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You are perfect as is. You are professional, timely, and competent. I really liked getting the package with Geoff”s picture. … Read Full TestimonialDebbi S. of Greensboro, NC »
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Testimonials From Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area, NC, USA
Michael’s home in Greensboro, NC had an unusual type of crawl space with walls that were merely carved in the … Read Full TestimonialMichael T. of Greensboro, NC »
Michael T. of Greensboro, NC
Jody C. from Greensboro, NC had been thinking about having his home’s crawl space fixed. After meeting with our system … Read Full TestimonialJody C. of Greensboro, NC »
Jody C. of Greensboro, NC
We are very happy with the way everything looks and are excited for it to rain again! We know the … Read Full TestimonialJeff and Lowry H. of Greensboro, NC »
Jeff and Lowry H. of Greensboro, NC
Reviews From Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area, NC, USA
  • Greensboro, NC 27401
    "Matt Johnson returned to evaluate how water was still getting in and pooling on the…"
  • Greensboro, NC 27455
    "Great job. I have already recommended you. Thanks!"
  • Greensboro , NC 27408
    "I have had two hard rains since the work was done and have had no…"

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area, NC, USA

Water in the basement or crawl space leads to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues. It also leads to a reoccurring headache for you. Luckily, our trained experts are available to permanently fix the problem.

We will properly install a hidden drainage system in your Greensboro basement and completely encapsulate your crawl space with CrawlSeal vapor barrier. We are here to solve the problem for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement
  • Basement, Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Structural & Foundation Repair in Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area, NC, USA

Foundation problems destroy your Greensboro home’s value and can be dangerous. Our team of structural and geotechnical engineers is here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

We Fix

  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs
We Use

  • Wall Anchors
  • Slab Piers
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Helical Deck Piers
  • Sticking Windows
  • Underpinning

PolyRenewal™ Concrete Leveling & Lifting

The sunken and cracked concrete around your Greensboro home is both an eyesore and a safety hazard. It is also likely to get worse, but we can fix it for you.

Our experts use PolyRenewal, a superior polyurethane foam. Small holes are drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected and the expanding foam lifts the concrete. The majority of contractors you will call use mudjacking instead of foam. Mudjacking is heavier, require larger holes in the concrete and does not last as long as PolyRenewal. Call us today to learn more.

We Fix

  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Patios
  • Sinking Sidewalks

  • Uneven Concrete
  • Sunken Pool Decks
  • Highway & Commercial Issues
Job Stories From Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area, NC, USA
Greensboro, NC - Beautiful Basement

This unfinished basement in Greensboro, NC was anything but beautiful. The homeowner wanted to create a finished basement that also helped the health of the home.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed paneling along the cinder block walls, wall paneling around the new steel framing, ThermalDry floor matting in the laundry area, flooring in the office and storage rooms. The finishing crew also installed a drop ceiling made of Linen Carbon tiles. All of the products installed are anti-microbial and will never rot or mold due to possible moisture. This Greensboro, NC home now has a healthy, beautiful finished basement!

Greensboro, NC - Crawl Space Fixed with CrawlSeal
The crawl space in this Greensboro, NC was anything but pleasant. The active moisture and humidity was caused by open vents and an improper 6mil. vapor barrier. The negative effects of the crawl space were also causing this homeowner’s energy bill to spike. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the CrawlSeal 20mil. liner along the crawl space floor, piers and walls to completely seal the home from the earth. The crew also installed an Aprilaire dehumidifier to keep humidity and energy costs low.
Greensboro, NC - Porch lifted with PolyRenewal
This Greensboro, NC home that was built in the late 1990's had a front porch that had settled causing a cosmetic and safety concern for the homeowners. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to alleviate this homeowner's concern by injecting PolyRenewal, high density foam, underneath the slab porch. The light weight polyurethane foam is waterproof and completely lifted and leveled the slab back to its original height.
Greensboro, NC - Unhealthy Finished Basement Fixed

The finished basement in this older Greensboro, NC home smelled of unpleasant mold and wood rot. The basement had been finished with organic materials such as, wood paneling, wood trim and carpet. Over time moisture seeped through the walls and began deteriorating the finished basement.

The Finishing Team completely tore out all of the organic materials in the basement and installed inorganic wall panels, trim, flooring and a dehumidifier to keep moisture and mold out.

Greensboro, NC - Wet Basement Now Dry
The basement in this Greensboro, NC home would flood after heavy rains. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to correct the moisture problem and keep the water out of the basement and safely away from the home using the BasementGutter drainage system and SafeDri triple sump pump.
Greensboro, NC Homeowner Waterproofs Her House with SafeDri Triple Sump Pump
When Rebecca and her mother Debbie found that their basement walls were allowing water to seep through and flood the basement, they realized that they needed help from a professional waterproofing contractor to save their home from further damage.  After countless websites and yellow page ads, the pair found Tar Heel Basement Systems in a newspaper advertisement and noticed they give free estimates. After contacting Tar Heel, the mother and daughter soon met with waterproofing specialist John Williams who provided his recommendations for the best products for fixing their wet basement problem.  Based on John’s suggestions, primary foreman Orville Schoenfield and his crew got started by installing the patented SafeDri triple sump pump.  The SafeDri Triple Sump Pump is designed with the addition of one additional pump and a battery backup pump for maximum water drainage in all situations.  In combination with this, the BasementGutter and Trench Drain drainage systems were installed to catch all water coming from the leaky walls and effectively direct it toward the SafeDri triple sump pump. Tar Heel Basement Systems strives for only the best for their customers, and Rebecca and Debbie are happy they chose a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. After the successful installation of the waterproofing products, the two are confident that their basement will stay dry for years to come!
Greensboro, NC- Energy Efficient Crawl Space
Before the crawl space transformation, the homeowners were dealing with spiked energy bills during the hot and humid summer months. Wanting to reduce their energy usage and still keep the home cool enough for comfort they researched sealing their crawl space which led them to Tar Heel Basement Systems. Since having their crawl space sealed with the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, there is no more condensation build up along their plumbing pipes and HVAC system. The foundation vents were sealed, stopping outside humidity from entering the space and the ground was sealed off, preventing ground moisture from reaching the home above. In just two days the homeowners noticed a considerable difference in their energy use. There cool air was no longer escaping their home, keeping the living area comfortable for longer. All of this was achieved by having their crawl space sealed.
Greensboro, NC- Finished Basement
During heavy rains this finished basement would have water running across the floor, moldy wall paneling, and musty smells. The homeowner wanted to keep her basement permanently dry, so she called the professionals. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed a complete interior waterproofing system including BasementGutter drainage system to direct the water, SafeDri triple sump pump to pump the water outside through the discharge line, and wall panels to replaced damaged wall material. The basement is now 100% waterproofed with a new look.
Greensboro, NC- Waterproofing a Finished Basement
This homeowner was having basement water issues for over a year before she called for an inspection. When our system designer came out to the home he recommended a perimeter drainage system, multi-pump sump system and CrawlSeal wall material for drywall protection. This is the best protection for finishing a basement that has a history of water issues.
High Rock Lake House Foundation Revamped with IntelliJacks and Helical Piers

This one story lake house on High Rock Lake was to be come the dream retirement and vacation home for two Greensboro residents. Built in 1955, the original structure was meant to be a fishing cabin but was added on to over the years.

Unfortunately, the foundation of the home had been built incorrectly and had started to sag and slide towards a small creek connecting to the lake. Many builders over the years had simply coped with the sagging and tilting foundation and built around it causing it to seem level when it was quite the opposite. The homeowner had requested estimates from other repair companies but was met with very high prices and hesitant contractors, some even refusing the work altogether.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offered him and his wife a price within his budget and a solution to last him years to come. Systems design specialist Sam Agnew suggested the use of multiple IntelliJacks directly underneath the floor in the very weak spots, helical piers around the perimeter of the back of the home that had begun to slide and a push pier on the back right corner. With this mixture of foundation solutions, foreman Josh Watson and his crew lifted the home to a level position and made it significantly safer for habitation.

New Wall Treatments for a Water Damaged Basement

This Greensboro homeowner noticed that some water seepage in her finished basement had begun to show through her current wall treatment. Tar Heel Basement Systems was on the case and suggested the use of wall panels, specifically made for basement walls. 

With the cooperation of Trevor Lord and Bobby Luttrel, the panels were installed without a hitch and left the basement hallway and bathroom looking neat, bright and ready for any thing. The homeowner can now rest easy knowing that she has lower wall treatments that are built to withstand a basement environment.

Plant-Invaded Greensboro Crawlspace Successfully Sealed
Mark B. had noticed that his crawlspace was a bit too humid for his liking and wanted to know what steps could be taken to remedy his problem. Plants from outside had actually found their way into the crawlspace and were flourishing in the warm and humid environment. Unfortunately for Mark, this environment is also very favorable for mold, insects and pests. The humidity had also wreaked havoc on his joists causing the floor upstairs to bounce and slant. Systems design specialist Will Blake suggested the use of a CrawlSeal vapor barrier, new crawlspace door, nine IntelliJacks and some extra joist support. Matt Johnson and his crew went to work covering every inch of dirt with CrawlSeal vapor barrier, wrapping each pier and continuing up the walls. The IntelliJacks were placed underneath soft, bouncy or sagging spots in order to bring the floor back up to level. Crawlspace door will offer a much better fit, sealing the area off from outdoor air. The customer was extremely happy with the work that was done and the attention that was paid to detail. This home's new crawlspace situation will create a much healthier environment for years to come.
Settling Foundation and Deck Re-Stabilized with Push Piers in Greensboro, NC

When Carolyn noticed that her home had begun settling and her deck had started to pull away from the foundation, she decided to search for a long-term solution. After an internet search, she came across Tar Heel Basement Systems and called us up for a free estimate. Systems design specialist Will Blake arrived and assessed the situation, recommending eight push piers to lift and hold the home and deck where it needs to be.

Foreman Orville Schoenfield arrived with his crew to install these piers over a week period. Foundation repair is a longer process because of its delicate nature. Preparation for the pier installation included digging holes to reach the footer of the home. Once deep enough, pier columns were driven to reach the solid bedrock. This will provide a new, stronger foundation for the home. After the caps were placed and secured, the home was lifted to the correct position. 8 push piers later, the home and deck were stabilized, leaving the homeowner very happy.

X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation Saves Greensboro, NC Home Money and Energy!
When Stuart V. found himself experiencing issues with his crawl space, he immediately realized that this was no job he could fix himself and decided to research professionals in his area that could help him to permanently solve his water problem.  He soon came across an ad by Tar Heel Basement Systems in a magazine and decided to give them a call. Soon after, Stuart was met by waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn at his Greenboro, NC home.  After hearing Dunn’s recommendations on products, Stuart decided to continue his service with Tar Heel and soon after, Scott Ledford and his crew came in and began the installation process.  A SafeDri sump pump systems was installed, this in combination with the SafeDri battery backup ensures drainage even during a power outage! X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation matting was also recommended to save energy as the specially-designed matting insulates the crawl space by reflecting the heat. With the recommendations set in place, primary foreman Scott Ledford and his crew were called upon to install the waterproofing products.  Stuart’s basement waterproofing troubles are now behind him, and now when the next big storm hits, Stuart can rest easy, knowing that in the morning his basement will be just as dry as the night before!
Tall Crawlspace Completely Sealed and Dehumidified with CrawlSeal and Tar Heel Dehumidifier
When Jason and Paige noticed that their large crawlspace was accumulating a good amount of humidity that was affecting the rest of the home, they decided the time had come to take action. Systems design specialist Daniel Harrell paid them a visit and recommended a complete CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier installation, complete with a Tar Heel Dehumidifier, new outlet and one IntelliJack to support a sagging portion of the floor. Foreman Steven Lagray completed this job in just three days. Over 1550 square feet of 20 mil CrawlSeal vapor barrier was installed from top to bottom. Each seam was sealed with either our CrawlSeal tape or sealant caulk to ensure the moisture would not infiltrate the area. Each pier was wrapped and the vents were sealed and insulated. A dehumidifier was also installed to take any other moisture out of the air and drain it out of the home. This combination of products and services will result in a dry crawlspace at a constant temperature. This means that for years to come, no mold will grow and the home will remain comfortable despite the conditions of the outdoor air.
Tar Heel Restores Faith in Greensboro, NC Homeowner
June B. found herself struggling to waterproof her home. After hiring other waterproofing companies who produced unsatisfactory solutions to her problem, she found herself having a hard time trusting another contractor. Desperately in need of a permanent fix for her flooding problem, June hesitantly called Tar Heels Basement Systems to come out and give her a free estimate. Later that same week, June was met by sales representative and waterproofing specialist Daniel Harrell to administer the free estimate.  After inspecting June’s crawl space, Daniel gave her his expert recommendations for wet crawl space repair products. Foreman David See and his crew began work on June’s below-grade space with the installation of a SafeDri triple sump pump.  The SafeDri triple sump pump is exactly what its name makes it out to be, with the addition of an additional pump and a backup battery pump, the SafeDri triple sump pump is an ideal sump pump for all waterproofing situations. Along with this. a BasementGutter and Trench Drain were also among the products installed.  The combination of these products ensures that water leaking into the crawl space will be captured and redirected toward the SafeDri triple sump pump and effectively discharged outside the home.  CrawlSeal Light was recommended.  This encapsulation liner inhibits mold growth and other microbial growth on the liner’s surface. Finally, a Tar Heel dehumidifier, FreezeGuard and drainage system were recommended for extra precautionary measures. All solutions were installed in a timely and efficient manner.  Tar Heel Basement Systems is a company that accepts nothing but the best for their customers, and thanks to the professionals who assisted June, her crawl space will stay dry and mold free for a long time!
Work Requests From Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area, NC, USA
in Greensboro
Commons on the Lake Condo's need, Estimate for carpet is wet and not sure were water is coming from. Referred by used you before. Office will call back to set appointment. No appointment set.
Abbotts Crossing in Greensboro
In need of foundation repair, I think.
Acorn Road in Greensboro
Looking for a free crawl space check for moisture and mold.
Albemarle Drive in Greensboro
We had an inspection in need to get a joist repaired
Alcorn Rd in Greensboro
Selling house. Requesting a quote to seal crawlspace. Customer was referred by advertisement. Appointment set.
Alice Avenue in Greensboro
Rotten joist. Section needs to be jacked.
ALLYSON AVENUE in Greensboro
My 2005 built home was purchased by me last Tuesday. Which previously the home was in foreclosure. The house has a bad odor that's coming through the vents which is coming from the crawl space. While looking n the crawl space no animal was found. Seeking what could be done to stop and prevent the smells.
Amesbury Rd in Greensboro
Standing water in crawl space(large standing area crawl space), it is clear where the water is running down foundation wall, sump pump is installed and working but water does not reach pump due to uneven concrete floor.
Anna Lisa Drive in Greensboro
We are in the process of selling our home, and radon testing was completed which indicated high levels of radon. We are getting estimates to have this mitigated. Please send an estimate.
Appleton Road in Greensboro
I have some fungus growth in my crawlspace, 1 Piece of insulation has fallen down, and I would like my old plastic vapor barrier removed and replaced with a new one. I would like to schedule a time for a free estimate
Arden Pl in Greensboro
I have a house built in 1928 with a brick foundation/basement. When it rains hard it leaks badly through the mortar joints.
Ariel Farm Rd in Greensboro
Interested in a quote for encapsulating our crawl space for better energy efficiency.
Ashland Dr in Greensboro
Need to locate and stop leaks in basement
Autumns Woods Drive in Greensboro
Estimate for crawl space and floors are leaning and vertical cracks on interior walls in kitchen. Referred by flyers. Appointment set.
Avalon Road in Greensboro
Need the crawlspace of my home covered with vapor barrier and the insulation above re-secured. Looking to get a quote to plan for this repair.
Azalea Drive in Greensboro
I would like to create another access hatch as well has get an evaluation of how my foundation is doing and what needs to be done in the future to maintain its structural integrity.
Baylor St in Greensboro
White mold on items stored under my house. Musty smell under house as well. I do not see standing water but there is condensation under the plastic moisture barrier.
Baytree Court in Greensboro
Want to check crawlspace for moisture. We have some cupping of wood floors.
Bearhollow Rd in Greensboro
I have a few puddles of water in my crawl space. Typically happens after heavy rain
Bearhollow Rd. in Greensboro
I am purchasing a home and would like to know what it might cost to have the moisture barrier replaced on a home of approximately 2,000 square feet with a crawl space.
Bearhollow Road in Greensboro
I'd like a quote for fixing up our crawl space - insulation is falling, critters have been in there, etc.
Beech Ridge Ct in Greensboro
Hi, We have a sealed crawl space and some water is pooling in an area that is towards the front of our house on a down slope. We are selling our house and it came up in an inspection. Thanks!
Beechmont Drive in Greensboro
Water pipe busted in crawl space yesterday, some standing water, plastic needed on soil, condensation from AC.
Beechwood St in Greensboro
I have a partially finished basement that has flooded in the past. I need an assessment of the condition of the tile floors and the options for preventing water from coming under the door.
Beechwood Street in Greensboro
Requesting foundation evaluation. Currently has cracks and uneven floor, inspection revealed issues with floor joists but past repairs have caused more damage. Also has water issues. Referred from google search Appointment set
Bennie CT in Greensboro
My basement stays wet
Bienvenue Drive in Greensboro
Requesting an estimate for crawl space encapsulation. Referred by television advertisement. Appointment set.
Blue Ridge Drive in Greensboro
Excessive moisture and visible mold in crawl space. Need mold removed. Need insulation and vapor barrier installed.
Boxwood Dr in Greensboro
We have a crawlspace. There's never been an issue that I know of of it being real wet under there. However from our last pest inspection, I noticed that the ground was a bit damp and there seem to be a puddle of water in one corner but couldn't confirm where it came from. We do have plastic down but it is not completely waterproof. We have what seems to be mildew (or mold) appearing on our columns outside and in our shower. We have recently had our shower redone and it has continued to come out. We were told that it could be from the moisture under the house. I was told that it tested somewhere between 14 and 18%.
Brandt Village in Greensboro
Solution to crawlspace humidity issue and condensation best solution and complete estimate needes done asap. Please call contact between 1 -2 Monday thru Friday.
Brant Village in Greensboro
Son of homeowner looking for estimate on crawl space moisture. Referred by internet search. Appointment set. Homeowner: Kay Wood
Brass Cannon Ct. in Greensboro
Need an estimate on crawl space moisture/ mold issues
Brassfield Road in Greensboro
Wants someone to come out and take a look at his crawl space moisture, cupping of hard wood floors, no sump pump does have a vapor barrier not seeing any cracks inside the house. Referred by commercial. Appointment set.
Breyer Cliff Road in Greensboro
Caller looking for basement waterproofing. Has puddles of water. Provided contact information. Appointment set. Put onto moveup list.
Briar Run Dr. in Greensboro
There are cracks in the floors, walls, and outside the house that suggest there may be a foundation issue.
Briarcliff Rd in Greensboro
We have trouble with humidity and excessive "old house smell" in our home. There is green mold on some of the floor joists as well.
Bridle Path Ln. in Greensboro
My home inspection found evidence that water had stood in one or more corners of my crawl space, as deep as ten inches. There is a small crack in the brick mortar that indicates some settling in this 36 year old home. The vapor barrier is not properly covering the ground, and much of the insulation needs to be reattached and/or held in place without drooping pieces.
Broadacres Dr in Greensboro
Stairstep cracks in corner of house foundation. customer was referred by television commercial. appointment set.
Brook Shadow Court in Greensboro
Want to make our large crawl space more functional and get rid of the mositure. Anything we store there currently gets mold or mildew.
Brook Shadow Drive in Greensboro
Interesteded in having my vapor barrier in my crawl space replaced with something more durable.
Brookfield Drive in Greensboro
Water in crawl space after it rains
Brookglen Drive in Greensboro
Looking to convert open crawlspace into closed one
Brookglen Lane in Greensboro
Mold and heating/cooling efficiency
Brookmont Ct in Greensboro
Calling to get an estimate for moisture in her crawl space-floors above are cupping appointment booked
Calvert St in Greensboro
Stairstep cracks, window loose
Camden Falls Ct in Greensboro
Crawl space
CAMDEN RD in Greensboro
Water seeping through brick, into basement. Hoping to waterproof basement completely.
Camden Ridge Drive in Greensboro
Sidewalk raised causing tripping concerns, needs lifted / adjusted
Cardella Dr in Greensboro
Need basement check for water damage, odor, check pump
Cardinal Place in Greensboro
A tree hit our house back in October and and more and more cracks start appearing in the wall. I'm worried that it's because of structural damage that happened when the tree hit it
Cardinal Ridge Drive in Greensboro
Would like a quote on crawl space insulation and damp proofing.
Cardinal Wood Dr in Greensboro
Not sure if I have foundation issues but some wall cracks inside and doors sticking
Carlynn Ct. in Greensboro
Bathroom in bedroom is "slanting", with cracks at edge of shower.
CASCADE DRIVE in Greensboro
Castle Bridge Ct in Greensboro
Need mold remediation for about 450 sq ft in crawl space. Microbacterial wipe? Also need insulation repair/replace in crawl space. Had water pipe leak spray floor and insulation.
Cedar Branch Drive in Greensboro
Referred by google. Townhouse has cracks on window corners. Door doesn't shut properly. Slab foundation. Appointment was made.
Chadbury Drive in Greensboro
Water and moisture settling on the inside and outside one corner of my crawl space. The water is not draining away from my house.
Chance Rd in Greensboro
Could you tell me the cost of your radon testing. I have a sealed crawlspace and a fairly tight home thanks
Chantilly Pl in Greensboro
I have a split level home with my den and kitchen located in what is considered to be the basement. I recently noticed that I have a mold issue; however, I want to fix the source of the water/moisture entering my home first before completing the mold removal. My home also sits below street level which clearly contributes to the root of the problem. I would like to get a free estimate to repair this issue. I look forward to hearing from you.
Chestnut Hill Ct in Greensboro
Moisture in crawl space. Need to meet on site, discuss issue and accessibility, get quote/estimate. Thank you.
Clark Ave in Greensboro
My hardwood floors in my living room have started buckling. I know my crawl space has issued I have a sump pump already but think the issue may have gotten worse. Have lived here 4 years and this is the first this has happened.
Clubview Ct in Greensboro
Cobble Glen Court in Greensboro
Sinking and cracked driveway needs repair/replacement
Colonial in Greensboro
We are trying to sell our house and we had an agent tell our realtor that they were worried about water draining under the house. I would like someone to come out and check out the situation under our house.
Colonial Ave in Greensboro
Dropped footing at corner of house and weak sagging floor above crawlspace in kitchen.
Corinth Dr in Greensboro
Would like estimate on moisture barrier in crawl space. Thanks
Country Lane in Greensboro
Interested in an updated crawlspace vapor barrier & insulation.
Courtfield Dr in Greensboro
I have had two barriers done already. One was done poorly and the other was just laid on top of the bad one. I want it done properly
Courtland Street in Greensboro
Crawl space and basement water infiltration
Cove Cay Lane in Greensboro
Crack in bricks town home on a slab. door stuck.
Creek Ridge Rd in Greensboro
Just wanted a quote on how much it would run two insulate the entire crawl space
Cross Vine Lane in Greensboro
Puddle in crawl space after rain
Crossroads Drive in Greensboro
Possible crawlspace project and inquiry regarding sealing an above ground covered porch.
Crosstimbers Dr in Greensboro
We have just noticed better chimney is leaning. We need an assessment of or problem and an estimate for repair. Thanks!
Darren Road in Greensboro
Install vapor barreir. 1000 sq. ft.
Davis Mill Road in Greensboro
Realtor calling, existing customer, looking for another estimate on a new property he has with possible foundation issues. Cracking in the vaneer brick. Appointment set with move up
Dawn Ridge Trail in Greensboro
Need crawl space moisture barrier and insulation.
Deer Forest Dr in Greensboro
The caller needs an estimate for crawlspace moisture referred by calling the company in the past the aller will search for a sooner appointment elsewhere No appointment set
Deer Park Circle in Greensboro
Requesting estimate on crawl space encapsulation. Hummidity is client's main concern, no obvious foundation issues. Referred from internet search Appointment set
Deidre Tyler Ct in Greensboro
Standing water in crawl space
Dellwood Dr in Greensboro
The crawl space is very small not a lot of clearance
Dogwood Dr in Greensboro
Need some debris cleaned out and an estimate for laying down a good moisture barrier.
Dogwood Dr. in Greensboro
A great deal of condensation in basement living space
Dogwood Drive in Greensboro
For first time in 10 years residing in this home, we have substantial water collecting and puddling in our crawlspace--normally this space has been bone dry even during rainy times. We are trying to figure out the source and the solution!
Double Oaks Road in Greensboro
I have a house built on a gentle slope and there is evidence of some sagging of the floor in parts of the house. The house was built in 1979.
Drake Rd in Greensboro
Our basement has mold and water damage.
Duplin Court in Greensboro
Cracks in three retainer walls that caused mold/mildew
Duplin Dr in Greensboro
E Brentwood Rd in Greensboro
I have an unfinished basement at the house. For 98% of the time, there are no issue. For those occasion where it rains really hard, there are 2 corners where water kind of collected there and it would seeps in a little. It's not even close to a flood or anything major but annoying. I might finish it eventually but I was wondering about fixing it. It would be great if you guys could give me an estimate. Thanks
E Greenway Dr N in Greensboro
Need our basement sealed. Water coming in.
E Market in Greensboro
Slab sunk in warehouse
E. Side Drive in Greensboro
I want a vapor barrier in my crawlspace.
East Market St in Greensboro
The caller needs an estimate for a french drain for a commercial property Referred by the internet Appointment set
Edgewater Dr. in Greensboro
Sagging floor over crawl space
Edinborough Road in Greensboro
The foundation is cracking and settling. There is now a leak in our basement.
Efland Drive in Greensboro
I am in the process of selling my home and need to have an estimate done to waterproof my basement.
Eight Belles Lane in Greensboro
I have a sinking sidewalk on our property.
Elkton Drive in Greensboro
I'm seeing some mice underneath my Jacuzzi tub, and they may be coming in through the crawlspace. I'm interested to get an inspection to see if there are any openings that need closing.
Elmwood Dr in Greensboro
Fungus in crawl space needs to be cleaned
Erskine Dr W. in Greensboro
Moved into new house this past year. Crawl space always feels damp but no mold that we see. Flooded during hurricane in the fall. Would like estimate on preventing damage.
Esterwood Rd. in Greensboro
My basement flooded a few times over the years I've been living in my home 11 years, and it mainly happens hard long flooded twice, and every heavy rain there's dampness on the floors. I do not want to redo my basement and pour $ down the drain making it a livable space, and then water comes thur! can please help with a free estimate walk thur? my work hrs is from 9am to 6pm mon thur fri! thank you in advance
Everitt St in Greensboro
Calling to get an estimate for crawl space water proofing at his 10 unit apartment building referred by google offered 8/10-appointment booked
F Patriot Court in Greensboro
Calling for his mother who has moisture in the basement looking for an estimate. Referred by internet Appointment set
Fairfield Avenue in Greensboro
I am noticing some cracks in the house around the door frames and one in the hallway. I'm not sure if these are foundation issues or just cracked plaster. I have a crawl space and a drainage issue on the north side of my house.
Falmouth Dr. in Greensboro
Driveway uneven by several inches now.. Approx. 2 to 4 inches between two slabs. Might be some tree root issues as well..
Fernwood Dr in Greensboro
This is my mother's house and I went in basement today...the old support poles are now on the ground. I can meet Thursday afternoon.
Firewood Trail in Greensboro
Cracks in ceiling
Fleming Terrace Rd. in Greensboro
We have a half basement and with all the rain we are having we are experiencing water seepage at the base of the cement blocks and the foundation. There are some other things we would like to discuss with you as well. Thank you.
Flintridge Court in Greensboro
Sinking front door landing, and a few sunken driveway areas - worried about tripping visitors
Forbes Drive in Greensboro
House addition was built on cinder blocks and it appears that it does not have any mortar on one side.
Forest Oaks Drive in Greensboro
1. Do you take on projects as far East as Greensboro? 2. If not, can you recommend someone who does? I have just purchased this 40 year old home in Forest Oaks with a moisture problem in the finished and unfinished parts of the basement [cinder block foundation]. Musty odor. Would definitely appreciate any help you can offer.
Forest Vale Ct. in Greensboro
Sagging floor additional crawl space support needed.
Forest Valley Rd in Greensboro
Driveway slab in back corner of a 10X10' section of driveway is sinking causing brick steps on side to crack and brick fence at 90 degrees to the steps to crack also. In other words, the corner is sinking.
Fox Chase Rd. in Greensboro
We have a floor cupboard problem. I see effervescence on the crawl space walls. We are looking someone to come in and give us recommendations on what we need to do and them provide a quote.
Friendly Ave in Greensboro
I need a quote for installing a vapor barrier for 1000 square feet
Friendway Road in Greensboro
Piers and Sill Plates that need repair.
Gate Post Dr in Greensboro
We have standing water in the crawl space, so we need to figure out where it's coming from, address that issue, and install a new moisture/vapor barrier
Glenview in Greensboro
Cold floors, the bottom level of my home is always cold.
Glenwood Avenue in Greensboro
Need an estimate ! basement under water !!
Gramercy Park Drive in Greensboro
We have been told we have standing water in our crawl space. Need an estimate on getting the problem resolved
Grasmere Dr in Greensboro
Removal and replacement of crawl space vapor barrier.
Green Crest Ct in Greensboro
Hairline crack in concrete foundation on side of garage of home that's 10 years old that sits on a make shift hill
Green Meadow Dr in Greensboro
Rainwater leaking/seeping into crawlspace
Greenbrook Drive in Greensboro
Floor sagging in 2 spots.
Greenhollow Dr in Greensboro
Need an estimate on installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space.
Greens Crossing in Greensboro
Need an estimate on waterproofing basement.
Greenwood Ter in Greensboro
Need help with wet basement, etc.
Grenada Lane in Greensboro
Needs a foundation repair at a house he wants to buy. Slab foundation is settling. Roberta Wall Is the real estate agent. Left info at the office to be called back.
GRESHAM DR in Greensboro
Unleveled floor area,would like free estimate, thank you.
Gretchen Ln in Greensboro
Some mildew as you go into the crawl space. The plastic the remodelers was not done the right way.
Gwyn Lane in Greensboro
Need a concrete pad leveled for tiling as soon as possible
HALCYON ST in Greensboro
Halifax Road in Greensboro
I have some water intrusion in my basement that needs repairing and I need an estimate to what it will cost.
Harry K. Greensboro, NC
Caller needs an estimate for water leaking into the closet. She is on a slab. He will call back. Number from caller id.
Harvard Ave in Greensboro
There are two cracks in the foundation of my small home. I'm considering selling the home and I want to know what repair is necessary. Thank you!
Hawkins Drive in Greensboro
Foundation crack that needs repair
Hawthorne St. in Greensboro
Heavy rains leak into my unfinished basement utility room...overwhelming the sump pump. My yard has poor drainage and it seeps and leaks into my crawl space and eventually the basement.
Hazel Lane in Greensboro
Calling to get an estimate for crawl space moisture-wood is wet referred by calling them before for another home appointment booked
Hearthwood Ct in Greensboro
Rainwater enters garage only during heavy downpours of rain in one corner of garage. When this happens the water seeps through the wall and soaks carpeting inside the basement level of house.
Hickory Woods Drive in Greensboro
Keep out critters, moisture.
High in Greensboro
Crawl space and wrappings of everything under my house
High View Road in Greensboro
Need quote for removal of old insulation and moisture barrier and replace with new.
Highstream Ct in Greensboro
Moisture in crawl space and dipping in floor
Hill Street in Greensboro
Basement is leaking and need a estimate on repairs.
Hill Strteet in Greensboro
Client calling for service to repair products that were installed by the office. Has alarm going off. Appointment set for the same day.
Hillside Dr in Greensboro
Hillside Drive in Greensboro
During heavy rains our basement floods.
Hilltop Rd in Greensboro
Existing customer. quote for helical pier install. customer to email engineer's report. appointment set.
Hobbs Rd in Greensboro
I had a small water leak repaired a few months ago in my crawl space by a family friend. The leak is gone but there seems to be some mold/mildew growing which i want to get taken care of.
Hobbs Rd. in Greensboro
I need a moisture barrier installed in my crawl space at the above address.
Homewood Ave in Greensboro
Structural engineer has recomended helicoil to address soil problems. Do you do this? If so, could you give an estimate?
Hounslow Drive in Greensboro
Humidity in crawl space. Already has vapor barrier and sump pump and french drain outside. Still needs ductwork repaired and insulated and humidity controlled. Would like a free quote.
Huffine Mill Road in Greensboro
Was informed by plumber that crawlspace under house is wet. Also some Foundation cracks in brick need repairing.
Ilchester Ct. in Greensboro
I am interested in having my crawl space sealed. My house was built in 1963. Give me a call next week. Thanks,
Jacobs Way in Greensboro
Realtor with a sold home that needs a sealed crawlspace.
Jefferson Wood Ct in Greensboro
High moisture reading in crawl space at recent annual termite inspection. Home is 6 years old.
Katie Drive in Greensboro
Looking for estimate on crawl space moisture. Referred by internet. Appointment set.
Kemp Road E in Greensboro
Hi I have a wet crawl space. I need a quote to fix my problems. Thanks
Kery Dr in Greensboro
No vapor barrier and need some crawl space vents replaced.
Kimberly Dr. in Greensboro
Moisture in crawspace
King George Dr in Greensboro
Requesting quote about crawl space. Referred by television. Appointment set.
Kings Mill Ct in Greensboro
Needing a basketball court
Kingsland Dr in Greensboro
Sloping floors & cracks in brick.
Kingswood Dr in Greensboro
Need a quote to replace our foundation vents
Kinnakeet Way in Greensboro
Looking to finish basement. effervescence seen. customer was referred by coupon. Office to call back
Kirby Drive in Greensboro
Home built in 1948. Very moist basement with slightly moldy smell. I believe it could be improved with a dehumidifier.
Kirk Rd in Greensboro
I have rotting floor joist in my crawl space and need it replaced.
Knollwood Dr in Greensboro
Quote to encapsulate crawlspace. customer was referred by flyer in mail. office to call back.
La Grange Dr in Greensboro
Wall ceiling separation and wall cracks
Labrador Court in Greensboro
We had new hardwood floors installed in May, and have noticed that there is some bowing in our dining room. Noticed today that there is something with the baseboard and wall as well. It doesn't seem to be wet in the crawlspace, but could be something in the alcove that juts out from the crawlspace. We would like to see if this is a problem you could take a look into. Thanks!
Lake Forest Drive in Greensboro
Concerns of two sagging interior walls
Langside Rd in Greensboro
Water issues
Larkwood Drive in Greensboro
Customer would like to get an estimate for sinking concrete, Air conditioner sinking on concrete pad that it's on, concrete slab sinking. Referred by Daughter. Appointment Set.
Lawndale Dr. in Greensboro
I need inspection to make sure foundation is in livable condition. There are small cracks on exterior of home
Ledford Road in Greensboro
I have the floor in one of our bedroom that is sagging and it needing to be level. I saw on your website an IntelliJack sysetem. So I was thinking this be worth looking into. Thanks Ron
Lillys Circle in Greensboro
We have black specks on our bathroom ceiling and we are not sure where the moisture is coming from that is causing the mold. We have removed via cleaning but is coming back. We do have a basement, but the house is less than 3 years old.
LongFellow St in Greensboro
I would like to insulate my crawl space.
Lord Jeff Drive in Greensboro
Water in crawlspace. vermin access through crawlspace. heat and cooling loss
Lynwood Dr. in Greensboro
Basement Waterproofing
Madison Avenue in Greensboro
Hello. I have a crawl space that is getting moisture. I would like to be able to manage the moisture coming into the crawl space and possibly encapsulate the space as well. Thanks!
Manor Ridge Trail in Greensboro
We are putting our home on the market July 1st and there appears to be water leaking slowing into our finished basement after rain storms. it happens a day or two after a storm and it may be coming from our crawlspace/basement. found your business from a flyer in our mail. thank you, charlie
Mapleway Lane in Greensboro
Drainage problems around house are causing mold to grow in crawl space.
Marboro Drive in Greensboro
Old Water damage in basement, possible mold, identify the location of water
Maywood Street in Greensboro
There is a dirt embankment on the side of the house and water runs down it, settles and soaks into the living room. Wood floors are buckling and photo on the wall is buckling as well. The living room is very humid - 82% humidity level. Need help diverting water.
Mcconnell Rd in Greensboro
Interested in buying a home and the floor in the kitchen is sagging. Would like an estimate to fix this.
McKiver in Greensboro
We working on the renovation of Cone Residence Hall at UNCG and have encountered some settling in the slabs.
McKnight Mill Rd in Greensboro
Foundation settling, cracks above doors and master bedroom floor uneven.
Melvina Road in Greensboro
I have a moisture under my crawl space and would like to have an estimate on repair. Thank you
Mere Drive in Greensboro
Caller wants a crawl space inspection Odor coming from crawl space, work has been done previously but plastic covering on the ground is worn and requires new work No standing water, but air is damp Appointment set Caller has had estimate by Tar Heel before for crawl space in 2014
Merrill Dr. in Greensboro
Need to have a moisture barrier put down in crawl space.
Merritt Drive in Greensboro
There is an existing jack support under the front of my home. I am not sure if this is no longer supporting properly or ? There is a gap that is at the top of the front door frame and I have noticed that the a gap (inside) between the dryway and the ceiling on the front of the house as well
Mersey Rd in Greensboro
Moved into the house in April and have some concerns about cracks in the walls and squeaky floors.
Millridge Ct in Greensboro
Foundation issues, 2 story 1800 soft brick house,
Milpond Lane in Greensboro
Crawl space need waterproofing and there are May cracks inside my house where the foundation is shifting.
Montpelier Drive in Greensboro
Would like to reduce moisture in the house by encapsulating crawlspace.
Montrose Drive in Greensboro
I need a quote for removal of debris and existing damaged moisture barrier from existing crawlspace, approx. 1800 SF, also need new moisture barrier properly installed and some structural repairs, new piers/footings and several new lintels over foundation vents. I just met with structural engineer and will have report to pass along by tomorrow evening.
Morning Dew Road in Greensboro
I have had standing water in my crawl space under the house. I would like to get it looked at and see what needs to be done to get rid of the water and prevent it from coming in in the future.
Mosley Road in Greensboro
I have serious flooding in my basement during any hard rain. Water pours in from the corner of the outside basement door through a crack in the floor. Also have water pouring in to basement's outside stairwell through holes/cracks in the mortar between the cinder blocks. These water quickly overwhelms the outside drain and causes water to flood under the door and door frame into the basement.
Mountain Brook Road in Greensboro
Looking for estimate on subterranean gutter drainage replacement. Referred by internet. Appointment not set.
Muirfield Dr. in Greensboro
Leaking crawl space from downspout
Muirfield Drive in Greensboro
Purchasing a home looking for a waterproofing estimate. Has water damage along edge of wall and mold is present.Next booking date was given. Caller was place on move up list.
N Beech Lane in Greensboro
Estimate to repair a basement wall that is leaking. Appointment set
N Beech Ln in Greensboro
Concrete lifting
N Church in Greensboro
Need est on radon gas removal system.
N Elam Ave in Greensboro
Moisture in crawl space
N Elm Street in Greensboro
Caller was referred to office looking for a waterproofing estimate. Caller was referred by architect to office. Has mold issues and area is wet. Appt was set.
N Eugene St in Greensboro
Cracks in and partial collapse of a basement wall
Nathan Hunt Road in Greensboro
Getting ready to install wood flooring in the section of the house that has a crawl space. Prior to major exterior drain work two years ago, water was getting into the crawl space. There is plastic sheeting/vapor barrier, but it is reasonably old now. Goals: 1)check to see that joists are solid; 2)take steps to minimize moisture in the crawl space. The space is roughly 45 by 18, plus a small, under kitchen area between two slabs.
New Garden Park in Greensboro
We are selling our home and in our inspection it was noted we had water in our crawl space near the crawl space entrance. Seems to be from a drainage issue with our gutters during a heavy rain
New Garden Road in Greensboro
Contractor looking for estimate on helical piers. Appointment set. BlemCo General Services Inc Lincoln Green Apartments.
Northampton Dr in Greensboro
We have questions regarding the condition of our crawl space and how to best prevent moisture and mold growth. We also have questions regarding leaving foundation vents open or closed and have two vents that need to be re-screened or replaced.
Northline Pl in Greensboro
Replace insulation as needed Clean wood floor joist New sump pump installed Install new vapor barrier remove any debris from crawl space
Northmoor Trace in Greensboro
Just want to check on insulating/waterproofing crawlspace of our house.
Northridge Street in Greensboro
I need a more powerful dehumidifier for my basement. Also, I want to be sure it empties I am not spending time going into the basement to empty it
Norwich Dr in Greensboro
I am looking for an estimate to insulate my crawling space.
Nut Bush Rd W in Greensboro
I need a pier built under my foundation.
Oak Hill Drive in Greensboro
We are getting ready to finish our basement and want to address water concerns prior to finishing.
Oak St in Greensboro
No insulation under house.
Oakcliffe Rd in Greensboro
Currently in the process of selling this house. Home inspection showed concerns of moisture in the crawl space near the front of the house (where water heater and well pressure tank are stored). The house is on a slab and has a "daylight basement". Space is ~7'x6'. I was going to see if I could get an estimate to seal this area. Thank you
Old Brick Store Rd in Greensboro
I have one large concrete slab in driveway that has sunk on one side about 4 inches, raising the other side.
Old Onslow Road in Greensboro
Seal crawl space from basement and house
Olde Sedgefield Way in Greensboro
Just purchased home. Crawl space had a vapor barrier but moisture readings were high. Would like estimate to repair/replace barrier correctly to reduce moisture.
Olive St. in Greensboro
We live in a house built in 1930. The insulation is falling out under the house and in the small cellar like basement. The vents are falling out of the foundation and the downstairs floors are cold. Need someone to take a look.
Onslow Dr in Greensboro
Seem to have sinking around a pier. I've noticed that doors do not close and a general slope.
Onslow Drive in Greensboro
Concrete slap lower level split level has cracked and sunk. Front brick work of home has separated from structure. Interior foyer area floor is not level. May or may not be result of foundation issues.
Opal Drive in Greensboro
Would like estimate on crawl space encapsulation and sealing of foundation vents for my approximately 850 square foot crawl space.
Orchard Knoll Dr. in Greensboro
Wet crawl space. Possible White Rot.
Overbrook Dr in Greensboro
Bouncy floors.
Owls Roost Rd in Greensboro
Noticed water coming out of light switch inside house near our back door. Have crack in sheet rock at back door and just noticed a large crack in exterior wall above back door.
Pearson in Greensboro
We have an old sump pump,the basement have mold in and the is no liner in the basement crawl space just need to know how much will this work cost
Pebble Drive in Greensboro
During hardwood floor installation, installers noted a small section of wood in one area above crawl space near outside wall that has too high a moisture level to finish laying wood (outside crawl space vent also located near this area). They recommended I have this checked out to find out why this area is damp.
Pembroke Rd in Greensboro
Walls leaking in basement
Perquimans Rd E in Greensboro
Water pools next to house (on parts of three sides) when it rains, causing moisture seepage into crawlspace. I believe a french drain is needed to control runoff drainage. Please e-mail or text only (I'm not able to answer phone calls) for appointment next week: M, T or W, 10, 10:30, or 11AM
Phipps St in Greensboro
We need the crawl space insulated after we get some plumbing done first. Also this is an old house that needs wall foam insulation. Exterior is brick. Do you do foam insulation on existing home as well? Contact by phone after 3pm please.
Pigeon Cove Dr in Greensboro
Need a walkway slab raised and stoop raised
Pine Cove Ct in Greensboro
Crack in the foundation.
Pine Cove Ct. in Greensboro
Our foundation slab is cracking. I wold like someone to look at it and tell us how serious the problem is.
Pine Cove Road in Greensboro
We have an open crawlspace and found out during our home inspection in 2014 that mold was in there. Apparently it was remediated but we are concerned it has returned.
Pine Lake Dr in Greensboro
Was informed that I have excessive standing water in crawl space
Pineburr RD in Greensboro
Stair step cracks in brick veneer. Sagging floor in kitchen.
Pinetop Road in Greensboro
Brick steps have sunk and pulled away from foundation.
PINEWAY DRIVE in Greensboro
Need French drain installation small back yard near foundation due to flooding during heavy rains
Planters Wood Trail in Greensboro
Flooding in certain areas of our basement when it rains heavy. It is a finished basement so our carpet gets wet.
Pleasant Ridge Rd in Greensboro
Condensation in crawl space. No proper vapor barrier. Foundation vents allowing rodent entry. May need a French drain along back of house for rainwater
Postage Church Rd in Greensboro
This is an old mill house that was moved to this address in the 50's and has been settling pretty bad. I had some of the floors replaced & repaired over the years but they are sagging really bad now so I need an estimate that I hope I can afford to pay. Please call me & we will schedule a time. Thanks
Postridge Dr in Greensboro
Requesting a quote to install a moisture barrier. customer was referred by John Fraser. appointment set.
Quail Drive in Greensboro
Water proofing basement walls!
Queen Victoria Pl in Greensboro
Moisture in the crawl space
Quincemoor Ct. in Greensboro
Crawl space barrier sunken bricks driveway cracks and lift
Ramsgate Ct in Greensboro
Calling to get an estimate for his crawl space-there is a bad odor coming through referred by google appointment booked
Rappahannock Ct in Greensboro
We have a 600sf basement that is partially above ground with no windows. The only access is an exterior door. We have problems with water backing up outside the door into the basement. We would like to get the basement cleaned up enough to turn into a kids play room. Thank You
Regent Pk Ln in Greensboro
Quote on moisture barrier replacement. customer was referred by internet. appointment set.
Regents Park Lane in Greensboro
I need an estimate to repair the backyard concrete slabs. The foundation is weak and causing major cracks. Please call me to set an appointment. Thank you
Rehobeth Church Road in Greensboro
Water coming in through half basement. Looks to be coming from the front of the house.
Renfrew Road in Greensboro
Hello, My crawl space has "partially" been closed off due to mold issues and a dehumidifier installed. I've had it with the dehumidifier and would like to get a quote on finishing closing off my crawl space. Thank you. Anna Templeton
Richland Street in Greensboro
Need estimate on repair for leak at corner basement wall when there are heavy rains.
Ridge Grove Ct in Greensboro
Hardwood floor wet. house on a crawlspace. customer was referred by Valpak. appointment set.
Ridgeway Dr in Greensboro
Need estimate to repair wet basement
Ridgeway Dr. in Greensboro
Basement leaks during heavy rain. Walls cracked, foundation issues.
Ritters Lakebrd in Greensboro
Large old retaining wall leaning and separating. Made of garnite (large) blocks.
Robin Hood Drive in Greensboro
Crawlspace needs insulation removed and vents replaced or repaired.
Robinridge Road in Greensboro
Customer would like estimate to seal crawlspace , its damp and smells musty. Appointment set referred By:Television Commercials
Rollingwood Drive in Greensboro
Vented crawl space is not insulated on 50 yr old home. Crawl space is low but dry. Would like estimate on floor insulation and on encapsulation.
Rosebriar Ct in Greensboro
Wet crawl space with standing water. Grey clay soil with very poor drainage. Lot sits lower than other lots. Two gutters have already been routed away from the house with black drainage pipe. Back yard very wet with pooling water.
Rosemary Drive in Greensboro
Need repair of insulation under the house and new vapor barrier. Would like a preliminary phone call for "estimate."
Running Brook Dr in Greensboro
Have leaking foundation into basement. Would like a repair estimate
Rustic Road in Greensboro
We have a crawlspace that has no vapor barrier. We've noticed an increase in the humidity of the house with all of the wet weather this year.
Rutledge Dr in Greensboro
Settled slabs in front walk
S Danby Castle Rd in Greensboro
Crawl space vapor barrier is deteriorated
S Elam Ave in Greensboro
Encapsulate crawlspace to make the house warmer in winter
S Elm St in Greensboro
Very old building. Interesting in upgrading storage capacity in basement. Concerned about moisture.
S Fremont Dr. in Greensboro
Moisture in crawl space with evidence of some rot on a handful of joists. Possible mold on old insulation. Would like to discuss best course of action and price.
S Lindell Road in Greensboro
Musty smelling A/C - vents in crawl space.
S Mendenhall St in Greensboro
I'm selling a 1903 house with an unfinished and very wet basement. It's got a silty, debris-collecting open sump that is the only thing preventing it from flooding and damaging the furnace any time we get significant rain. Unfortunately, the sump pump's float-activated switch sometimes fails to activate, causing the basement to flood until the switch is jostled. I installed a cheap audible alarm, but now that I've moved out and am preparing the house to go on the market, that's not much good. I want to discuss possible solutions that would prevent a basement flood while the house is unoccupied, and make the situation less scary to a potential buyer, but I don't want to spend the $$ for a Cadillac solution since this won't be my problem much longer. I'm contemplating just buying a double-switch pump and getting a plumber to install it, but want to hear what y'all have to suggest first. (Thanks.)
SE School Rd. in Greensboro
I have water in my crawl space area that doesn't go away, I believe its causing high humidity.
Selborne Drive in Greensboro
I just discovered water in my basement. I need to know where water is coming in and the problem to be repaired. I would like someone to call me please
Seminole Drive in Greensboro
Does not appear to be any visual mold/mildew but basement emits an unpleasant odor from time to time.
Seminole St in Greensboro
Water in crawl space
Shady Grove in Greensboro
I need to get a quote for a crack in my foundation.
Shady Lawn Drive in Greensboro
I have an unfinished sunroom on the side of my house. The floor is concrete and has settled in the middle. There is also a crack in the brick foundation. There were 2 trees that were right next to it that have been removed but the stumps are still there, since the roots are the likely cause of the foundation issues. I need to get the floor/foundation fixed and leveled.
Shoal Creek Drive in Greensboro
Chronic moisture on cinder block walls of basement is my primary concern.
Simpson St in Greensboro
Water coming into basement when heavy or long periods of rain. damp crawl space.
Sourwood Rd in Greensboro
Our crawl space has open-air vents which are allowing pests inside, and also moisture gets in through the walls of the partial basement. The washer and dryer are down there and I hate doing laundry because everything is so gross and scary!
Sourwood Road in Greensboro
My husband John and I just bought this house. The basement walls have peeling paint, the crawl space outside door does not close completely, there is debris in the crawl space. Also, the washer/dryer connections are in the basement so I want it to feel less like a dirty, scary basement!
South Regional Road in Greensboro
Commercial warehouse floor cracking and sinking in back left hand corner of building.
Southport Rd. in Greensboro
Insulation is coming loose and hanging from overhead in about 8-10 areas of my crawl space. Crawl space has plastic barrier on floor.
Southwind Rd. in Greensboro
I have a drainage problem in my backyard. This may be something you may or may not be able to help me with. I have had several professionals come look at it and even have a plan drawn up on what they believe needs to be done. Now I just need someone to hire to do the work. My backyard sits in a hole, so when it rains, I have a swamp. I have 2 large dogs that spend the days when I'm at work outside, so you can see my problem! Mud central!! If you think you may be able to help me, please let me know! Thank you!
Spencer Dixon Rd. in GREENSBORO
Problem-whole house water filter ruptured causing water to wet insulation, etc. Insulation needs to be replaced, mildew treatment, replace vapor barrier in approximately 100-200 sq. ft. of space.
Spencer St. in Greensboro
Water leaking through the wall in our below ground fellowship hall.
Springtime Dr in Greensboro
Crack in exterior of home, cracks in wall in home, and door not closing properly.
Springwood Drive in Greensboro
Uneven floor in master bedroom
Spyglass Drive in Greensboro
Chimney leaning
Starling Ct. in Greensboro
Need crawl space insulation. House has crawl space and is always cold at the flooring during winter.
Starmount Drive in Greensboro
Replace vapor barrier in crawl space.
Staunton Dr in Greensboro
Moisture smell in the basement
Sterlingshire Drive in Greensboro
Need plastic film spread throughout crawl space and pinned down with landscaper staples. Also need openings sealed up where insulation is exposed or hanging down. We are getting house ready to sell and need to pass inspection.
Steven D. Greensboro, NC
Voicemail. Referred by a friend. Looking for a foundation repair.
Stoneway Ct (new Construction) in Greensboro
This home is a new construction in Greensboro off of Royster road. Our inspector found early stage mold in the crawlspace. The crawlspace is clean with no leaks or structural problems. However humidity is quite high due to open vents. We need a quote for full encapsulation as well as permanent dehumidification. We are currently under contract, so getting this quote ASAP would be much appreciated. Thank you, Jason
Stoney Glen Lopp in Greensboro
Install vapor barrier remove debris (wood) small amt, near crawl space door Replace 8 ft. Of 2x8 band between deck and foundation that is water damaged. Replace insulation under house replace plastic dryer hose with metal hose.
Stoney Glen Pl in Greensboro
My living room floor looks like it is sloping a little at the wall between the kitchen and living room.
Stoney Glen Place in Greensboro
*uneven floors *visible sinking across middle of house along basically one wall (drywall cracking, etc.)
Sturbridge Lane in Greensboro
Requesting service . Standing water in the crawl space and the gasline is partially under water. Rep will call customer back with an appointment
Sturbridge Loane in Greensboro
Damp/wet crawl space. Some mold in one spot.
Summit Avenue in Greensboro
Leaking in basement after heavy rain.
Sundown Dr in Greensboro
Very wet crawlspace. Concerned about mold and mildew, due to asthma and allergies.
Sunfish Pt in Greensboro
Moisture levels in crawl space and beginning of mold spores
Sunnyside Dr in Greensboro
Selling house requesting a quote for crawlspace encapsulation. customer was referred by online. appointment set.
Surry Drive in Greensboro
I have a crack in my basement wall
Swannanoa Drive in Greensboro
Odor in house, it appears to be coming from crawl space area, We need an assessment and quote to fix thr problem. We are particularly interested in Vapor barrier/encapsulation
Sweetbriar Road in Greensboro
Swiftcreek Ct in Greensboro
I'm a new homeowner and am concerned about the protection under my house. My property gets a lot of rain run-off so I would just like to make sure everything is protected as it should be. I know I will probably need a new moisture barrier installed, but any assessment you can give me will be greatly beneficial.
Tattershall Dr. in Greensboro
Would like to get estimate
Terrault Drive in Greensboro
Existing vapor barrier should be replaced. Additionally, I want to consider options, including vest replacement or closure.
Three Meadows Road in Greensboro
Crawlspace encapsulation/vapor barrier/mold removal.
Tillbrook Place in Greensboro
Water in the basement
Timberidge Place in Greensboro
Replace vapor barrier in crawl space.
Timberview Circle in Greensboro
Currently have standing water in crawl space
Tower Road in Greensboro
Remove and replace insulation in full basement Scrape and treat all walls Waterproof Paint
Towneley Court in Greensboro
Requesting an estimate for moisture in the crawl space. Appointment set.
Trailwood Drive in Greensboro
One corner of our home is in a flood plain (100 year). It is raised up on a sloping crawl space. Our FEMA premiums just went up and we are looking to cut our costs and are interested in looking into flood vents. Please email information rather than call the number above. Thank you
Trenton Rd. in Greensboro
Vapor barrier; crack in brick on curtain wall.
Trogdon St. in Greensboro
I am the listing agent on this house, it is apx. 1,000 s.f., 1 level, the buyer had an inspection and they found water in the crawl space. They had someone give a quote that it needed waterproofing and another said they needed a French drain and waterproofing. I need someone to come out and look at the property, it is vacant so I so not necessarily need to meet you thee unless you request for me to. The house is older and I feel the 2nd quote is really out of line. Thank you for your time.
Troublesome Creek Drive in Greensboro
Starting to notice more water intrusion to our crawl space with some puddling of water inside
Troxler in Greensboro
Wants to waterproof a block foundation. House is on a a crawlspace. Referred by the internet. Appointment was made.
Tucson Dr in Greensboro
My floor in my kitchen has a hole in where the foundation is sinking. Plus there are cracks all along my wall.
Tucson Drive in Greensboro
Selling my home and one corner needs to have vapor barrier replaced.
Turnberry Court in Greensboro
Requesting an estimate for water intrusion in the crawl space. Referred by the internet. Appointment set.
Turnberry Lane in Greensboro
I need an estimate on keeping water out of my crawl space.
Tuscaloosa St in Greensboro
I have a very low point in my crawlspace. Backyard has drainage slope that runs to a storm drain that sits at the edge and between me and my neighbors property. When there is a heavy rain I get lots of water in my crawlspace and I pump it out with a utility pump. I'm getting tired of this and I would like to get an estimate for a sump pump.
Tuscaloosa Street in Greensboro
My closets are showing mold and on the kitchen cabinets.
Valleymede Rd in Greensboro
Exterminator said we need a new vapor barrier. he then said he could do it and gave me a quote. would like your opinion and if needed.....a quote
Vanstory Street in Greensboro
Whenever it rains really hard, basement starts to flood. Clear water starts to seep through the walls & the tiles.
Veranda Ct in Greensboro
I'd like for you to generate a quote for our driveway. Some of the slabs are heaving a bit. We've gotten some cracks lately from heavy equipment and it sounds hollow. I want to know if there's anything we can do to prevent further damage.
Village Lane in Greensboro
Brick steps (3) on back of house have settled a full level and separated from the house. I'd like to raise rather than replace them before putting in a small paver apron. I'm interested in whether your PolyRenewal process is appropriate for this relatively small job.
W Avondale Dr in Greensboro
1939 house with small leaking in the basement during excessive rainy periods. Floor drain handles all in bound water. would also like a quote on sealing the crawl space as the basement is partial.
W Birchbark Lane in Greensboro
Just need an approx price for approx 2100sq.ft crawl space for the CrawlSeal vapor barrier. Do not want to waste your time so just a general ball park price is all I need to begin with. Thanks.
W Cornwallis Dr in Greensboro
Removed sheetrock from basement outside walls and found large cracks and a shift in cinder blocks
W Cornwallis Drive in Greensboro
Potential for basement to leak and inquiring about a backup system in case floor drain becomes clogged.
W Gates City Boulevard in Greensboro
Contractor looking for a waterproofing estimate. Has water draining towards structure then seeping in. Appt was set.
W Market St in Greensboro
Recently learned my crawl space needs a vapor barrier and to be checked for fungi due to moisture. Would like an estimate for service in this regard.
W NORTHWOOD ST in Greensboro
Floor is sloping and the foundation needs to be leveled and propped up.
W Steeple Chase Road in Greensboro
Crack in foundation wall.
W Terrell St in Greensboro
I would like to get and estimate
W. Cone Blvd in Greensboro
Need a vapor barrier installed. Mold is under the house and entering the house through the vents.
Waldorf in Greensboro
Basement seepage and possible exterior water intrusion
Waldorf Dr in Greensboro
Basement has had flooding. i would like to properly address the problem so it does not happen again.
Walker Ave in Greensboro
I'd like an estimate on our sagging floor
Watauga Drive in Greensboro
1965 split level home. Laundry room bottom floor with wall of painted cinder/cement block. When we were having all of that rain last week noticed pain was peeling and mortar was moist.
Waverly Way in Greensboro
During hard or extended rains, water backs up through the drains into our basement. There's a little bit of seepage elsewhere, but 90% of the water comes up through the two drains.
Wayne Road in Greensboro
Crawl space wall Waterproofing
Wedgedale Ave in Greensboro
I have a minor basement leak. I'd like to get an expert to evaluate and provide an estimate to repair. I expect that it can be repaired internally. I'd also like a generic quote on installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space under the house.
Wedgedale Avenue in Greensboro
It has been a number of years since we had you install a vapor barrier in our crawl space. Thank you for sending emails suggesting we have this inspected. We would like to schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you.
Wedgewood Pl. in Greensboro
Wet crawl space
Wenchelsa Road in Greensboro
Need crawl space insulation and vapor barrier removed, put new ones in.
West Cone Blvd in Greensboro
Looking for a quote for insulating my crawl space. Thank you.
West Cornwallis in Greensboro
Calling for his rental house. There is a moist crawlspace. Referred by Google. Appointment was made.
West Cornwallis Drive in Greensboro
About 60% humidity inside the home and am getting estimates to seal off crawl space and re-insulate the attic.
West Florida St. in Greensboro
I have a Rental house. Told I need plastic and a dehumidifier. Just getting Estimates right now. The house is about 700 sq ft living space.
West Friendly Avenue in Greensboro
Having water issues along main exterior wall in my basement. Interested in French Drain or other fix. Old house, built in late 1930s. Need estimate.
West Radiance Drive in Greensboro
A gas line is running through a support beam. Support beam improperly installed. Now the support beam is buckling. There is easy access to the crawl space.
West Woodlyn Way in Greensboro
Please schedule an onsite appointment for estimating a waterproofing system for a new construction home.
Westdale Place in Greensboro
1921 built home with basement currently using an sump pump to drain water. looking for additional ways to keep basement dry.
Westridge Rd. in Greensboro
I have a house that was built in the 1960s, renovated in the 1990s, and has a new HVAC system and vapor barrier installed a couple years ago. The crawl space is still damp and I would like a quote to convert the crawl space to a sealed space.
Westridge Road in Greensboro
Approx 3 foot hairline crack in wall about 2/3rds way up door to approx 2 inches from ceiling in conjuction with buckling and cracking on ceiling and wall at end of hall. Both of these are located on interior center wall. There are minor cracks around door frames as well. Exterior settling is evident but not severe.
Westwind Dr in Greensboro
Damp crawlspace
Wheaton Circle in Greensboro
Foundation settling/cracking on my home.
White Horse Drive in Greensboro
(16) foundation vents are loose, damaged or will not operate at the front, rear and sides of home.
Wigeon Dr in Greensboro
Water coming through basement wall and foundation.
Wigeon Drive in Greensboro
Front porch and steps sinking
Willow Oak in Greensboro
Estimate please for correcting water in our crawl space
Willow Rd. in Greensboro
Wimberly Drive in Greensboro
I am concerned about an odor of mildew in our house and would like to have an estimate for crawl space encapsulation and mold remediation. Thank you.
Windrift Drive in Greensboro
Water in crawlspace
Woodlea Dr in Greensboro
Have crawl space issues, water and evidence of moisture damage.
Woody Mill Rd in Greensboro
I want to have mildew removed and walls sealed.
Wright Ave in Greensboro
Horizontal crack on interior plaster wall by window.
Yorkshire Drive in Greensboro
Seeking quote on max R-value insulation for crawl space under 1200-square-foot house.
Younts Lane in Greensboro
We have a lot of condensation under the house, in the crawlspace. We would like an estimate to fix the problem.
CARLY'S WAY in Greensboro
We have cracking in the laundry bathroom area and cracks coming into the bathroom from the kitchen dining area.
Holt's Chapel Road in Greensboro
Water is getting into crawl space. some floor joists are rotting and need to be replaced.
O'briant Ct in Greensboro
We would like our existing vapor barrier removed and new put down. In addition, we were considering putting in a dehumidifier due to the 6" wide plank hardwood floors we just installed in our home.