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By Steve from Stuart, VA 24171
By Eric from Greensboro, NC 27403

Gary Hacker and his crew did a fantastic job. Communicated with me and came by the day before their start date to make sure that they would be “ready to go” the next morning. They walked me through every step of the process. All three of the crew (Gary, Elliot and Robert) were “can do” and “we’ll take care of it”. They had me smiling at times with their enthusiasm. Before the install, I was told that TBS would “try” to remove the old sewer pipe from the crawl space and “try” to trench in some tight spaces. Gary arrived the day before the job was to start, looked at the situation and basically said, “we’ve got this.” And they did! One of the best/easiet home improvement projects I’ve done. Great work by the team and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

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By Susan from Greensboro, NC 27403
By KIm from Winston Salem, NC 27104
By Cashin from Winston-Salem, NC 27103
By Julia from Winston Salem, NC 27103
By Karen from Mouth Of Wilson, VA 24363

Meet Our Team

Gary Hacker
Title: Crew Foreman
Hometown: Thomasville, NC
Gary Hacker

Hi, I’m Gary!

I have been in the construction field for over a decade, spending the last 12 years as a crew foreman in the waterproofing and foundation repair industry.  In that time I have honed my craft and hold myself to the highest standards. I have an eye for detail and care for every home as if it were my own.

I live in Thomasville, NC with my beautiful wife of  over 10 years and 3 amazing children. When I am not out in the field helping to improve homes, you can find me in the garage building import cars.

I look forward to helping provide you with the best solution for your basement, crawl space and foundation issues.

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"You had a great reputation. Everyone gave you good reviews. I was impressed by the way your employees are proud…" Read Full Testimonial
Henry V. of Winston Salem, NC
"Everything went very well and I am very happy with the job. I give your team a 10. The guys…" Read Full Testimonial
Robert S. of Gate City, VA

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  • LumaBright Will Give Your Basement or Garage Walls a Fresh, New Look
    LumaBright Will Give Your Basement or Garage Walls a Fresh, New Look
    February 15th, 2017
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Before & After Photos
Visible signs of efflorescence along the basement walls and high relative humidity were alarming the Mayodan, NC homeowners. Their goal was to have a dry basement–permanently. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the BasementGutter™ Drainage System along the interior perimeter wall affected by moisture intrusion. A small trench was dug and weep holes were drilled at the base of the wall, BasementGutter was placed on top of the home’s footing, preventing clogging. Intruding moisture enters the system through the weep holes, allowing the water to be channeled into the SafeDri™ sump … Continue readingBasement Now Permanently Dry in Mayodan, NC »
Moisture intrusion along the cinder block walls had caused mold growth throughout this Durham, NC basement. The drywall was compromised from moisture and needed to be completely removed. The homeowners needed to have their finished basement repaired and water issue corrected, permanently. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the BasementGutter Drainage System around the entire perimeter of the basement, ensuring that intruding water would be directed into the SafeDri triple sump pump and safely removed away from the home. Basement wall … Continue readingDurham, NC- Wet Basement Now Dry and Welcoming »
Purchasing this home just six months ago, these Walkertown, NC homeowners were already seeing damaging signs from condensation build up and relative humidity in their crawl space. After extensive research and several evaluations, the homeowners chose to have their crawl space encapsulated by Tar Heel Basement Systems. All debris was removed, including the 6mil vapor barrier that was no longer serving a protective purpose. With a blank slate, the team began sealing off the home from the exposed dirt below using the 20mil CrawlSeal liner. … Continue readingWalkertown, NC- Nasty Crawl Space Transformed Into Dry Environment »
The recent heavy rains were the last straw for the Walkertown, NC homeowner. The old sump pump was unable to keep up with the amount of intruding water entering the basement. Not being reliable during power outages, the homeowner feared leaving for vacation with rain in the forecast. Coming home to a flooded basement was not in the plan. Needing a reliable sump pump was an understatement. Tar Heel Basement Systems replaced the old sump system with the SafeDri™ Triple Sump … Continue readingWalkertown, NC- Basement Receives World’s Best Sump Pump »
Discoloration along the cinder block walls were signs of previous moisture intrusion– even during dry periods. During heavy rains, the Pinnacle, NC homeowners were forced to vacuum up the intruding water. Finally at their breaking point with the basement, they decided to rely on professional help to eradicate their problem. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the interior drainage system, BasementGutter, along the wall. Sitting on top of the footing, the system will never fail or clog. Intruding water is now … Continue readingBasement Waterproofing in Pinnacle, NC »
During the winter months cold drafts would enter the basement through the deteriorating wood window, while humidity would follow during the summer months. Needing a new window before the humid season set in, the homeowners turned to Tar Heel Basement Systems. Providing an attractive and upgraded look to the basement, the window enclosure allows more natural light to enter the basement without any negative effects of water intrusion, cold air drafts, humidity or deteriorating throughout the years.
This basement has a concrete floor with a knee wall that contains exposed dirt. Every time it rained, water would make its way into the basement. The dirt did not have a sufficient vapor barrier so it would allow excess moisture into the crawl space as well. All of this moisture caused mold growth and a musty smell in the basement. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to transform this crawl space by installing our patented 20mil. CrawlSeal liner. We … Continue readingWinston Salem, NC- Basement Crawl Space Combo Waterproofed »
This home in Winston Salem, NC had an open sump pit in the basement floor. Without an airtight lid on a sump pump, you risk water vapor releasing into the air. You also risk dirt, debris and other items clogging the sump pump. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed our patented SafeDri™ Super Sump Pump System in this basement to offer maximum protection. It comes with a Zoeller cast-iron, 1/3HP pump, airtight lid, floor drain, SafeDri™ Battery Backup System and many other features.
This home had mold growth and musty smells in the basement/crawl space. This was caused by the dirt wall having very little plastic covering it and the concrete slab allowing water to seep in every time it rained. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed a waterproofing system to dry out the space and prevent mold growth. A commercial-grade dehumidifier was installed to keep relative humidity levels low, thus preventing mold, mildew and musty smells. 
Over the years the horizontal crack along this Winston Salem, NC basement wall had grown larger, creating additional cracks along the sides of the wall. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to stabilize the unfinished basement by installing (4) IntelliBraces™. Allowing for immediate stabilization and possible straightening over time, the IntelliBrace™ System is zinc coated and corrosion resistant. 
Hydrostatic pressure after heavy rains had caused the basement wall in this Clemmons, NC home to form horizontal cracks. The homeowner had noticed the cracks growing steadily larger over time and called Tar Heel Basement Systems. The foundation team installed (10) ten zinc-plated IntelliBraces™ along the slightly bowed and cracked wall and secured the beams to the basement floor to effectively stabilize the wall and prevent further movement. The homeowner’s are delighted to have reclaimed their recreational space!
This finished basement and dance studio in Pfafftown, NC suffered from severe water damage. The drywall wall became soggy and started to deteriorate from the water seeping through the block walls, creating efflorescence. The homeowner called Tar Heel Basement Systems to help with their basement waterproofing concerns. The System Designer came out and recommended CrawlSeal wall material to cover and protect underneath the drywall. The CrawlSeal liner allows the water from the block wall to drain down to our patented … Continue readingPfafftown, NC- Waterproofing a Finished Basement »
This basement had major issues with dampness and a bowing wall. The homeowners’ father built this home with his own hands and wanted to protect it. He called Tar Heel Basement Systems for help with his basement concerns. The Systems Designer came out and recommended BasementGutter interior drainage system, SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System, and Wall Anchors to stabilize the wall. Now, the basement is dry and the wall is stabilized, the homeowner is very happy with his permanent solution.
The Jonesville, NC homeowners decided to give their drab, unfinished basement an updated look without breaking the bank. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed Paneling System directly onto the basement walls giving the space a bright, welcoming look while preventing water vapor from coming through the panels.
This home in Mocksville, NC had water leaking into his basement when it rained hard. Often times, when a basement has water intrusion, there tends to be basement structural issues as well. In this case, water had been building up along the outside of the basement wall for so long that it began to crack and bow inward. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed their patented BasementGutter System with a SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System to control the water leakage. To … Continue readingMocksville, NC – Basement Waterproofing & Basement Wall Stabilization »
This basement in Gate City, VA experienced musty smells and pooling water when it would rain. The homeowners called the basement waterproofing professionals at Tar Heel for a permanent solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems came out and installed waterproof paneling, to cover and protect the walls from water seeping from the block foundation. The interior drainage system, BasementGutter, was also installed around the perimeter of the basement to give direction to the water coming in from behind the wall panels. … Continue readingGate City, VA – Wet Basement Transformation »
After years of cleaning up their flooded basement every time it rained, the Spruce Pine, NC homeowners were in search of a permanent fix for their water issue. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed their patented BasementGutter Drainage System and SafeDri triple sump pump to keep this basement dry during even the heaviest of rains. Water intrusion was no longer an issue, as it was channeled to the sump pump and safely removed from the basement. CrawlSeal wall material was installed to … Continue readingBasement Waterproofing in Spruce Pine, NC »

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