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Geoff was very professional and informative! As I told Geoff after completing our appointment, I was very impressed overall with … Read Full TestimonialSharon S. of Gibsonville, NC »
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Very professional and knowledgeable. I found your website through Google. Your knowledge about crawl space issues; follow-up was outstanding. Everything … Read Full TestimonialSharon S. of Gibsonville, NC »
Sharon S. of Gibsonville, NC
My crawlspace is bone dry now. Before the installation there was a ton of moisture in our crawlspace and the … Read Full TestimonialPaul P. of Gibsonville, NC »
Paul P. of Gibsonville, NC
Matt and his guys took their time and did a great job! Trevor was also great about my other concerns. … Read Full TestimonialPeggy B. of McLeansville, NC »
Peggy B. of McLeansville, NC
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Waterproof Your Guilford County Basement Today!

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you still have water in your basement? Save yourself the headache and contact us today. We have patented products designed to keep your basement dry. Our expert technicians have the knowledge to diagnose your problem and offer a variety of solution that best suits your needs.

We Provide:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Humidity Control
  • Moisture Control
  • Odor Control

Tar Heel Basement Systems Repairs Foundation in Guilford County, NC and nearby.

  • Whether you have:
  • Bowing walls,
  • Settling foundation,
  • Cinderblock stairstep cracks,
  • Separating chimney,
  • or other foundation problems, we can help you and your home.

Repairing your foundation could be essential to the safety of your home. We fix a wide range of problems and have a solution that best fits your home. If you start seeing cracks throughout your home or sagging floors, you may want to have your foundation looked at.

Level Your Concrete with PolyRenewal in Guilford County!

Uneven sidewalks can be a tripping hazard to you and your loved ones. Tar Heel Basement Systems uses PolyRenewal, an advanced concrete lifting foam. Sunken concrete can be caused by settling, compaction or washing out of soils. PolyRenewal is light and does not wash away making it a superior to mudjacking. Contact us today for your free estimate!

Job Stories From Guilford, NC
Blowing Rock, NC- Nasty Crawl Space Makeover
The crawl space below this Blowing Rock, NC home was filled with debris, including the thin vapor barrier that was no longer protecting the home above from moisture. Tar Heel Basement Systems removed all debris and failed vapor barrier and installed the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System along with Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier to ensure moisture would never corrupt the living space above.
Couple Tests Their Home For Radon in High Point, NC

After performing a radon test in their newly purchased home in the High Point area, couple Ken and Jennifer D. found that the radon levels were exceptionally higher than normal.  To avoid any dangerous health problems, the couple contacted Tar Heel Basement Systems to have their radon levels tested.

The very next day, the couple was met by radon specialist Sam Agnew.  After conducting a radon test, he came to the conclusion that the safest and most effective procedure would be to install a radon mitigation system.  Installing the system would not only lower the current radon levels, but would also prevent future rising of levels.  With the course of action agreed upon by the couple, primary foreman Adam Hill and his crew were called in to install the mitigation system.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers and the second-leading cause for smokers.  The professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems have not only protected the couples house, but they have also protected the couple and their health.

Crawl Space Receives Healthy Upgrade in Stokesdale, NC
Open foundation vents were causing this Stokesdale, NC crawl space to become excessively humid during the summer months. The homeowners were recently alerted of the dampness when their new HVAC system was installed in their crawl space. The thin vapor barrier could not keep the crawl space healthy and ultimately was no longer preventing moisture from reaching the home above. Tar Heel Basement Systems transformed the damp crawl space into a dry and energy-efficient area below the home. The 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System replaced the 6mil vapor barrier; while the walls were covered in X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels that do not mold or mildew like traditional fiberglass insulation. The air is conditioned, keeping humidity levels low by the Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier. The Stokesdale, NC homeowners now have a healthy storage space below their home!
Denton, NC- Basement Becomes Permanently Waterproofed
Water seepage after heavy rains would enter this Denton, NC basement, leaving wet walls. After several years of cleaning the mess up, the homeowners decided to have their basement water problem permanently fixed and upgrade their basement walls. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the full-perimeter BasementGutter Drainage System to ensure intruding water would be drained into the SafeDri triple sump pump and safely pumped away from the home. The basement walls received a makeover and were covered using the antimicrobial CrawlSeal liner. The CrawlSeal liner is easy to clean and will never mold, mildew or deteriorate due to moisture. The Denton, NC homeowners are now worry-free during inclement weather with their newly renovated and dry basement!
Dirty Crawlspace Made Clean and Dry with CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier
James and Lauren V. were not happy with the way their crawlspace was looking and feeling. Tar Heel Basement Systems was on the case. Danny Harrell inspected the area and found high humidity levels, some debris and a lot of potential. With an already present dusting of mold, Danny urged the homeowners to choose the best products to solve their crawlspace problems. Danny, foreman Matt Johnson and his crew worked together to install Delta drainage matting underneath a strong layer of CrawlSeal vapor barrier. This barrier was installed to cover each and every square inch of dirt as well as up the walls and around the piers. Each vent was sealed off to ensure no outdoor air could infiltrate the, now clean and fresh, crawlspace environment. The Tar Heel crawlspace dehumidifier that was installed will remove any existing moisture and filter the air of allergens. Now that James and Lauren's crawlspace is clean, sealed and dehumidified, the home will feel the difference. Air from the crawlspace that rises into the upper floors will now be free of allergens and moisture making the living area much healthier and more comfortable for years to come.
Energy Savings Thanks to High Point, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation
This vented, dirt crawl space in High Point, NC was beginning to have issues such as falling insulation, mold growth and a musty smell. The homeowner, Lynne M., thought that by simply cleaning the mold off the floor joists, it would solve all of these issues. Tar Heel Basement Systems' crawl space specialist, Andy Krause, inspected the crawl space and informed Lynne that the mold would return if the other problems were not taken care of. The air that enters through the crawl space vents has a high relative humidity which means that it releases moisture once it enters the significantly cooler crawl space. This dampness paired with organic material (such as wood and insulation) is the recipes for mold growth and odor. Additionally, this moisture in the crawl space is leaching on to the floor insulation, causing it to sag and fall, rendering it useless. Tar Heel Basement Systems’ crawl space crew, led by Steve LaGray, not only solved Lynne’s mold issues, they also installed the total energy savings package: Delta Drainage Matting, CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier, X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation Panels and a Tar Heel Crawl Space Air System. By sealing the crawl space completely and conditioning the air, the relative humidity and moisture will be reduced, ensuring that mold will not grow. Additionally, Lynne’s energy bills will be significantly reduced in the summer and winter months because her HVAC unit will not have to try to cool damp, warm air nor heat frigid air that makes its way through the crawl space.
Greensboro, NC - Beautiful Basement

This unfinished basement in Greensboro, NC was anything but beautiful. The homeowner wanted to create a finished basement that also helped the health of the home.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed paneling along the cinder block walls, wall paneling around the new steel framing, ThermalDry floor matting in the laundry area, flooring in the office and storage rooms. The finishing crew also installed a drop ceiling made of Linen Carbon tiles. All of the products installed are anti-microbial and will never rot or mold due to possible moisture. This Greensboro, NC home now has a healthy, beautiful finished basement!

Greensboro, NC - Crawl Space Fixed with CrawlSeal
The crawl space in this Greensboro, NC was anything but pleasant. The active moisture and humidity was caused by open vents and an improper 6mil. vapor barrier. The negative effects of the crawl space were also causing this homeowner’s energy bill to spike. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the CrawlSeal 20mil. liner along the crawl space floor, piers and walls to completely seal the home from the earth. The crew also installed an Aprilaire dehumidifier to keep humidity and energy costs low.
Greensboro, NC - Porch lifted with PolyRenewal
This Greensboro, NC home that was built in the late 1990's had a front porch that had settled causing a cosmetic and safety concern for the homeowners. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to alleviate this homeowner's concern by injecting PolyRenewal, high density foam, underneath the slab porch. The light weight polyurethane foam is waterproof and completely lifted and leveled the slab back to its original height.
Greensboro, NC - Unhealthy Finished Basement Fixed

The finished basement in this older Greensboro, NC home smelled of unpleasant mold and wood rot. The basement had been finished with organic materials such as, wood paneling, wood trim and carpet. Over time moisture seeped through the walls and began deteriorating the finished basement.

The Finishing Team completely tore out all of the organic materials in the basement and installed inorganic wall panels, trim, flooring and a dehumidifier to keep moisture and mold out.

Greensboro, NC - Wet Basement Now Dry
The basement in this Greensboro, NC home would flood after heavy rains. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to correct the moisture problem and keep the water out of the basement and safely away from the home using the BasementGutter drainage system and SafeDri triple sump pump.
Greensboro, NC Crawl Space Waterproofing & Mold Prevention
This Greensboro, NC homeowner had concerns with water intrusion and mold in the crawl space. The problem was becoming so severe that mold was starting to grow in the living area of the home. They called Tar Heel Basement Systems to evaluate their concern. The Crawl Space Crew was able to take care of this homeowner's problems by installing CrawlDrain, a patented drainage system and SafeDri triple sump pump; While also completely sealing the crawl space with CrawlSeal liner. To prevent future mold growth the crew installed the Aprilaire dehumidifier. This homeowner is now very satisfied with having the problem fixed once and for all thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Greensboro, NC Homeowner Waterproofs Her House with SafeDri Triple Sump Pump
When Rebecca and her mother Debbie found that their basement walls were allowing water to seep through and flood the basement, they realized that they needed help from a professional waterproofing contractor to save their home from further damage.  After countless websites and yellow page ads, the pair found Tar Heel Basement Systems in a newspaper advertisement and noticed they give free estimates. After contacting Tar Heel, the mother and daughter soon met with waterproofing specialist John Williams who provided his recommendations for the best products for fixing their wet basement problem.  Based on John’s suggestions, primary foreman Orville Schoenfield and his crew got started by installing the patented SafeDri triple sump pump.  The SafeDri Triple Sump Pump is designed with the addition of one additional pump and a battery backup pump for maximum water drainage in all situations.  In combination with this, the BasementGutter and Trench Drain drainage systems were installed to catch all water coming from the leaky walls and effectively direct it toward the SafeDri triple sump pump. Tar Heel Basement Systems strives for only the best for their customers, and Rebecca and Debbie are happy they chose a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. After the successful installation of the waterproofing products, the two are confident that their basement will stay dry for years to come!
Greensboro, NC- Energy Efficient Crawl Space
Before the crawl space transformation, the homeowners were dealing with spiked energy bills during the hot and humid summer months. Wanting to reduce their energy usage and still keep the home cool enough for comfort they researched sealing their crawl space which led them to Tar Heel Basement Systems. Since having their crawl space sealed with the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, there is no more condensation build up along their plumbing pipes and HVAC system. The foundation vents were sealed, stopping outside humidity from entering the space and the ground was sealed off, preventing ground moisture from reaching the home above. In just two days the homeowners noticed a considerable difference in their energy use. There cool air was no longer escaping their home, keeping the living area comfortable for longer. All of this was achieved by having their crawl space sealed.
Greensboro, NC- Finished Basement
During heavy rains this finished basement would have water running across the floor, moldy wall paneling, and musty smells. The homeowner wanted to keep her basement permanently dry, so she called the professionals. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed a complete interior waterproofing system including BasementGutter drainage system to direct the water, SafeDri triple sump pump to pump the water outside through the discharge line, and wall panels to replaced damaged wall material. The basement is now 100% waterproofed with a new look.
Greensboro, NC- Waterproofing a Finished Basement
This homeowner was having basement water issues for over a year before she called for an inspection. When our system designer came out to the home he recommended a perimeter drainage system, multi-pump sump system and CrawlSeal wall material for drywall protection. This is the best protection for finishing a basement that has a history of water issues.
High Point Homeowner Finds Flooding Fix in Tar Heels
Kim P. found herself in deep water when she noticed that her basement was slowly taking in water.  With little home remedy options available to her, she needed professional assistance and quick! She then began researching companies online and came across Tar Heel Basement Systems and decided to contact them for a free estimate. Barry Johnson, a waterproofing specialist from Tar Heel was able to recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions to meet Kim’s needs and budget. After agreeing to Barry’s recommendations, Orville Schoenfield and his crew were called in to Kim’s High Point home to begin the installation process.  A SafeDri triple sump pump was installed in combination with the BasementGutter drainage system to effectively combat water seepage in all situations.  Along with this, an FreezeGuard drainage line was installed to ensure drainage in even the coldest of winters.  Finally, to eliminate mold and the musty smell that haunted the basement area, a Tar Heel dehumidification system was installed. With a successful installation over the course of just two days, Kim’s basement is now ready to take on the next storm and stay completely dry through it all thanks to the professionals at Tar Heels Basement Systems!
High Point Homeowner Has Rotted and Moldy Joists Replaced
Andre and Tony P. of suburban High Point were experiencing severe floor sagging due to rotted and moldy girders and joists. This problem was most likely caused by a highly humid crawlspace. The area was both vented and un-encapsulated resulting in a perfect environment for mold growth and wood damage. The safety of the home had been compromised by years of neglect under the home. Tar Heel Basement Systems was called in to re-stabilize it and make it a safer, healthier place to be. Systems designs specialist Kent Dunn inspected the wood in the crawlspace and advised foreman Adam Blake to take out any crumbling wood and replace each of the joists. Extra joists were also added to make sure that no more than 16" existed between each joist. A new access door was also installed to make access easier for periodic check-ups and maintenance. With these new girders in place, the floor was instantly re-stabilized and the home was made safer and healthier. To prevent any future molding or rotting, a crawlspace encapsulation system complete with CrawlSeal vapor barrier and a Tar Heel dehumidifier would be recommended.
High Point, NC - Basement Storage Waterproofing
This High Point, NC home had a basement storage area that was constantly staying damp after heavy rains and summers high humidity making it unable to use for storage. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to completely waterproof the area using BasementGutter Drainage System, SafeDri sump pump to pump the incoming water out of the storage area and away from the home. The crew also installed CrawlSeal antimicrobial liner along the walls. The homeowners are excited to have their storage room back thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
High Point, NC- Poured Block Leaking Basement Corrected
Intruding water would continually flood this homeowner's basement floor. After several years, the poured basement walls started being effected by that moisture. Tar Heel Basement Systems managed the water intrusion problem for this High Point, NC home by installing the BasementGutter drainage system. The antimicrobial CrawlSeal System provided a bright barrier along the walls. The once flooded basement is now bright and dry for many years too come!
High Rock Lake House Foundation Revamped with IntelliJacks and Helical Piers

This one story lake house on High Rock Lake was to be come the dream retirement and vacation home for two Greensboro residents. Built in 1955, the original structure was meant to be a fishing cabin but was added on to over the years.

Unfortunately, the foundation of the home had been built incorrectly and had started to sag and slide towards a small creek connecting to the lake. Many builders over the years had simply coped with the sagging and tilting foundation and built around it causing it to seem level when it was quite the opposite. The homeowner had requested estimates from other repair companies but was met with very high prices and hesitant contractors, some even refusing the work altogether.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offered him and his wife a price within his budget and a solution to last him years to come. Systems design specialist Sam Agnew suggested the use of multiple IntelliJacks directly underneath the floor in the very weak spots, helical piers around the perimeter of the back of the home that had begun to slide and a push pier on the back right corner. With this mixture of foundation solutions, foreman Josh Watson and his crew lifted the home to a level position and made it significantly safer for habitation.

Jamestown, NC - Nasty Crawl Space Now Dry
This Jamestown, NC crawl space was lacking proper insulation due to the open vents which allowed humidity to take over the area. The homeowner wanted an up-to-date crawl space that would save them on energy costs. Tar Heel Basement Systems removed the previous crawl space material and encapsulated the space using, CrawlSeal 20mil. liner, X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation and the Tar Heel dehumidifier to keep humidity levels low and condition the crawl space air.
Jamestown, NC- Sinking Garage Slab Lifted with PolyRenewal
The garage slab floor in this Jamestown, NC home had begun to sink over the years causing a noticeable problem that could no longer be ignored. Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized and raised the sinking garage slab by injecting a high-density, light weight and waterproof polyurethane foam under the slab called, PolyRenewal.
Nasty Crawl Space Becomes Dry and Bright in Whitsett, NC
Years of neglect had caused this Whitsett, NC crawl space to become nasty and scary to enter. Moisture and humidity had taken over the space, causing the dirt floor to constantly be damp and the fiberglass insulation to fall. The homeowners were ready to have their crawl space transformed into a healthier, cleaner area below their feet. Tar Heel Basement Systems removed the thin vapor barrier and debris. The team installed the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, completely separating the home from the exposed dirt below. Each vent was sealed stopping outside air (humidity) from entering the space. The homeowners now have a bright and dry crawl space!
New Wall Treatments for a Water Damaged Basement

This Greensboro homeowner noticed that some water seepage in her finished basement had begun to show through her current wall treatment. Tar Heel Basement Systems was on the case and suggested the use of wall panels, specifically made for basement walls. 

With the cooperation of Trevor Lord and Bobby Luttrel, the panels were installed without a hitch and left the basement hallway and bathroom looking neat, bright and ready for any thing. The homeowner can now rest easy knowing that she has lower wall treatments that are built to withstand a basement environment.

Oak Ridge, NC - Disheveled Crawl Space Now Mold Free
A mold-ridden, damp and disheveled area below the was a typical way of describing the crawl space of this Oak Ridge, NC home. The increasing amounts of mold and failing sump pump were causing the homeowners to become more aware of how their crawl space was negatively affecting their home and health! Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to turn the once nasty crawl space into a mold-free, conditioned and healthy environment below the home. The CrawlSeal Encapsulation System sealed off the home from the exposed dirt below, while the SafeDri triple sump pump removed intruding ground water seepage. Preventing future mold growth is an easy task for the Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier that was also installed.
Oak Ridge, NC- Sealed Crawl Space
Tar Heel Basement Systems transformed this unhealthy crawl space in Oak Ridge, NC into a dry and conditioned area below the home. Built up condensation from the HVAC system and duct work due to open crawl space vents had created a damp environment pertinent to mold growth. Sealing off each vent from outside air and sealing the entire crawl space floor, pier and wall using the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System allowed for the HVAC system to work efficiently without excessive condensation. The Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier was installed to prevent future mold growth throughout the crawl space by keeping humidity levels below 55%.
Plant-Invaded Greensboro Crawlspace Successfully Sealed
Mark B. had noticed that his crawlspace was a bit too humid for his liking and wanted to know what steps could be taken to remedy his problem. Plants from outside had actually found their way into the crawlspace and were flourishing in the warm and humid environment. Unfortunately for Mark, this environment is also very favorable for mold, insects and pests. The humidity had also wreaked havoc on his joists causing the floor upstairs to bounce and slant. Systems design specialist Will Blake suggested the use of a CrawlSeal vapor barrier, new crawlspace door, nine IntelliJacks and some extra joist support. Matt Johnson and his crew went to work covering every inch of dirt with CrawlSeal vapor barrier, wrapping each pier and continuing up the walls. The IntelliJacks were placed underneath soft, bouncy or sagging spots in order to bring the floor back up to level. Crawlspace door will offer a much better fit, sealing the area off from outdoor air. The customer was extremely happy with the work that was done and the attention that was paid to detail. This home's new crawlspace situation will create a much healthier environment for years to come.
Pleasant Garden, NC- Sinking Sidewalk Raised
Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized and raised the sinking sidewalk at this Pleasant Garden, NC residence by injecting a high-density polyurethane foam under the slab called, PolyRenewal.
Settling Foundation and Deck Re-Stabilized with Push Piers in Greensboro, NC

When Carolyn noticed that her home had begun settling and her deck had started to pull away from the foundation, she decided to search for a long-term solution. After an internet search, she came across Tar Heel Basement Systems and called us up for a free estimate. Systems design specialist Will Blake arrived and assessed the situation, recommending eight push piers to lift and hold the home and deck where it needs to be.

Foreman Orville Schoenfield arrived with his crew to install these piers over a week period. Foundation repair is a longer process because of its delicate nature. Preparation for the pier installation included digging holes to reach the footer of the home. Once deep enough, pier columns were driven to reach the solid bedrock. This will provide a new, stronger foundation for the home. After the caps were placed and secured, the home was lifted to the correct position. 8 push piers later, the home and deck were stabilized, leaving the homeowner very happy.

X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation Saves Greensboro, NC Home Money and Energy!
When Stuart V. found himself experiencing issues with his crawl space, he immediately realized that this was no job he could fix himself and decided to research professionals in his area that could help him to permanently solve his water problem.  He soon came across an ad by Tar Heel Basement Systems in a magazine and decided to give them a call. Soon after, Stuart was met by waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn at his Greenboro, NC home.  After hearing Dunn’s recommendations on products, Stuart decided to continue his service with Tar Heel and soon after, Scott Ledford and his crew came in and began the installation process.  A SafeDri sump pump systems was installed, this in combination with the SafeDri battery backup ensures drainage even during a power outage! X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation matting was also recommended to save energy as the specially-designed matting insulates the crawl space by reflecting the heat. With the recommendations set in place, primary foreman Scott Ledford and his crew were called upon to install the waterproofing products.  Stuart’s basement waterproofing troubles are now behind him, and now when the next big storm hits, Stuart can rest easy, knowing that in the morning his basement will be just as dry as the night before!
Tall Crawlspace Completely Sealed and Dehumidified with CrawlSeal and Tar Heel Dehumidifier
When Jason and Paige noticed that their large crawlspace was accumulating a good amount of humidity that was affecting the rest of the home, they decided the time had come to take action. Systems design specialist Daniel Harrell paid them a visit and recommended a complete CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier installation, complete with a Tar Heel Dehumidifier, new outlet and one IntelliJack to support a sagging portion of the floor. Foreman Steven Lagray completed this job in just three days. Over 1550 square feet of 20 mil CrawlSeal vapor barrier was installed from top to bottom. Each seam was sealed with either our CrawlSeal tape or sealant caulk to ensure the moisture would not infiltrate the area. Each pier was wrapped and the vents were sealed and insulated. A dehumidifier was also installed to take any other moisture out of the air and drain it out of the home. This combination of products and services will result in a dry crawlspace at a constant temperature. This means that for years to come, no mold will grow and the home will remain comfortable despite the conditions of the outdoor air.
Tar Heel Restores Faith in Greensboro, NC Homeowner
June B. found herself struggling to waterproof her home. After hiring other waterproofing companies who produced unsatisfactory solutions to her problem, she found herself having a hard time trusting another contractor. Desperately in need of a permanent fix for her flooding problem, June hesitantly called Tar Heels Basement Systems to come out and give her a free estimate. Later that same week, June was met by sales representative and waterproofing specialist Daniel Harrell to administer the free estimate.  After inspecting June’s crawl space, Daniel gave her his expert recommendations for wet crawl space repair products. Foreman David See and his crew began work on June’s below-grade space with the installation of a SafeDri triple sump pump.  The SafeDri triple sump pump is exactly what its name makes it out to be, with the addition of an additional pump and a backup battery pump, the SafeDri triple sump pump is an ideal sump pump for all waterproofing situations. Along with this. a BasementGutter and Trench Drain were also among the products installed.  The combination of these products ensures that water leaking into the crawl space will be captured and redirected toward the SafeDri triple sump pump and effectively discharged outside the home.  CrawlSeal Light was recommended.  This encapsulation liner inhibits mold growth and other microbial growth on the liner’s surface. Finally, a Tar Heel dehumidifier, FreezeGuard and drainage system were recommended for extra precautionary measures. All solutions were installed in a timely and efficient manner.  Tar Heel Basement Systems is a company that accepts nothing but the best for their customers, and thanks to the professionals who assisted June, her crawl space will stay dry and mold free for a long time!
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