, Greta gave them a call to come out to evaluate her home.

That same week, Greta was met by radon specialist Adam Hill who came to evaluate her radon levels.  After the evaluation, Adam recommended that the homeowner install a radon fan. Along with the combination of PVC and a PVC exhaust cap, these solutions would effectively and efficiently suck up the radon and exhaust it out of the home with no threat to her well being!

Adam Hill and his crew returned to install the radon prevention products.  After installation of the radon mitigation system, radon should no longer be a source of stress in Greta’s home.  With radon causing more deaths per year than drunk driving, radon mitigation should be a no-brainer. Call Tar Heel Basement Systems for your free estimate today!

Sinking Sidewalk Raised in Winston Salem, NC
Tar Heel Basement Systems restored the sinking sidewalk at this Winston Salem, NC home using PolyRenewal. Penny-sized holes were drilled every few feet along the sidewalk allowing for the light weight, high-density polyurethane foam to be injected beneath the slab. The failing soil was compressed allowing the void beneath the slab to be filled and raising the sinking slab two inches to the proper height. The Winston Salem homeowners now have a level and safe sidewalk for many years to come thanks to the power of PolyRenewal. Don't replace it, RAISE it!
Triple The Crawl Space Protection in Winston Salem, NC
Avoiding the crawl space is anyway possible was typical for the Winston Salem, NC homeowners. Suddenly becoming aware of just how bad the space below their feet had gotten, they were worried. Falling insulation, water intrusion and moisture. Wanting to create a healthy space that would benefit the overall health of the home, Mr. Fleming called Tar Heel Basement Systems. Installing an interior piping system that would collect intruding water was the first step. The water is then channeled into the SafeDri triple sump pump where it is safely pumped out of the crawl space and away from the home. Lastly the team needed to ensure the home above would remain safe from ground water moisture and humidity. This was achieved by installing the 20mil Encapsulation System along the entire crawl space floor, walls and each pier. The homeowners no longer fear entering their crawl space and are happy to have a health home!
SafeDri Triple Sump Pump Provides Guaranteed Protection for Winston-Salem Basement
Winston-Salem homeowner Beverly S. found herself in a predicament when her basement starting to flood with water.  Beverly knew she had to react quickly! After noticing a commercial advertisement by Tar Heel Basement Systems on television, Beverly decided to call them up to come out and inspect her basement. Beverly was soon met by waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn, who provided recommendations on products that Beverly should consider to save her basement.  Kent recommended the installation of the patented SafeDri triple sump pump.  The SafeDri triple sump pump is just like its name suggests, with the addition of a second pump and a battery backup pump, the SafeDri triple is an ideal sump pump for maximum protection.  Kent also recommended installing the BasementGutter drainage system as well. With the repairs agreed upon, primary foreman Josh Watson and his crew were called in to install the products.  After a quick, one-day installation process, Beverly’s basement was ready for any rainstorm that hits it, thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem Basement Receives Full Perimeter BasementGutter Systems
The basement under this Winston Salem, NC home was entirely underground. Each of the walls showed signs of water intrusion during very heavy rains. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the full perimeter BasementGutter drainage system and (2) two SafeDri super sump pumps to manage the moisture intrusion and prevent any further damage to the basement through moisture.
Winston Salem, NC - Basement Stabilization and Waterproofing
Mrs. West's home that was built in the 1960's was showing signs of settlement and moisture in the unfinished basement. There were visible vertical, horizontal and stair-step cracks on 3 of 4 basement walls and seepage through the walls after heavy downpours. She wanted to take action and fix all of her concerns; she turned to Tar Heel Basement Systems for professional help. Mrs. West gave Tar Heel Basement Systems a call and an appointment was set for Danny Harrell to asses her basement's concerns. Danny relied on two installation crews to complete execute his design of stabilizing her basement walls while eliminating the basement moisture problem. The first crew began the stabilization process by installing 12 Carbon Fiber strips along two of the basement walls and 3 IntelliBraces™ along the bowing wall. The waterproofing crew began the installation of the BasementGutter drainage system along the entire perimeter of the basement and SafeDri triple sump pump system that will automatically pump water outside and water away from the home. Paneling system was then installed along all 4 basement walls, giving the basement a bright, white look. This Winston Salem, NC basement has now been transformed from scary to beautiful and Mrs. West now has a permanently dry basement with no structural concerns thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC - Concrete Patio Restored
This Winston Salem, NC homeowner had concerns with her back patio. A large crack that had caused one side to settle 1 (one) inch was causing a problem with keeping her patio furniture level. She called Tar Heel Basement Systems to correct her problem. The PolyRenewal Team was able to stop the settlement and lift the slab to its original position. This Triad homeowner is very happy with her results area thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC - Concrete Slab Driveway Settlement

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to transform this Winston Salem, NC homeowner’s sunken slab back to its original height. The slab driveway had sunk (3) three inches in front of the garage area. The Poly Team was able to inject polyurethane waterproof foam underneath the slab allowing it to rise slowly to its original position. This homeowner is excited their driveway has been restored with no disruption to the property!

Winston Salem, NC - Crawl Space Sealed with CrawlSeal
The damp, dirt floor crawl space at this Winston Salem, NC residence was transformed into a dry and conditioned area below the living area of the home. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System to create a healthy home from the ground up.
Winston Salem, NC - Nasty Crawl Space Made Healthy and Clean
Tar Heel Basement Systems transformed this nasty crawl space storage area into a bright and healthy conditioned area. The crew installed the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System along the crawlspace floor, walls and piers to ensure the home above was completely separated from the exposed earth. The Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier was installed to keep humidity levels low and prevent active mold growth.
Winston Salem, NC - Slab Porch Lift
This Winston Salem, NC homeowner had a slab front porch that had settled more than an inch and a half, creating a major safety hazard. They called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a solution. The Tar Heel Poly Team injected PolyRenewal under the slab to lift and restore the slab to its original level. Now, this Western Triad homeowner can now enjoy relaxing, long sits on their front porch, thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC - Wall Supported by IntelliBraces™

This Winston Salem, NC homeowner was experiencing a bowing wall. Fiber strips had already been installed by another company but were failing due to the amount of pressure the intruding water was putting on the wall.

The Tar Heel Foundation Trew was able to stabilize the bowing wall by installing (12) twelve patented IntelliBraces™. The heavy duty IntelliBraces™ are zinc coated and will not corrode over the coming years. This homeowner is ecstatic to have a stabalized wall thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Winston Salem, NC - Water Logged Crawl Space Turned Into Dry Environment
The thin 6mil vapor barrier could not prevent water intruding throughout the crawl space after heavy rains. After several attempts of pumping out the water themselves, the homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a professional solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the interior perimeter drainage system called, CrawlDrain and SafeDri sump pump to keep water out of the crawl space and away from the home. The thin 6mil vapor barrier was replaced with the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, completely separating the home from the earth below. The crawl space is now clean and dry!
Winston Salem, NC Crawl Space Waterproofing
Helen M. of Winston Salem, NC was having water intrusion, exposed soil and efflorescence in her walk-in crawl space. She called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a professional, permanent solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed Ez-Flo drainage pipe around the perimeter of the crawl space, allowing the water to drain to the SafeDri sump pump that was also installed. The installation crew then installed the CrawlSeal 20 mil. liner throughout the crawl space floor, walls and piers to create an air tight seal. The last step was sealing the crawl space vents to prevent outside air from entering the crawl space. Helen M. is very excited about the work that was performed at her home and how healthy her crawl space has become thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC- Basement Now Dry and Bright
Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the patented BasementGutter System along the entire basement perimeter to manage the water intrusion problem they were having. Once the BasementGutter collects the intruding water, the Safe triple sump pump, removes the water from the basement and safely away from the home. The block walls were covered using Panels, giving a fresh look to the basement without harboring mold growth in the future. This Winston Salem, NC home has a permanently dry basement.
Winston Salem, NC- Crawl Space Becomes Energy Saving
The Winston Salem, NC homeowners were experiencing cold floors during the winter months and increasing energy bills. After living in the home for more than two decades, they decided to make an investment that would pay for itself by saving on their energy bills during all seasons. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System with X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation throughout the entire crawl space, eliminating ground and outside moisture while reflecting heat back into the crawl space.  By also installing the self-draining Aprilaire dehumidifier the homeowners will never have to worry about mold growth or musty smells.
Winston Salem, NC- Foundation Stabilized Using Push Piers

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to stabilize this Winston Salem, NC home that was suffering from foundation settlement due to poorly compacted fill soil. Over time the soil has become loose allowing for the home to settle in some areas. Large cracks around the exterior of the basement doors and windows were visible from the settlement.

The Push Pier System, installed along the exterior of the home provided immediately stabilization for the home. The foundation team was able to transfer the weight of the home onto the Push Piers after the system reached stable soil levels.

Work Requests From Winston Salem, NC
in Winston Salem
Water seeping through block wall
A Tite Ave in Winston Salem
Water in crawlspace. customer was referred by friend. appointment set.
Acorn Ct in Winston Salem
Customer is requesting an estimate on crawl spaces, cold wet and debri, 3 separate crawl spaces separated by walls. Referred by friend McClain Wallace. Appointment set
Addlestone Rd in Winston Salem
Brand new house but want to get a secure crawl space locked door.
Anderson Drive in Winston Salem
Basement flooding, poor drainage
Arbor Rd in Winston Salem
We have two crawl spaces. The vents have holes and need to be replaced. Before spending money to upgrade the vents we wanted to better understand our options for these areas.
Arita Circle in Winston Salem
Exterior basement excavation with sealing, french drain, dimple includes 1 window well. 3 sides of house. walk out basement
Ashley Brook Lane in Winston Salem
Calling to get an estimate for settling concrete around his pool referred by word of mouth appointment booked
Austin Place Ln in Winston Salem
I have a bowed master bedroom floor that needs repair due to settlement of foundation piers, which was caused by water intrusion into the basement. The ground is very soft on that part of the house. The water apparently seeped in due to a broken drain. I would like an estimate on having the damage repaired. Thank you in advance.
Ayman Lane in Winston Salem
Leaking in basement where sewage pipe goes trough wall to outside. House is only 7 years old. Daylight basement with 3 sides underground. Leaking starts during a heavy rain and comes in around the sides where the pipe goes through the wall. I have tried several times to seal around the leaks with caulking. Now staring to cause molding on walls. we also have a dehumidifier in the basement
Bailey St in Winston Salem
I get a musty type of smell occasionally and need my crawl space repaired. I would like to get an estimate
Banner Ave in Winston Salem
Moisture problem in basement. Want to get it fixed before remodeling.
Barkwood Ct in Winston Salem
Water leaks under wall during hard rain falls covering all of the lower area.
Barnes Road in Winston Salem
Settling of supports in crawl space.
Baxter Rd in Winston Salem
Rental Property Leak in Basement (crack in wall) - built in 1950's
Bear Creek Rd in Winston Salem
Two stairstepnlike cracks on two side of corner in brick house
Beechcliff Court in Winston Salem
I have water coming into my crawl space. Help, please! Myrna
Belle Ave in Winston Salem
Carport slab has broken and settled 1/2 needs raised
Bellview Street in Winston Salem
Water leaking through basement wall on right as you face the house lower part of stairs to basement affected have a partial basement and crawl space
Benbow St in Winston Salem
Cracks on wall/along ceiling, uneven floor at base of cracked wall.
Bethany Church Rd. in Winston Salem
We have a tri level home and the crawl space under the kitchen/livingroom/dining level needs to have a vapor barrier installed and to be reinsulated (the pink fiberglass insulation is falling down/poorly installed. Our furnace and water heater are in the crawl space so they will have to be worked around.
Bethany Church Road in Winston Salem
Settling and cracking in basment wall
Birchwood Dr in Winston Salem
Water seepage where basement foundation meets basement floor
Bitting Rd in Winston Salem
Bowen Blvd in Winston Salem
Subject is in poor condition. Basement has structural issues that needs to be checked out by engineer. Appears that 2 walls are starting to cave in.
Brantley St. in Winston Salem
I have a damp basement with a sump pump. I would like someone to come and talk to me about options for a dehumidifier, etc.
Braxton Ridge Ct in Winston Salem
Moisture control in basement. Thanks
Breckenrich Drive in Winston Salem
Scheduling annual maintenance for the dehumidifier . Hearing knocking noise in the crawl space. Appointment set
Brenda Dr in Winston Salem
Water in the basement
Bretton St in Winston Salem
Basement gets at lease a foot or more even with a pump i think the foundation needs proofing
Brookstown Ave in Winston Salem
I manage a commercial property at this address. It's an old historic mill conversion. Been getting water in the basement of one of the units sporadically. Would like a second opinion.
Brookstown Avenue SW in Winston Salem
Existing client looking for estimate on basement waterproofing at new property. Appointment set.
Brookview Drive in Winston Salem
2 car garage slab is sinking
Bryn Mawr Lane in Winston Salem
Need basement waterproofed
Buddingbrook Lane in Winston Salem
Need quote on encapsulating crawl area
Bunbar Street in Winston Salem
Existing client looking for another estimate on sagging floors. Office will call client back to set appointment.
BURKE MILL RD in Winston Salem
My basement floods with about 1/2-1 inches of water when it rains.
Camden Road in Winston Salem
If facing the house ,the back right hand corner is an issue. it appears to be sinking. We installed remodeling jacks on concrete under the house on that side to stabilize the damage but they aren't doing the job. We need someone to inspect them, fix or replace them so that the house is normal again. You can tell there is an issue as the doors upstairs close on their own. No major cracks yet inside. We paid to fix the left side so the right side now needs it. repair.
Cameron Village Dr in Winston Salem
Crawl space is wet!
Candlewood Drive in Winston Salem
Insulate and waterproof basement walls
Capistrano Drive in Winston Salem
Estimate for insulating in the crawl space of a 1800 square foot home! Thank you!
Capri Rd in Winston Salem
Need crawl space sealed
Carolina Ave. in Winston Salem
I have an old basement that leaks after a heavy rain.
Carriage Cove LN in Winston Salem
Inspection found water in the crawl space.
Carrisbrooke Lane in Winston Salem
Crawl space inspection
Cascade Ave in Winston Salem
Basement leaks.
Cascade Avenue in Winston Salem
Do you do crawlspace excavation?
Castlegate Drive in Winston Salem
I have a slab foundation. There are cracks in walls and on ceiling as well as seperation with the chimney and house.
Cavalier Drive in Winston Salem
Need quote as soon as possible - just found out 2 weeks to close on sale of house.
Champlain St. in Winston Salem
Sinking floor in kitchen
Chester Rd in Winston Salem
Basement foundation cracking and minor water intrusion
Claratom Drive in Winston Salem
Flooring in the house is becoming wavy. I'm wanting to find out why and how much it would cost to get fixed.
Claverton Court in Winston Salem
We have a vented crawlspace and need to reduce high moisture levels in floor joists and subfloor before installing hardwood flooring.
Claxton Dr. in Winston Salem
Termite damage to floor system
Clay Drive in Winston Salem
Crawl space repair.
Cline St in Winston Salem
Crawl space had twoo inches of water coming from what looked like the crawlspace walls.
Clodfelter Rd in Winston Salem
Cracked masonry retaining walls. Pictures available on request.
Cloister Dr in Winston Salem
Foundation concerns
Coalson Place Lane in Winston Salem
12 ft steps entering my house, they are sinking next to the house.
Coliseum Dr in Winston Salem
I have three basement jacks in the basement with the top plates lightly failed and bent downward creating an uneven surface on the floor, I bought this house in 2000 and the problem already existed. I do not think it will be a complete collapse since this has been like this probably form the beginning of the house long time ago, but I would like to have it fixed so in the event I decide to sell the house no questions come about this condition. The problem can be fixed just by installing some additional jacks in parallel to the three existing ones that have the problem, and I would like to explore the alternative of having somebody to look at the situation or simply buy the additional jacks and install them. The area to work is clean and neat, the new jacks would stand on an existing concrete floor so it should not be a big deal to do it. Please advise on possible alternatives.
Cooper Rd in Winston Salem
I have a basement wall that was improperly repaired 12 years ago. The I beams are 9 ft on center. I need an estimate on fixing the new cracks.
Corona St in Winston Salem
Finished basement has serious leak problems, from floor, and from above where house & a retaining wall meet. We have done what we can to improve in small ways but the problem is still serious. Tonight's rain has caused headache & damage.
Country Club Rd in Winston Salem
Sagging floor above crawl space in 90 year old home
Country Club Road in Winston Salem
Requesting estimate on managing moisture problem in unfinished basement and crawlspace. Water seeps into walls. Home has existing sump pump. Referred from online search Appointment set.
Craigberry Ct in Winston Salem
We have a concrete front porch that is sinking
Crampton St in Winston Salem
I am cleaning out my crawl space and the floor tarp is ruined. I have a dirt floor and would like to know how much it costs to cover it. I don't want anything fancy, just to cover the floor. Thanks
Cranford St SE in Winston Salem
One side of the kitchen is going down, would you please provide the estimate?
Creekside Drive in Winston Salem
Caller is having issues with water/dampness in the basement Appointment not set, caller doesn't know when they will be free in the future Referred by another company
Crestridge Lane in Winston Salem
We have a leak in our crawl space and we are wondering where it is coming from and how much it would cost to fix.
Crosland Rd in Winston Salem
My parents basement leaks with heavy rain.
Croydon Ln in Winston Salem
Front porch concrete slab sank about 1-2 inches due to poor fill dirt compaction. Has not sank any further in past few years. Caused separation in brick facade. Needs raised to hopefully restore to original height.
Crystal Drive in Winston Salem
Front porch crack
Culpepper Ct in Winston Salem
I have a cracked concrete slab. Half of it is sinking. If the sinking half can be leveled, I believe it would be inexpensive to resurface it.
Dallas Drive in Winston Salem
There is water leaking into my basement and I'm fairly certain that it's a combination of no waterproofing on the foundation wall and fill on the outside not graded correctly. I need to find out the best long term/permanent solution, as my basement has already flooded twice and I can't afford for it to happen again. Thank you!!!!
Danby Dr in Winston Salem
Cracked brick on basement causing the window to be out of square.
Dare Ave in Winston Salem
My west facing wall is leaking very bad. it flows in like a river when it had rained very much or rains hard. it is leaking where the wall meets the floor.
Darwick Rd in Winston Salem
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: basement waterproofing. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Davis Road in Winston Salem
Secretary of civic club looking for estimate on basement waterproofing, mold remediation. Referred by television commercial. Appointment set. Additional contact: John Ashworth
Dewsbury Road in Winston Salem
Two Raised areas on concrete sidewalk & One cracked area.
E Sprague Street in Winston Salem
Requesting an estimate for a leaking basement walls. Referred by word of mouth. Appointment set.
East Davidson Ave in Winston Salem
I just bought my house last year. Ive not had a leak until last thursday night. Its leaking a little tonight. Was wondering if you can give us some ideas on what to do?
East Sprague St in Winston Salem
Moisture, mold, maybe instulation
Ebert Road in Winston Salem
Estimate and problem resolving with drainage system
Elizabeth Ave in Winston Salem
Floors are sinking and drooping throughout the house. Upstairs is really bad. Would like to get a quote on how much it would cost to get the floors level again.
Elizabeth Avenue in Winston Salem
Voicemail-Customer would like estimate for waterproofing basement , has received a estimate in past but things have changed.
Elk Valley Ct. in Winston Salem
Sump pump in indoor crawl space runs but don't pump water out. Water leaking in laundry room when lots of rain.
Erie Drive in Winston Salem
Settlement on front porch slab. Need raising slightly
Euclid Street in Winston Salem
Water proofing is needed in my crawl space. My home is 826 sq feet.
Faculty Dr in Winston Salem
Needs estimate on foundation crack that is in basement wall, and now going up the home to bedroom window. Office calling back to set appointment. Referred by calling previously.
Faculty Dr, in Winston Salem
We want to finish the crawl space.
Faculty Dr. in Winston Salem
Humid, damp basement, water coming in through "walk out" drain.
Fairview Blvd in Winston Salem
In musty order from my crawl space. You can smell it when it rains and when the air/hvac system turns on. I have a sump pump that I am getting repaired and a hot water heater. I would like a permenent soultion. A saw your advertisement and belive it would be worth the investment.
Falling Leaf Lane in Winston Salem
Need our basment wall looked at. Put water sealer on it years ago but noticing white powder stuff and like block chipping.
Field Top Dr in Winston Salem
The caller needs an estimate for a separating foundation for her son's home. Brad will call back.
Fleetwood Cir in Winston Salem
We had some efflorescence issues in our basement/garage, but now we are seeing some actual water seepage through the cinder clocks during some recent heavy rains. Hoping to address some concerns before we put in a front sidewalk.
Flintshire Road in Winston Salem
Water is coming from the bottom of floor. (foundation)
Fontana Court in Winston Salem
Cracks in walls above doors that are sticking.
Forest Hill Avenue in Winston Salem
My basement is damp, dark and smelly. I constantly run a dehumidifier and empty at least twice a day, i also use damp rid. Some mold has appeared at times, and there is settling and a crack in the foundation wall.
Fox Hill Lane in Winston Salem
Basement flooding during hard rains
Fox Lake Court in Winston Salem
New client, referred by google search. has a leaky basement. Appointment set.
Foxwood Ln in Winston Salem
Water seeping through basement walls often after a hard rain.
Friendship Ledford Rd in Winston Salem
Hello, I am a home inspector and general contractor here in the Winton Salem area. I interested in a quote for poly lift on a small section of pool deck and the rear porch slab of my personal home. Thanks, Don
Gales Ave in Winston Salem
We have a French drain and sump pump that are 3 yrs old in our basement. We are fairly confident that these work well, but we still have a very muddy basement that has mold/fungi growing. We would like to have someone come look at it and offer affordable solutions.
Gaston St in Winston Salem
Just looking to have some dampers put down and get other ideas to protect basement.
Gatewood Drive in Winston Salem
Crawls pace needs to be waterproofed and insulated.
Germanton Rd in Winston Salem
Damp walls
Gessner Place in Winston Salem
Please quote installation of a dehumidifier for my crawlspace. You can access the area via an unlocked entrance on the side of the house.
Gilmer Ave in Winston Salem
Water/foundation issues
Glen Echo Trail in Winston Salem
Basement wall has some horizontal gaps and evidence of water penetration
Gloria Ave in Winston Salem
Floor insulation in an approximately 1400 sq. ft. unfinished crawl space and recommendations on other service.
Golfview Dr. in Winston Salem
I need my crawlspace to be looked at. My wife our condo smells damp and I feel that the smell is coming from there. Please call me as soon as possible. Thanks!
Grandview Dr in Winston Salem
Foundation walls cracking and bowing, humidity in basement air
Granville Dr in Winston Salem
Water leaks into basement
Greenfield Way Dr in Winston Salem
Wet wall in the basment
Greenhouse Rd in Winston Salem
With the recent rains, water is seeping in to the basement
Greenmead Rd in Winston Salem
Front steps have sunk and need "lifting"
Griffith Road in Winston Salem
Basement has cracks in foundation wall as well as it is tilted in due to possible water from the outside drainage over time
Grossman Ct in Winston Salem
Moisture in basement causing white mold
Gyro Dr in Winston Salem
We are getting water in basement. Looks like it is coming from bottom of wall or where the wall meets the floor. It is happening in several places in basement. I would like to get an estimate and ideas on possible solutions.
Hausman Dr in Winston Salem
Mild musty smells in the crawl space, would like to get different options (and quotes) to control the moisture
Haversham Park Dr in Winston Salem
Damp crawl space with some standing water
Heatherton Way in Winston Salem
I would like to get a quote to add insulation to the basement. Currently, we have wood paneling down there and would like to add insulation and then add appropriate drywall on top of it. Thanks.
Heidelbury Drive in Winston Salem
Basement water leaking during heavy rains
Helms Road in Winston Salem
Garage foundation needs an estimate. Referred by television adds. Foundation is washed out and the bricks are cracking. Appointment was made.
Heritage Path in Winston Salem
Would like to get a quote on installation of a Radon mitigation system.
Hertford Road in Winston Salem
Moisture in front foundation wall
Hickery Tree Rd in Winston Salem
Floor joints In one room of the house. Trying to dehumidifier basement with small unit but floor in particular room with the most issues is an addition onto the house with a crawlspace off to the side of the main crawlspace . Would like to encapsulate entire crawlspace, but crawlspace is dugout and has stairs. Need help on what direction to take and how much it could cost me.
Hickman Ln in Winston Salem
Front door landing pad sunk. Upper left section of driveway pad sunk.
Highland Trace Ct in Winston Salem
Floor sagging, water,
Hines Drive in Winston Salem
Estimate for cracks inside and outside and water in basement. Referred by a card. Appointment set.
Hope Valley Dr in Winston Salem
Need to have an estimate for my basement as soon as possible. Call me anytime to schedule...
Hudson Street in Winston Salem
Basement gets wet after hard rain.
Huntingdon Road in Winston Salem
Our concrete floor and block walls are good, but basement has history of flooding after heavy rains. We have recently cleared the basement and had ServePro clean including mold treatment. We have also painted the walls with 2 coats of UGL DryLoc masonry paint. We are investigating also installing BasementGutter system. I measure 137 feet for BasementGutter install. I need to find out your price per foot before making a decision.
Huron Court in Winston Salem
I have a crawl space area that had a dehumidifier. This seems to run all the time and my electric bill is higher than I think it should be. I am wondering if there is more I can do on the crawl space.
Hutchins Street in Winston Salem
Crawl space is damp and vents will not stay shut. I get tire of crawling around under there to close the vents. The floors are also cold. I would like to store some of my garden items under there but the bugs and spiders freak me out!
Inlet St in Winston Salem
Water intrusion through bottom of one wall in basement. Home built in '50s.
Irving St in Winston Salem
Moisture coming through CMU basement walls. Need existing product removed, mold cleaned, and basement resealed from the inside.
Ivystone Court in Winston Salem
I have a crawlspace that needs mold remediation and a way to prevent it from returning
IvyStone Lane in Winston Salem
Water appears to be leaking in one corner of the foundation of our basement.
James C. Winston Salem, NC
Caller bought dehumidifier from company and he needs the filters replaced. Confirmed contact information. Appointment set.
Jasper Ln in Winston Salem
Walk out basement. Wall cracking/bowing/leaking.
Johnsborough Court in Winston Salem
Support wall falling and shop wall
Jones Drive in Winston Salem
Foundation cracking cabinets pulling away from way.
Jones Rd in Winston Salem
House is 48 yrs. old; had water seepage in basement along front wall last week for the 2nd time in 4 yrs.need quote for waterproofing basement which is partially furnished.
Kapalua Court in Winston Salem
Cinder block wall in basement (unfinished - front side of house section is the only basement wall under ground) is showing signs of water.
Karmel Dr. in Winston Salem
I need a quote on getting a new vapor barrier and tacking up loose insulation in my crawl space.
Karmel Drive in Winston Salem
Damp, humid basement and old furniture was growing mold.
Kellys Trail Ct in Winston Salem
Water leaking through basement walls. Small puddles on floor. Looking for a solution !!!
Kenwick Dr in Winston Salem
Customer is requesting an estimate on waterproofing garage that's in basement area. Referred by internet. Appointment set.
Kenwick Drive in Winston Salem
1 story ranch with full basement. I have water infiltration on front wall/corner. Horizontal foundation crack & bowing on right side foundation wall.
Kenwood in Winston Salem
We have some small sections of flooring that are damaged in our basement. This includes the joists.
Kernersville Rd in Winston Salem
Basement gets ponds of water evetytime it rains. We aren't sure where it's coming in. Mold might be becoming an issue.
Kernersville Road in Winston Salem
I have a basement that retains a little water when it rains a large amount. I would like an estimate on installing a small sump pump.
Kimball Lane in Winston Salem
I can see the floor on one side of the house falling. Water in the garage, adjuster said i need waterproofing.
King Arthur Ct in Winston Salem
Cleaning out and improving dampness in crawl space; Wet basement carpet
Kinghill in Winston Salem
House for sale with water penetration. Needing estimate on possible repairs and waterproofing.
Kinnamon Road in Winston Salem
One of the foundation supports in our crawl space appears to be cracking/chipping. We would like for you to look at it to see if there are any concerns.
Kirklees Rd in Winston Salem
I have a storage room that has water infiltration from ground water between the slab and basement foundation wall. The water is actively leaking in today so I'd like a quote on avoiding this in the future.
Kirklees Road in Winston Salem
We've been asked to brace an outside wall that was found to have a horizontal crack in the basement and to have a room that was built on an existing deck shored up. This would require footers, etc. We are on a tight time frame so we know if we can go forward with the sale or back out.
Kittering Lane in Winston Salem
Crawl space water issues
Knob View Dr in Winston Salem
Requesting quote for crawl space encapsulation. Referred by word of mouth. Appointment set.
Knob View Drive in Winston Salem
Wet basement walls (unfinished basement).
Konnoak Drive in Winston Salem
I know that the center of my house in the living room area is sinking, I don't think it has sank anymore than when we moved 15 yrs ago but wanted a pro to take a look and let us know if we need to address.
Kyle Road in Winston Salem
This is a rental property, however my daughter and her husband live there now. We have jacked up the house before ourselves but that was ten years ago and a rather amateur job, so it has failed. The floors are sagging, doors wont close anymore and cracks at the door jams. We would like an estimate please.
Lamont Dr in Winston Salem
The caller needs an estimate for basement leakage Referred by internet Appointment set
LANGHORNE DR in Winston Salem
Lansdale Ln in Winston Salem
Sagging floor above crawl space
Lasater Road in Winston Salem
Looking to get estimate on crawlspace waterproofing. Referred by BBB. Appointment set.
Laura Ave in Winston Salem
Leaking in basement. not sure what the problem is. Just started this year
Lavender Lane in Winston Salem
I have a failing brick retaining wall (cracks, leaning) and need to understand what options are available to address
Leight in Winston Salem
56 year old basement and crawl. Water entering thru crawl. Want to finish out basement eventually.
Lindenleaf Ct in Winston Salem
I would like a quote on a radon mitigation system. We tested at 5.7. Thanks, Ron
Linville Rd in Winston Salem
I'm looking at buying a house that has a brick patio that was attached to the house. the patio is shifting and has caused a crack in the brick on the house. I would like to get an estimate on repairs.
Little Brook Lane in Winston Salem
I have a small crack in the foundation and a couple of ceiling crackes in the dining room
Lockland Ave in Winston Salem
Looking for an estimate and service for waterproofing the basement.
Longleaf Drive in Winston Salem
Hi my parents house has a small basement off the den area. I've noticed that there is a musty smell in the dinning room area which is over the basement. My dad has a pump that pumps the water out but I'm just concerned that there may be mold and I'm there with them and I have asthma and I've been smelling it through the air vents as well. I would like for you all to take a look at it and tells us if anything is going on.
Lyndhurst Ave in Winston Salem
I have leaking in my basement and need a sump pump installed
Lyndhurst Avenue in Winston Salem
An inspector recently noticed some moisture in my crawlspace and indicated that it may be due to the negative grading in my backyard. I would like for someone to assess the situation, suggest a course of action to alleviate/eliminate/prevent the dampness, and provide an estimate for any necessary repairs. Thank you!
Lynhaven Drive in Winston Salem
There was some water in the basement because yesterday's rain. please do the free in-house inspection and estimate. THANK YOU!!
Lynn Ave in Winston Salem
Our basement has a sump pump and a dehumidifier. However, when it rains heavily, it gets wet. It look like some moisture is coming from the sides of the basement but most is coming from the sump pump? We have checked all outdoor drains which seem to be working ok.
Lyons Street in Winston Salem
My sump pump is over 20 years old. I think its going out. I just had a new furnace installed so I do not need for it to get wet.
Madison Avenue in Winston Salem
Estimate for the cracks on the basement wall's has a horizontal crack on the cinder block wall Client calling in is buying this home. Buyer's agent Bob Merritt [email protected] . Office states they will call the buyer's agent to get the seller's agent to set the appointment.
Magnolia Street in Winston Salem
There is water coming in the bastement when we have a heavy rain. It is a non-finished bastement with cenerblock walls and concrete floor. We are looking for an affordable system to deal with the water.
Marble Street in Winston Salem
Basement floor is unfinished and floods whenever it rains. It appears that the rain water is coming in through the dirt walls near the floor and there is no working water pump.
Marguerite Dr in Winston Salem
Unfinished full basement ...water seeps through wall at the floor in a number of places whenever we get heavy rain
Mason Knoll Drive in Winston Salem
Requesting an estimate for cracks and water in the front wall in the basement. There arw also cracks in the basement floor and in the garage. Referred by television commercials. Appointment set.
Maverick Street in Winston Salem
The flooring at the bouncey on one side
Mayfield Ct in Winston Salem
Thirty year old house with crawl space. Holds water heater and furnace. Evaluate condition
Mayfield Ct. in Winston Salem
Standing Water in crawlspace after heavy rains.
Meadowlands Dr in Winston Salem
Had a waterline leak. Would like to get a quite for installing a new vapor barrier and waterproofing.
Meadowlands Drive in Winston Salem
We've had water in the crawl space previously. The prior owners were suppose to fix the issue, but when it rains hard and often as it has this Spring, water can accumulate in the low areas. I think it's a combination of drainage, grading and patio orientation, but I would like to get your thoughts and understand what might be needed to keep the area dry and controlled. Thank you! James Pruitt
Meadowlark Drive in Winston Salem
Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, mold problems
Meddow Brook Drive in Winston Salem
Estimate for water coming through the brick wall of the basement. Referred by company. Appointment set.
Meghan Elizabeth Lane in Winston Salem
I'm selling my house and need to fix the vapor barrier in the crawl space
Meredith Woods Lane in Winston Salem
Need quote for structural/foundation repair based on structural engineer report.
Mereworth Court in Winston Salem
Damp, dirty crawlspace. Vents are covered and need to probably be replaced.
Merrimont Drive in Winston Salem
Wet crawlspace with presence of black mold.
Milhaven Rd in Winston Salem
Customer was referred by James Coldston . water in crawlspace. appointment set,
Miller in Winston Salem
The front wall of my basement allows water to seep through during rainstorms. I was wondering how much exterior waterproofing would be. the basement is probably 10 feet underground
Miller St in Winston Salem
We have always had water in the basement during a very heavy rainfall, or if there are several days of rain together. But recently there has been more and more water almost to where the sump pump runs every 30 seconds or so any time it rains at all. I am concerned that the pump could burn out and we'd have flooding. Need help & advice. Thanks
Miller Street in Winston Salem
Hydrostatic pressure to basement and leakage
Minart Drive in Winston Salem
Aspergillus mold count high in unfinished basement
Monticello Drive in Winston Salem
I have a few long, horizontal cracks in my basement walls. I had a structural engineer recommend Kevlar strips be installed. I need a quote for the installation of the kevlar strips.
Mountain View Road in Winston Salem
Looking for estimate on unfinished basement garage waterproofing. Referred by previous contact with company. Appointment set.
Moyers Road in Winston Salem
I need to look at and consider your Tar Heel dehumidifier
Mt Vernon Church Rd in Winston Salem
We have mold developing on an interior block wall underground in one room of our preschool training center. We cleaned it painted the wall and it has returned. Want to trace where it 's coming from and stop it.
Murray Rd in Winston Salem
I have a bowed block wall in my basement
Myrtle Avenue in Winston Salem
Our small home was built in 1941 and has a walkout brick basement at the backside of the house. With the occasional downpour storm our basement takes on water (maybe 1/8") and though we only use the basement for storage we keep 2 dehumidifers running around the clock to eliminate that musty basement smell. Curious what our options might be to tackle one or both of these issues (water and musty smell). Look forward to hearing from you soon! Steve
N Gray Avenue in Winston Salem
N Jackson Ave in Winston Salem
Fundation repair
N Jackson Ave in Winston Salem
Fundation repair
N Peace Haven Rd. in Winston Salem
I have an older ranch-style house that is collecting small amounts of water in the unfinished basement. I would like to have all of the basement windows sealed as well as an external entrance.
N. Peace Haven Rd in Winston Salem
Neal R. Winston Salem, NC
Caller needs an estimate forPolyRenewal for some outside concrete and his basement where there is cracks and water in the basement. Message left on voicemail.
New Castle Drive in Winston Salem
Sinking and cracked up concrete at corner of house and drive way causing water to enter window well of basement.
New Walkertown Rd in Winston Salem
Requesting quote for moisture in crawl space. Referred by previous contact with office. Appointment set.
Newcastle Dr in Winston Salem
My house has broken places in several areas, mainly inside because of what I beleive is the foundation.
North Depot Street in Winston Salem
Looking for estimate on basement waterproofing. Referred by internet search. Appointment set.
NOTTINGHAM RD in Winston Salem
Estimate on basement cracks
Nottingham Road in Winston Salem
There is a moisture issue in my built-out basement which we thought had been rectified. I a review of the situation with possible remedies. I will be available for an inspection most any time next week (9/11-9/15). Thank you.
Oak Summit Rd in Winston Salem
The caller needs an estimate to get her basement sealed- cracks with leakage Referred by Google Appointment set
Oakland Drive in Winston Salem
Sloping/sinking floor on bottom level of house - been like this for years but want to see what needs to be done to repair or if repairs need to be done
Oaklawn Ave. in Winston Salem
Water in basement following heavy rain.
Oaklawn Avenue in Winston Salem
Basement moisture problems.
Old Hollow Road in Winston Salem
Hi, We have a basement that we have had problems with leaking in the past and we need to have it fixed. It leaks all around the perimeter of it. We have tried extending the drain spouts and it is not working. I saw that you offer estimates free and we would like to get one to see what the cost would be. It has water throughout now with all of the rain that we've gotten. Please let me know a time that you may be able to come. Thank You. Email is the best contact method
Old Lexington Road in Winston Salem
Repaired my basement before for water leaks. It is leaking again from another area
Old Rural Hall Rd in Winston Salem
Water getting basement
Old Town Club Rd in Winston Salem
Insulate crawlspace newly installed hardwood above crawlspace is cupping
Olivet Church Rd. in Winston Salem
Want to clean unfinished basement cinder block walls, get estimate for waterproofing.
Panther Creek Ct in Winston Salem
We are experiencing a leak through our basement flooring.
Park Knoll Ct. in Winston Salem
I am having water seepage into my basement, from crawl space. Wall next to crawl space has cracked. Crawl space appears to have washed out along wall that separates it from basement. Also, water has breached basement ( underneath 1/2 of house) from front wall. I need an appraisal of damage and a solution.
Patsy Dr in Winston Salem
Damp & wet, very humid, falling insulation,mold possible.
Peace Haven Rd in Winston Salem
Need to have someone come out asap having water running in my basement. To see what we need to do.
Pembrooke Forest Drive in Winston Salem
Requesting an estimate for s house under contract to purchase that needs the pool deck leveled. Referred by the internet. Appointment set.
Pfafftown Forest Drive in Winston Salem
Looking at waterproofing my basement. We currently attempted to paint the wall with basement Drylock masonry waterproofed after cleaning the wall thoroughly and the paint start to fall off after a few days.
Phelps Circle in Winston Salem
Repair/patch existing foundation and waterproof crawlspace. repair concrete steps front and rear
Philpark Dr in Winston Salem
Our front porch and the brick walls of the front of our home have started to crack, and the porch is sloping and pulling away from the house. We believe this is a foundation issue and we would like an estimate on the repair.
Picadilly Drive. in Winston Salem
Water around the edge of basement where block wall meets floor with some dampness part way up the wall.
Pine Lake Dr in Winston Salem
Crawlspace vapor barrier.
Pinebrook Ln in Winston Salem
Signs of previous water damage.
Pineridge Dr in Winston Salem
Need new window well and covers to be installed
Polo Rd in Winston Salem
Trickle of water in the corner of the basement
Quail Drive in Winston Salem
Looking to get a estimate, caller states he had a tree fall against the brick foundation now water is leaking in the basement. Caller states water is coming in from one side. Referred by seeing the company trucks Appointment Set
Queen St, in Winston Salem
Dirt floor, muddy due to water seeping in, high humidity, mold/mildew inside
Ransom Rd in Winston Salem
Basement cracks. already have plans drawn up from engineer to have repairs done.
Ransom Road in Winston Salem
Customer has rental house and and had it appraised, inspection found water in basement . lives in Florida has property manager. Appointment set Referred By:Friend
Raven Forest Ct in Winston Salem
Interested in a quotation to level sunken concrete caused by settling. This is a storage area roughly 5x10 located in a garage.
Redwing Cir in Winston Salem
Leaking in garage
Renon Rd in Winston Salem
We have 25%+ moisture in our basement and crawl space and we are looking to get a quote for what we need to remedy the issues
Revere Rd in Winston Salem
I'd like to have someone give me an idea of costs for work on my basement/crawl space, including sealing the space, installing a sump pump, waterproofing.
Ribbon Ln in Winston Salem
Reseal an area on basement wall
Ridgemere Lane in Winston Salem
Musty smell in crawl
Robinhood Rd in Winston Salem
We have a french drain around 2 sides of the basement, and 1 sump pump, but there is water getting in at the front of the house.
Rock Crest Drive in Winston Salem
Our basement is only halfway underground. It leaks when it rains heavily. Sometimes there are a couple of inches of water that just stand there for days afterward if I don't mop it up. Oddly, it leaks the worst from the part of the basement that isn't underground.
Roosevelt St in Winston Salem
Caller needs an estimate for mold in the crawl space. It is a dirt floor and no vapor barrier. Referred by television commercial. Appointment set.
Rosewood Ace in Winston Salem
I am interested in crawl space repair (encapsulation). Our home was built in 1927. It basically just has a hole beneath with a sump pump. Please contact me through email. Thanks, Angie
Rosewood Court in Winston Salem
Sinking driveway/garage.
S Elm in Winston Salem
Looking for a waterproofing estimate. Has water seeping in. Left a message for a call back.
S Gordon Dr in Winston Salem
Chimney leaking
S Green St in Winston Salem
Basement has dampness after heavy rains, minor flooding after constant heavy rain. No existing sump pump, house built in 1900, partial crawl, partial basement w/ concrete floor. Crawl appears to stay dry after heavy rains. Water appears to seep in at 1 section of basement floor.
S Hawthrone Rd in Winston Salem
Water in basement
S. Hawthorne Rd. in Winston Salem
I have a garage under ground with a little. It of water where the cinder block wall meets the floor.
Saint Claire Rd in Winston Salem
Had a borderline high radon test (4.1). Need a quote on a mitigation system.
San Carlos Rd in Winston Salem
Customer is requesting an estimate on waterproofing basement, leaking from walls. Referred by internet. Appointment set.
Sandersted Road in Winston Salem
I would like to speak with a technician. We have a large basement garage with a tiny amount of water coming in one corner.
Sandusky St in Winston Salem
Basement leaks
Sawyer Dr in Winston Salem
To waterproof my basement water is coming in when it rain
Selena St in Winston Salem
Below ground basement wall is falling outward from ~4 foot up the basement wall, leaning towards a french drain installed in 2007. It appears that the front brick facia of the house is separating from the house and moving with the basement wall (falling towards the street).
Seminole Dr in Winston Salem
We need our Crawl Space Sealed
Sewanee Dr in Winston Salem
Water in basement.
Sewanee Drive in Winston Salem
Waterproofing the basement/foundation
Shady Grove Church Rd in Winston Salem
Back wall is caving in
Shallow Church Road. in Winston Salem
Has a damp smelling basement. Partially finished basement. Referred by Google. Appointment was made.
Shannon Dr. in Winston Salem
I have a water issue in my finished basement.
Shatlock Dr in Winston Salem
The caller needs anestimate for basement insulation referred by the internet Appointment set
Shattalon Drive in Winston Salem
Crawl space
Shaw Hills Ct in Winston Salem
My husband and I have noticed a crack above our back door on the inside. When we moved in, we also needed to get the level beam replaced or repaired and are interested in getting that fixed as well. I am just looking for a quote to figure out the problem and to see how much it will cost. Thanks!
Shirley Jean Ct in Winston Salem
Cracks in driveway were filled in incorrectly by another contractor
Sides Road in Winston Salem
Over this past weekend with the hard rain notice a large amount of flooding in my basement need an estimate to see if repairs are needed.
Signet Dr in Winston Salem
Level of driveway
Simmon Hill Dr in Winston Salem
Crack in my basement foundation and leaks when there is a lot of rain
South Hawthorne Rd in Winston Salem
Would like to have our basement evaluated for dampness, wate leaks
South Marshall Street in Winston Salem
Foot needs to be leveled and repaired
Spicewood Trails Lane in Winston Salem
One concrete driveway section, adjacent to house is sinking
Spilsby Lane in Winston Salem
Foundation leak in crawl space.
Spring Branch Drive in Winston Salem
Condensation on ductwork, high moisture levels in crawlspace
Springhouse Farm Rd in Winston Salem
I have a storage unit under my front porch and it says extremely damp and now has mold growing on the cinderblocks
Springhouse Farm Road in Winston Salem
We are interested in a quote for crawl space vapor barrier installation as we are selling our house and the inspector noticed some signs of moisture.
Staffordshire Rd in Winston Salem
I have a house, with some sag and floors are becoming uneven and squeaky. Looking at options to shore it up.
Staffordshire Rd. in Winston Salem
Cracks forming in the drywall in corner of house where it appears they have patched brick separation in the past. It also appears they have done some repair on the retaining wall in the basement in the same corner.
Stanaford in Winston Salem
The caller needs an estimate for poly level Referred by advertisement Appointment set
Stone Ridge Place in Winston Salem
We would like to get a quote on waterproofing our basement and also would like to talk about possible solutions to reduce the humidity.
Stonewood Drive in Winston Salem
The lowest level of our 3-level home is on a ground-level concrete slab. When we have a downpour (> 2" in 60 minutes), water seeps through the wall facing our neighbor's courtyard, flooding our floor. At times, water will seep up through the slab. Need engineering assessment and estimate to resolve.
Stonington Road in Winston Salem
Caller looking for estimate for foundation repair. Referred by boyfriend-and business card. Awaiting call back
Summerfield in Winston Salem
I am the realtor for the buyer of this home- we need an estinate to waterproof the crawl space asap.
Summergate Drive in Winston Salem
Water is seeping into my living room from the exterior wall, right next to an external door that leads to a screen room. My home is built on a concrete slab. Can you help?
Swaim Rd in Winston Salem
I have moisture issues, causing mold, mildew and sagging floors in my crawlspace. I need an estimate for an encapsulation services and possible other repairs.
Sylvan Rd NW in Winston Salem
Requesting quote for waterproofing. Referred by previous work done. Will call back to set appointment.
Sylvan Road in Winston Salem
Wants to finish her basement. Referred by a company truck. Appointment was made.
Sylvia St in Winston Salem
Need to seal the basement
Tangle Lane in Winston Salem
Realtor's seller, Estimate for three Helical Piers put in a basement. Cracks in wall. Caller will email engineers report. Referred by another realtor Michael Ferrin. Office will call back to set appointment . No appointment set.
Tangle Ln in Winston Salem
Water seepage around basement floor and floor cracks is flooding certain areas of the basement. Interested in basement waterproofing strategies.
Thompson Drive in Winston Salem
Requesting an estimate for a bowing basement wall with crubling steps. Referred by Angies List. Appointment set.
Thrace Court in Winston Salem
Wet basement
Tolley Ridge Lane in Winston Salem
Caller looking for estimate for sinking and level issues on front porch. Referred by inspector. Appointment set.
Tomahawk Dr. in Winston Salem
Cracking and bowing in basement.
Tommys Lake Road in Winston Salem
Need to dry out a crawl space
Trent St. in Winston Salem
When it rains, it comes in certain spot in my basement. I am not sure where the spots are.
Turkey Hill Court in Winston Salem
Crawl space needs proper conditioning to make sure there is no mold, etc.
Turret Court in Winston Salem
Crawl space inspection
Violet Street in Winston Salem
I have a half-basement in which water comes when it rains hard. There is a sump pump there but it needs more help.
Virginia Road in Winston Salem
Basement is really damp. Have a waterproof system that works 95% of the time. WIth the wet summer, my house just smells musty and mildewy.
W Banner Ave in Winston Salem
We found a spot in our foundation where water is seeping into the crawl space during a heavy rain and would like to have it repaired.
W Sedgfield Drive in Winston Salem
Caller was referred by another company to office looking for a waterproofing estimate for a home he is purchasing. Has dampness and mold issues. Appt was set.
W. Academy St. in Winston Salem
I need an estimate on a possible ram-jack (or similar job) fix for uneven floors and door jams.
Waldenshire Road in Winston Salem
There's a lot of wetness in the crawl space. Need to find out where its coming from and how to prevent it.
Walker Ave in Winston Salem
Dirt floor with no insulation in the crawl space. Some minor excavation may be required to access all parts of the crawl space. I am interested in encapsulation, then depending on effectiveness, dehumidifying
Warwick Green Rd in Winston Salem
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: crawl space repair. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Warwick Road in Winston Salem
Home is 1 year old and has clean space encapsulation but 1 corner collects small/moderate amount of water. Would like to consider pump or similar mechanism to keep area beneath encapsulation completely dry.
Waterwheel Dr. in Winston Salem
Install Radon system
Watson Ave in Winston Salem
Drainage system
Watson Avenue in Winston Salem
Looking for estimate on sump pump replacement. Sump pump is in the basement. Realtor calling on behalf of new owners. Appointment not set at this time.
Wayside Drive in Winston Salem
We need a quote on a moisture barrier in cellar.
Wellington Rd. in Winston Salem
One corner of our basement has some moisture issues. We need someone to take a look and see if there is truly an issue. Thanks.
Wellington Road in Winston Salem
Unfinished basement has high humidity levels. Want to know options.
Wessex Road in Winston Salem
Structural concern at back part of the house between fireplace and kitchen. I do have a structural engineer report.
West Dodson Road in Winston Salem
Customer is trying to get his salesmans name and talk to him about getting more work done, Rep gave him his cell number. No appointment set
West End Blvd in Winston Salem
I'd like to have a new vapor barrier installed in my crawl space. It's very accessible and extremely well lit. I believe it's about 300 sq ft.
Westchester Road in Winston Salem
Leaking into basement, possible waterproofing problem
Westoak Trail in Winston Salem
Two small issues: 1. sidewalk in front of our house is raised up in one place and there is concern someone could trip. 2. Wet corner in crawl space on top of plastic (radon mitigation system) and we suspect one of the drains from gutter system that goes underground may be blocked allowing water to seep in through the foundation wall.
Westridge Rd in Winston Salem
I have a horizontal crack running the length of my basement wall at the back of the house. I am wanting check the severity and potential cost of this issue.
Wexham Rd in Winston Salem
Would like to have a good dehumidificatin
Wharton Ave in Winston Salem
Water leaking in basement on one side of house. Sump pump hole does not fill up or overflow.
Willow Woods Way in Winston Salem
Space outside the basement there is water leak
Winding Ridge Rd in Winston Salem
We have a drafty crawlspace that might need insulation if it is within budget.
Windsor Place Dr in Winston Salem
We have a driveway slab that has sunk a few inches at one end and a side walk slab that has raised an inch or so.
Windy Hill Drive in Winston Salem
Looking to get a estimate for concrete leveling the sidewalks in front of the facility creating a trip hazard. Referred by a google search Appointment Set
Witherow Rd in Winston Salem
A brick retaining wall beside our driveway is cracked and leaning. The neighbor's driveway is on the top level of the wall.
Woodbriar Rd in Winston Salem
Family room getting outside water.
Woodbriar St in Winston Salem
Cracks in basement walls. Water management
Woodcrest Drive in Winston Salem
Need a quote on insulating the ceiling of the crawl space
Woodland Trace Ct in Winston Salem
Basement walls
Woodlore Trail in Winston Salem
Estimate for the foundation. Referred to the office lives down the street from the office. Appointment set.
Woodsman Way in Winston Salem
Crawl space needs vapor barrier and insulation. Appears to be a mold problem
Woostone Drive in Winston Salem
Need an estimate on lifting of sinking driveway.
Yadkinville Rd in Winston Salem
Sinking floor over basement
York Road in Winston Salem
Caller looking for estimate for leak coming from basement garage. Referred by internet (yellow pages ). Appointment set
Yorkshire Road in Winston Salem
There is a moisture problem in my home's crawl space and am beginning to see fungus growing on wood joists.
Tommy's Lake Road in Winston Salem
We had a home inspection done on a home we want to purchase as our primary residence, but he found a rotten "bay beam" across the back of the house where there is an adjacent flat patio, and mold on the front foundation wall. He states there is a reading of 45% moisture in the crawl space. Also that there is a condensation pipe that is almost level and has water sitting in it that may also be leaking, and a ventilation pipe with no cover in the attic. We need estimate and work done quickly as we would like to close 12-1-2015