Meet Our Team

Edward Shumate
Title: Crew Member
Hometown: Rural Hall, NC
Edward Shumate

Hi, my name is Edward!

I have been with Tar Heel since 2016 and am glad to be part of a company that takes care of their employees and customers alike.  I have over 3 years of construction experience under my belt, including working in the roofing industry. I look forward to helping to get your home back on a solid foundation!

When I am not improving homes, I am at the race track. My favorite race car driver is the legend Dale Earnhardt. I’m really interested in drag racing as well. I love to be outside, especially if I am hunting or fishing. I also enjoy spending time with my family and my pet, a ball python!


Technical Papers I'd like to share with you:

  • Stabilize Your Basement Walls with the Carbon Fiber System
    Stabilize Your Basement Walls with the Carbon Fiber System
    July 6th, 2017
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Before & After Photos
Small horizontal and vertical cracks formed along this Thomasville, North Carolina basement wall. While the wall had not begun to move or bow inward, the homeowners wanted to prevent that happening by calling Tar Heel Basement Systems.  The Basement Wall Anchor System stabilized the basement wall immediately, preventing further movement of the blocks. In just one day, the installation team was able to provide the homeowners with peace of mind regarding their home’s foundation.