Meet Our Team

Anthony Panzano
Title: Certified Field Inspector
Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Hi, I’m Anthony!


Before joining the Tar Heel Basement Systems team I worked as a financial adviser for PNC Bank and Morgan Stanley. I also managed a call center for Merck. The thing that attracted me most to Tar Heel was the company’s vision for the future. I also love working with people and providing excellent customer service so I look forward to meeting and helping different people every day. I excel at overcoming challenges and I’m so glad that working here ensures that no 2 days are ever the same.


I am married to my beautiful Heidi and we each have 2 children from previous marriages. My children are Christina and Anthony and Heidi’s are Blake and Kylea (though they are all our children now). Years ago I attended NYU film school and in my spare time, I enjoy writing plays. I am also a die-hard sports fan and I love to read.


I can’t wait to meet you and find the perfect solution to ensure your home remains dry, healthy and stabilized!