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The installation crew were great guys to do the work. Very effiecient! I was amazed that there was no dust … Read Full TestimonialAnnette M. of Mt. Airy, NC »
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Testimonials From Surry, NC
The slaesman, Kent Dunn, was very thorough with his presentation. We chose your company because you provided the most information … Read Full TestimonialAnnette M. of Mt. Airy, NC »
Annette M. of Mt. Airy, NC
You all did a great job, I am very satisfied! The office staff was really helpful; they never put me … Read Full TestimonialLynn G. of Mount Airy, NC »
Lynn G. of Mount Airy, NC
You were able to come in two days to give an estimate when another company said it would be three … Read Full TestimonialGrace Baptist Church of Mt. Airy, NC »
Grace Baptist Church of Mt. Airy, NC
I chose Tar Heel Basement Systems over other companies because of the explanation and illustrations of the repair that needed … Read Full TestimonialAnn G. of Mount Airy, NC »
Ann G. of Mount Airy, NC
Reviews From Surry, NC
  • Pilot Mtn, NC 27041
    "Very pleased with all aspects of my experience with Tarheel basement Systems. Very professional…."
  • Pilot Mountain, NC 27041
    "Wonderful experience with all of you staff. Installers were very friendly and professional. Can’t wait…"
  • Pilot Mountain, NC 27041
    "As mentioned earlier, Chris,Kevin & Stephen were a wonderful crew. They actually arrived early which…"

Waterproof Your Surry County Basement Today!

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you still have water in your basement? Save yourself the headache and contact us today. We have patented products designed to keep your basement dry. Our expert technicians have the knowledge to diagnose your problem and offer a variety of solution that best suits your needs.

We Provide:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Humidity Control
  • Moisture Control
  • Odor Control

Tar Heel Basement Systems Repairs Foundation in Surry County, NC and nearby.

  • Whether you have:
  • Bowing walls,
  • Settling foundation,
  • Cinderblock stairstep cracks,
  • Separating chimney,
  • or other foundation problems, we can help you and your home.

Repairing your foundation could be essential to the safety of your home. We fix a wide range of problems and have a solution that best fits your home. If you start seeing cracks throughout your home or sagging floors, you may want to have your foundation looked at.

Level Your Concrete with PolyLevel in Surry County!

Uneven sidewalks can be a tripping hazard to you and your loved ones. Tar Heel Basement Systems uses PolyRenewal, an advanced concrete lifting foam. Sunken concrete can be caused by settling, compaction or washing out of soils. PolyRenewal is light and does not wash away making it a superior to mudjacking. Contact us today for your free estimate!

Job Stories From Surry, NC
Ararat, VA- Farm House Receives Stabilized Floor System

Moisture and termite damage had caused the floor system of this older farm home to fail over time. Store bought support systems were rusting, becoming part of the problem instead of a solution. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed (5) galvanized steel IntelliJacks in the walk-in cellar. Each IntelliJacks was attached to the girder to ensure the homeowners would have a stabilized floor system for many years to come. 

Basement Wall Stabilized in Pilot Mountain, NC

Large Horizontal and stair-step cracks were becoming alarming for the Pilot Mountain, NC homeowners. They were eager to have their basement wall stabilized as soon as possible. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to carry out the homeowners goal of a stabilized basement wall by installing (6) six IntelliBraces™ along the cracked wall. The zinc coated beams stabilize the wall from cracking further and allow the option of straightening the wall overtime.

Dobson Home Rid of Dangerous Radon Gas

When Bill decided to test his mountain home for radon gas, he wanted to do it right. He called Tar Heel Basement Systems after being referred to us by a Realtor. When our test came back higher than 4.0 picocuries, he decided that the next step was to install a mitigation system.

Systems design specialist and foreman Scott Hopkins went to work to install Bill's radon mitigation system in one day. A set of PVC pipes and connectors ran from a pit in the basement to a fan located on the outside of the home. The pipe continued up past the roof line, pulling any harmful radon from the ground directly to the air above the home. With the naturally occurring radon completely bypassing the home and its inhabitants, Bill and his family are now safe and sound thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Dobson, NC - Bowing Wall Repair

This Dobson, NC home had a severe bowing basement wall that was in need of repair. The Tar Heel Foundation Team installed (5) five Basement Wall Anchors in the wall, completely reversing the bow. The wall is now completely straightened thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!

Dobson, NC - Sagging Floor System Stabilized

The sagging floor in this Dobson, NC home was stabilized by Tar Heel Basement Systems using the IntelliJack System. The galvanized steel columns replaced the failing cinder block supports allowing for the floor to become level and stabilized.


Dobson, NC - Settled Sidewalk Repair
This rural Dobson, NC home had beautiful landscaping, but the sidewalk was lacking in comparison. The sidewalk was poured in 1976 and had sunken a couple of inches over the years. The Tar Heel Poly Team was able to restore this homeowner's sidewalk by injecting high-density, waterproof polyurethane foam below the slab called PolyRenewal. This homeowner is excited to have their sidewalk looking like new with no disruption to the beautiful manicured yard.
Home's Garage and Retaining Wall Repaired with Wall Anchors

When Shirley noticed multiple cases of stair-step cracks in her brick retaining and garage walls, she knew it was time to take action. She was referred to Tar Heel Basement Systems by a previous customer. Systems design specialist Sam Agnew suggested 6 Basement Wall Anchors complete with decorative star plates.

Foreman Josh Watson and his crew got to work and finished the project in just two days. Basement Wall Anchors use pressure to push or pull walls, straightening them and sealing any cracks or gaps. They can also be readjusted over time to account for any further bowing. The decorative star plates were used to keep the anchor system looking nice.

Now that Tar Heel Basement Systems has taken the time to fix these foundation problems the correct way, the bowing walls will never crack again.

Lowgap, NC- Basement Now Permanently Dry
The Lowgap, NC basement would fall victim to water damage after heavy rain storms. One storm in particular caused extensive damage to the basement’s finished walls and carpeting, leaving the homeowners in a panic. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to ease their worry by installing the BasementGutter Drainage System and SafeDri triple sump pump. Ensuring the basement will remain dry at all times, the BasementGutter System channels intruding water into the SafeDri triple sump pump where it is safely removed away from the home.
Mount Airy, NC - Dirt Crawl Space Sealed
The dirt floor crawl space in this Mount Airy, NC home was completely sealed off from the home above. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, preventing ground moisture from affecting the home above.
Mount Airy, NC - Once Damp Crawl Space Now Dry
The dirt floor crawl space under this Mount Airy, NC home was damp and musty. The homeowners wanted to create a completely healthy home, starting with the crawl space. The failing 6mil. Liner was replaced with the CrawlSeal 20mil. Encapsulation System. The CrawlSeal System completely separates the home from the exposed dirt below and seals the once open vents, preventing outside air from entering the space. The Aprilaire dehumidifier allows for humidity to remain low, preventing future mold growth in the coming years. The once damp crawl space is now dry thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Mount Airy, NC - Saturated Basement Made Dry
The team at Tar Heel Basement Systems transformed this damp basement into a dry recreational space for these Mount Airy, NC homeowners. The BasementGutter drainage system was installed along the base of the interior basement wall to catch intruding water and channel the water into the SafeDri triple sump pump. The basement is now dry after every rain.
Mount Airy, NC New Construction Encapsulation
Newly constructed dentist office in Mount Airy, NC had a 6,000 sq. ft. gravel crawl space below it. Tar Heel Basement Systems was hired to create an energy efficient, sealed and conditioned crawl space. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed CrawlSeal 20 mil. linerX-Grade Crawl Space Insulation and 2 Tar Heel dehumidifiers. Now this Mount Airy, NC dentist office has a healthy crawl space for the clients and employees above it.
Mount Airy, NC- Cracked Basement Wall Stabilized

Small hairline cracks were causing concerns for this Mount Airy, NC homeowner who was placing the home on the market in the near future. The wall was not bowing, but the cracks would be found by a home inspector, being pro-active the homeowner had the wall stabilized by Tar Heel Basement Systems. 

The team installed (5) five Carbon Fiber Reinforcing Systems along the cracked wall. The Fiber-Reinforced Polymer is specifically designed for basement walls and 10 times stronger than steel. The flexible design of the Carbon Fiber system is contoured tightly against the wall providing immediate stabilization. 

Pilot Mountain, NC- Mold Free Crawl Space
The damp and musty crawl space under this Pilot Mountain, NC home was transformed into a bright, dry and conditioned storage area. Tar Heel Basement Systems used the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System to separate the home from the exposed earth below, while the Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier was installed to keep humidity levels below 55% and prevent mold growth.
Pilot Mountain, NC- Wet Basement Now Dry
During inclement weather, the basement under this Pilot Mountain, NC home would become flooded with several inches of water. The homeowner could no longer keep up with the drastic clean up. Tar Heel Basement Systems created a dry basement environment for the homeowner by installing the engineered BasementGutter drainage system and SafeDri triple sump pump. The systems help manage the intruding water by pumping it out of the basement and safely away from the home.
Settling Foundation Stabilized with Push Piers in Mount Airy, NC

Vertical cracks along the interior of the basement walls were an indication the soil below the home had settled in that area. The homeowners recently purchased the home and wanted to have their foundation stabilized from future settlement. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the settling foundation by hydraulically driving heavy-duty steel brackets into the depths of stable soil. The weight of the home was carefully transferred from failing soil into the Push Pier System providing immediate stabilization. The Mount Airy, NC homeowners have restored their home's property value by stabilizing their foundation.

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