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Goose Rd in Stokesdale
Need to level a concrete slab at hot tub area, also have a void in recent concrete work around pool that needs to be attended to.
Providence North Drive in Stokesdale
Humidity in craw space causing an odor in living area
Shilling in Stokesdale
Wet crawl space
Ellison Rd in Stokesdale
I need a quote to insulate a crawl space and advice on correcting the high humidity in the crawl space.
in Stokesdale
Basement waterproofed
Mt Zion Church Rd in Stokesdale
Waterproof basement
Topside Ct in Stokesdale
The concrete slab on our back porch has sunk 2 1/2 inches from its original position.The slab is 30 ft long and 8 ft wide and the sunken area is mostly in the middle and very little shrinkage at the ends.Thanks for any information you can provide.
Saddlebred Loop in Stokesdale
Water is causing joists under kitchen floor of my house to be wet and have major soft spots in kitchen floor.
PRICE FARM ROAD in Stokesdale
My driveway edge has dropped at the entrance to garage. It is a slight but definite tripping hazard. The garage door goes down and I can see a gap (revealing daylight) under the door's rubber strip. The drive way edge and the garage floor edges will both have to be lifted to even out the two edges and to close the gap between the door's rubber edge and the garage floor.
Friends Farm Way in Stokesdale
A small section of our floor is showing signs of moisture (floor boards are darkening). The floor is on a slab with no plumbing in the adjacent wall.
Athens Rd. in Stokesdale
Crawl space insulation.
Wessex Drive in Stokesdale
We would like to have you come and look at our crawl space to see what you would recommend.
Meadow Springs Place in Stokesdale
Front door showing signs of sagging
Red Oak Dr in Stokesdale
I'm not sure I have concerns I just think it might be good to put in a moisture barrier and insulate my crawl space. I'm looking for your expertise as to what you think.
Providence North Dr in Stokesdale
My house is ten years old. The crawl space plastic sheeting is not very secure. I would like the sheeting replaced and sealed to "clean" up this area. It is approximately 1100sf.
Topside Court in Stokesdale
I have moistureand some light mold on my floor joists so I need a quote to 1.) remove mold from floor joists, remove/replace insulation and install a dehumidifer. 2.) Encapsulate the crawl space. The Sq. Ft. is about 2,000 ft. Thank You
Holly Glen Court in Stokesdale
We moved into our current house just under a year ago, and not familiar with its quirks. Noticed fogging windows from time to time and increased ground saturation from the AC condensation drain line. But didn't check in the crawl space for awhile. Insulated flex ducts in the crawl space were dripping with condensation, rust colored condensation coming from the ac junction points, small puddles of water everywhere on the vapor barrier, soaked floor insulation and in some areas damp joists due to contact with ducts. I suspect this has been occurring with the previous owner after noticing rusted nails, staples in crawlspace. Currently it seems the fans I have under there seem to be helping but I don't believe fixing the source of the problem. Hoping to get some suggestions. Thanks
Deerfield Court in Stokesdale
Crawl Space Issues
Deer Path Court in Stokesdale
Crawl space vapor barrier, replace vents, replace some insulation that has fallen, etc..
Simpson Road in Stokesdale
Do you also level floors?
Springbirch Terrace in Stokesdale
Dampness in Crawlspace, some water when heavy rains.
in Stokesdale
We have a water problem in our basement. It is causing mold. We would like to get an estimate and to see what needs to be done in order to fix the problem. I have two young children and they have been sick alot recently and i think mold could be an issue

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