Meet Our Team

David Porter
Title: Crew Member
Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

Hi, I’m David!


I love working with my hands and have worked a number of jobs before coming to Tar Heel. Prior to this I worked as a forklift operator, a production team leader in sanitation, and in maintenance. I also have certifications in CRC and HSD. Though I appreciate all the skills and knowledge I gained from my previous work experience, I joined the Tar Heel team because of the incredible work environment and company culture. As a very family-oriented person, I appreciate that I get to work every day with people who are practically family to me.


When I’m not working towards helping homeowners achieve a healthier home I love spending time with my own wonderful family. I have a beautiful wife and 8 kids, 5 of which are girls and 3 of which are boys. I am also an absolute dog-person and love our 2 dogs.


I look forward to being the “hero in your home!”