Fixing a Problematic Crawl Space in Greensboro, NC | Customer Testimonial

Fixing a Problematic Crawl Space in Greensboro, NC | Customer Testimonial


Michael T.’s home in Greensboro had an unusual type of crawl space with walls that were merely carved in the dirt. There was absolutely nothing to retain and keep them from caving in. So, on top of all the problems that are common dirt, vented crawl spaces in North Carolina, such as high moisture levels, mold, dry rot and structural decay Michael also have to deal with water and mud coming in during heavy rains, and since the heating and cooling system was also housed in the crawl space, the constant fear that the walls would cave in and ruin his HVAC system.

Michael had several types of contractors come and take a look at the problem – from specialty foundation contractors to general contractors. Everyone had a different opinion and suggestion, but Michael wasn’t impressed with any of them. He kept looking.

While researching over the Internet, he found Tar Heel Basement Systems and scheduled an estimate. Will, the sales director came to his aid. From the star, Michael felt that he had finally found a company that knew what they were doing. The inspection was very thorough, a number of measurements were taken, and diagnostic procedures were performed. Will then sat with his laptop, and using a state-of-the-art software calculated exactly what was needed to permanently and effectively solve all the problems in that crawl space. Michael was very confident when he finally hired Tar Heel, that they would deliver the results they promised.

He was also very impressed with the professionalism, punctuality and cleanliness of Tar Heel’s courteous and knowledgeable crew of trained and certified installers – and even happier with the products.

The crawlspace in Michael’s home now is safe, clean, dry and healthy – and he knows he will never again have to worry about what is going on there, rain or shine.

If you have any sort of crawl space, basement or foundation problems, don’t waste your time looking around. Go straight to the pros at Tar Heel Basement Systems. North Carolina’s experts in “All Things Basements!”

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in North Carolina

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in North Carolina

At Pete and Will’s Tar Heel Basement systems we have the solutions you need for your dirty, leaky crawl space.

This cold, nasty area underneath your home is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which affects the entire health of your home.

Whether your crawl space has structural issues, rotting or sagging floor joists, or moldy, musty smells, we have the solution for you.

Pete and Will’s Tar Heel Basement systems we can make your home healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient with products that are patented and designed specifically for your crawl space environment.

Pete and Will’s Tar Heel Basement systems proudly serve the High Country. Winston-Salem, High Point, Lexington, Greensboro, Burlington and many other parts of North Carolina and Southwest Virginia.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation estimate for your crawl space repair, Tar Heel Basement Systems are the contractors for you. Call or visit our website today to schedule your free inspection.

Kathi Discusses the Crawl Space Work Performed at the Ronald McDonald House

Kathi Discusses the Crawl Space Work Performed at the Ronald McDonald House

Tar Heel Basement Systems’ employees volunteer to cook a meal at the Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem (RMH) each month. Pete met with Kathi, Director of House Operations, on the very first trip to the RMH and told her to call us if they ever needed our services. Sure enough, the Ronald McDonald House had issues in their crawl space and needed our help.

Tar Heel Basement Systems (THBS) performed a complete crawl space encapsulation at the Ronald McDonald House. This includes a perimeter drainage system, delta drainage matting, sump pump, Tar Heel dehumidifier, vent covers and CrawlSeal vapor barrier sealed to the walls. In addition to the listed items, Kathi decided it was important to ensure the crawl space remains dry ALL the time, which is why Tar Heel Basement Systems installed a SafeDri triple sump pump with a battery back up system. It is the most reliable sump pump in the industry! Another concern was the uncomfortable room temperature of the offices above the crawl space, so Tar Heel Basement Systems Foreman, Steve LaGray, installed X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels throughout the crawl space. Lastly, THBS installed (2) IntelliJack crawl space supports to arrest some Joist deflection in the floor system.

Kathi describes the condition of the crawl space before the repair as being “dirty, damp, cold and it affected not only the crawl space area but the office area above it.” She was very impressed with the company and the work performed at the House. She testifies that “now it is white, it is clean, it feels much different temperature-wise and air quality-wise down there and in the office area above it.”

The Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem provides a “home away from home” for families of children who are receiving medical care in area hospitals. The House and Family Room programs offer physical comforts, emotional support, education, and referral services designed to promote the well-being of the whole family. You can learn more visiting

Problem Crawl Spaces in NC: What is under your home?

Problem Crawl Spaces in NC: What is under your home?

In North Carolina, many homes are built over a dirt-floored and vented crawl space. That type of foundation is extremely prone to moisture and mold issues.

The relative humidity is a typical crawl space often reaches levels above 60% making it a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
The warm, humid environment can also invite rodents, termites, dust mites, and become a refuge for strays and wildlife.

Left untreated, a filthy crawl space will have a negative impact on your home’s value, its structural integrity. indoor air quality and energy bills.

Tar Heel offers a full line of patented products specifically designed to solve all types of problems in crawl spaces. From mold, musty smells and humidity, to dry rot and sagging floor joists.

We help you make your crawl space cleaner, and your entire home healthier and more energy efficient.

A new home and a dry basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial

A new home and a dry basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial


Becky D. first learned about Tar Heel Basement Systems through her Real Estate Agent, while she was still in the process of buying her new Winston-Salem, NC home. Becky was really glad she called Tar Heel and very impressed with the entire experience she had with the company. The System Design specialist that came to her home was very thorough. “He was not in any way pushy. Instead he was very comprehensive, very knowledgeable. He spent two hours walking around the house, crawling in the crawl space, and he didn’t try to sell me anything! He just said: ‘This is what I have found, this is what we have, this is what it will do for you. I think it will be a good fit, but this is your choice,'” says Becky.

After the waterproofing system was installed, he suggested a dehumidifier and explained that a store bought, generic dehumidifier will require a lot of maintenance, consume a lot of energy and not be very effective. After struggling for a while with a generic dehumidifier, Becky called Tar Hell again to have a Tar Heel Dehumidifier installed.

She’s been very happy with the results ever since and very happy with the way Tar Heel Basement Systems handled the entire process. “They have my deepest appreciation,” she concludes.

Peace of Mind and a Dry Crawl Space for a New Homeowner in Mocksville, NC | Customer Testimonial

Peace of Mind and a Dry Crawl Space for a New Homeowner in Mocksville, NC | Customer Testimonial


Michelle is a young homeowner who has just bought her first home in Mocksville when she noticed that her dirt-floored basement was causing a lot of problems throughout the house.

Water was pooling on the floor and the relative humidity levels in the basement were so high that the floors Joists and the floor above it were beginning to sag. Mold had also caused some of the Joists to rot.

Michele researched over the internet and was so impressed by the Tar Heel Basement Systems website, that she didn’t think about calling anyone else. She couldn’t be happier about her choice, because her entire experience with the company was extremely positive. From the inspection all through installation and completion, the company provided outstanding service.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed drainage and a sump pump system to keep water from pooling on the floor, encapsulated and insulated the space to isolate it from the dirt floor and outside moisture, then installed a dehumidifier to control humidity. The rotten floor Joists were replaced and the sagging structure was stabilized and lifted with crawl space jacks. The floor is now back to level.

“I couldn’t be more impressed that one company could take care of all of my problems. The work done by Tar Heel Basement Systems took care of three problems in my home inspection list, in one go.” says Michelle.

The healthy crawl space is an asset to her property in NC | Customer Testimonial

The healthy crawl space is an asset to her property in NC | Customer Testimonial


Mary F. from Summerfield first heard of Tar Heel Basement Systems while searching the internet for solutions to fix the floor above her crawl space. The brick pillars holding the beams that support the floor structure had settled considerably overtime, causing the floor to sag.

Mary was impressed with Tar Heel Basement Systems website, which unlike the websites from other local companies, contained a comprehensive amount of information concerning crawl space problems and solutions. That was enough to make her feel confident about calling the company for an estimate. 

The system design specialist that came to inspect her home was very knowledgeable and able to answer all her questions. Upon inspection he found out that not only the floors were sagging but mold was present, and the crawl space had been harboring local wildlife including rodents and snakes. 

He custom designed a solution that would restore the structural integrity of the crawl space, keep moisture under control and wild life out of her crawl space. The complete system when installed would make it more energy efficient through better insulation, get rid of all the mold and prevent it from ever coming back. 

The crew that performed the installation was very professional, very respectful and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. She is very happy with her now clean and mold-free crawl space that will not only allow her to leave more comfortably in her home, but it is a great asset to her home when it comes the time to sell, because with the Lifetime Transferable Warranty provided by Tar Heel, the new homeowner won’t need to worry about the crawl space.

Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Lexington, NC

Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Lexington, NC


Bill B.’ s home Lexington had a few foundation related problems that he knew should be taken care of sooner than later. His dirt-floored crawl space was treated the conventional way: open vents and a thin poly sheet lining the floor to act as a vapor barrier. And just like every crawl space treated in that fashion, it had all the typical problems found in NC crawl spaces: high humidity, mold, smells and — to make matters worse — the moisture had weakened the floor Joists and the floor above the crawl was sagging.
There were also signs of foundation settlement. He needed to get professional help right away.

“I did what any red blooded American would do these days: I went on the Internet and started looking.Just making sure that the Job was done properly and done in a very professional manner was our major concern.”
That is how he found Tar Heel Basement Systems. H was very impressed by our system design specialist who performed a very detailed inspection and gave them a very thorough explanation of what the problems were, and what were the available solutions.

The crawl space was sealed, insulated and conditioned to get rid of the moisture. An energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier monitors and controls relative humidity year-round. The sagging Joists are now stabilized and supported by IntelliJacks™. The foundation settlement problem was corrected with foundation piers: steel piles that are driven into the soil until they reach bedrock or a load bearing strata and then used to stabilize the foundation, and is most cases, lift it back into its original position.

“I would describe your company as a professional company that knows what it is doing, comes in, gets the Job done, does what it says it is gonna do, and goes beyond and treats you as a valued customer — someone that they want to do work for and they appreciate the business and therefore they respect your property and they take good care of it while they’re doing their Job,” concludes Bill.

Crawl Space Cleanup and Encapsulation in Snow Camp, NC | Customer Testimonial

David R.’s home in Snow Camp. NC had the typical vented, dirt-floored crawl space with all the problems commonly found in these types of structures in North Carolina. It was dirty, mold, with signs of structural decay and a moldy, damp insulation falling from between the floor Joists. David knew he needed a good company to fix the problem and as a savvy homeowner he thoroughly checked several area companies before choosing Tar Heel Basement Systems.

“What they took out from under the house really blew my mind,” says Ron. When he saw all the dirty debris, he told his wife “I wasted six, seven hundred dollars paying other people to go under the house and clean it out, and look at what is coming out of it now.”

After cleaning up the mess, Tar Heel installed the CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation system, and an energy-efficient dehumidifier that is virtually maintenance free, and once set will automatically monitor and control humidity to keep the area dry and mold free.

“It was really nice. They got finished when they told me they would, cleaned everything up, didn’t have a problem with them at all. Tar Heel did a great Job!” concludes David.

Creating a Healthy Crawl Space Environment at a Lenoir, NC Home

Creating a Healthy Crawl Space Environment at a Lenoir, NC Home

Pat P. knew she needed to do something to fix the crawl space in her Lenoir home. It had standing water, and so much moisture that the fiberglass insulation installed between the floor Joists was soak and wet, moldy and falling off.

She asked a contractor who was doing some other work in her house to take a look at the problem, but he was quick to tell her that of Tar Heel Basement Systems was the company to call because they would do a much better Job.

Pat was not unfamiliar with the company. She works at Habitat for Humanity, and Tar Heel Basement Systems is the company working with basements and crawl spaces for that organization in this area.

Tar Heel completely changed the way the crawl space looks and feels. After cleaning up and correcting drainage issues with a perimeter drain and a powerful sump pump system, the vents were sealed and entire space was lined with the CrawlSeal vapor barrier, to isolate it from ground water and the moisture that would otherwise get into the space through the vents.
A dehumidifier was used to monitor and control humidity, so mold will never come back.

Pat is very happy with the results. The contractor who referred her to Tar Hell told her that the crawl space is so clean he could sleep in there.
“It does look great!” says Pat. “If there were other people that needed to do the same thing that I’ve done I would be glad to recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems to them. I just feel that it is a hard working company and I feel like they do a quality Job.”

Solution for Bouncy, Unstable Floors in NC: Crawl Space IntelliJacks™ by TarHeel Basement Systems.

Solution for Bouncy, Unstable Floors in NC: Crawl Space SmartJacks™ by TarHeel Basement Systems.

Are your floors sagging?  Are your doors sticking and hard to open and close? Do your dishes rattle when your dog runs through the house? This may be a sign that the peers in your crawlspace have settled due the unstable soil in your crawl space, or that your floor Joists are weakened. TarHeel Basement Systems can solve virtually all these problems with the engineered, adjustable IntelliJack™ piers.
Say goodbye to bouncy, unstable floors for good with IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Stabilizers.

Tar Heel Basement Systems is North Carolina’s expert in “All Things Basements!” serving  Boone, Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington and nearby towns.

How to Fix Dirt, Vented Crawl Spaces Problems in North Carolina Homes

How to Fix Dirt, Vented Crawl Spaces Problems in North Carolina Homes

For many years, and mainly due to a poor understanding of building science, NC building codes recommended that homes with dirt-floored crawl space type foundations be treated in the same way: a vapor barrier lining the dirt floor to keep the ground water from evaporating into the crawl space, and open vents to allow air to circulate and dry up the area.

Moisture-related problems such as mold and dry rot in crawl spaces treated according to building code were so prevalent that building scientists decided to take a second look at these recommendations. What they found out still surprises many homeowners and seasoned contractors: not only were the open vents ineffective in controlling moisture in the crawl space, they also made the problem worse by bringing in additional moisture contained in the outside air! As the humid, warm air enters the crawl space, it cools down and the relative humidity in the space increases considerably, often well above the 65% mark. A warm crawl space, with RH levels above 65% creates the favorable conditions for mold to grow while feeding on and destroying the wooden structures.

Based on these findings, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a new set of recommendations for the treatment of crawl spaces. According to the agency, crawl space encapsulation, which includes air sealing and conditioning the area, is a proven, effective way to permanently solve crawl space problems.

Pete and Will couldn’t agree more. In fact they have been encapsulating crawl spaces for more than 10 years, having pioneered Crawl Space Encapsulation technology in North Carolina and installing the revolutionary CrawlSeal System — to date, the most advanced and effective crawl space system in the world.

For crawl space, basement, and foundation problems in NC, trust Tar Heel Basement Systems’ unparalleled expertise!

Another Satisfied Homeowner in Winston Salem, NC

Another Satisfied Homeowner in Winston Salem, NC

Frank H’s home in Winston-Salem, NC had serious crawl space problems. There was so much water seeping into the crawl that he used to Joke about living over an underground river.

This all changed once he saw a crawl space system installed by Tar Heel Basement Systems in another home.

He knew he needed a similar system in his house, so he contacted the crawl space experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems. The experts came in, inspected the place, and recommended a crawl space drainage system, a sump pump, and a full crawl space encapsulation system, conditioned with a powerful dehumidifier.

The crew performing the installation was clean, courteous and punctual, leaving Frank’s home with a clean, healthy, dry and mold free crawl space.

Vented, dirt crawl spaces in North Carolina are a housing nightmare waiting to happen. They are a huge source of energy loss, making your home uncomfortable and hard to cool and heat.

They also harbor odors and pollutants that will eventually enter your living space, triggering allergies and ruining your indoor air quality.

The moisture in the crawl space attracts pests and promotes mold growth, both of which can lead to serious structural damage and health issues if left untreated.

Crawlspace Repair in Boone NC

Robert learned about Tar Heel basement systems through another contractor who was working on their home.

When they complained about the fact that their home was very cold during the winter time, the contractor suggested that they called Tar Heel Basement Systems to have the crawl space sealed and insulated.

Tar Heel Basement Systems came to inspect the place and noticed that not only there was a lot of air from the crawl space leaking into the living space, but the air that they were paying to heat was being distributed through uninsulated flexible ducts that run through the crawl space. Thus, a lot of that heat was being lost in the crawl space, before it made into the rooms.

We installed a full CrawlSeal System, which completely sealed the crawl space from the dirt floor and outside air.
As a result, his home is much warmer and comfortable, and since the work was completed in May 2011, he has been saving an average of $40 per month in energy bills. That is over $400 a year! He also noticed a decrease in propane bills!

He is so satisfied with the results of his CrawlSeal Systems, that he has been referring friends and family to us ever since!

If your home is too cold in winter time, damp and uncomfortable during summer time, if you have warping or creaking floors, and detect musty smells around the house, or if someone in your family has allergy symptoms that seem to get worse indoors, your crawl space might be the source of all these problems!

Let the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems fix it for you! We will inspect it for free, so it will cost you nothing to find how just how much more comfortable and energy efficient your home can be with our crawl space encapsulation system.

Why Fix My Crawl Space

Why Fix My Crawl Space

Pete Burgess, a crawl space moisture control expert in South Carolina, explains the main reasons why you should fix your dirt crawlspace. Dirt, vented crawl spaces are prone to moisture and a humid crawl space is the source of many problems including mold and termites. Left untreated, they can ruin your indoor air quality, make your family sick, and ultimately compromise your home’s value and structural integrity.

Dirt, vented crawl spaces are also a huge source of energy loss.
Tar Heel Basement Systems’ CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation system protects your crawl space from moisture and related problems, and makes your whole house an average of 18% more energy efficient.
Call today for a free estimate!