Meet Our Team

Kyle Ward
Title: Certified Field Inpsector
Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Hi, I’m Kyle!


Prior to joining the Tar Heel Basement Systems team I worked in a number of fields. Some of my past work included my job in the pharmacy at Walgreens as well as work in security, Cytogenetics and even some work in art as a painter. To add to my diverse background I also have a Bachelor of Science in Biology. However, I was looking for a change and what attracted me to Tar Heel was the high-energy and family-like work environment as well as the respect and due praise that each and every employee receives as made evident by one of our core values: “Everyone puts their boots on the same way!”


When I’m not working towards finding a permanent solution for all of your waterproofing, foundation, and concrete-lifting needs I love spending some quality time with my dog Athena. I also enjoy competitive gaming, going to the gym, cooking, and introducing myself to new foods.


I look forward to meeting you and finding the best solution tot protect your greatest asset: your home!