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By Robert from Callands, VA 24530

Good company providing a great product performed great people.

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By Steve from Summerfield, NC 27358
By Marty from Greensboro, NC 27401

Thank you! I’ve waited years to do this. I think I made an excellent decision to choose this company.

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By Shirley from Greensboro, NC 27410

I am especially appreciative of the willingness of the installer to work within my schedule even though it meant starting in the afternoon and finishing at 8:30pm. I have already recommended Tar Heel Basement to my next-door neighbors who are having the same type issue with their slab foundation.

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By Mike from Greensboro, NC, NC 27455
By Jon from Winston-Salem, NC 27104

We’re pleased with the installation Tar Heel Basement Systems did for us. Our crawl space looks great—-it’s hard to believe the difference.

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By Kay from Winston Salem, NC 27103
By Jeff from Advance, NC 27006

Bobby Luttrel represented your company in a professional manner. They arrived on time, asked questions prior to starting work and kept me informed as they worked through the process. He went above beyond the expected work by pointing out a void that needed to be filled across our driveway. More companies should have such reliable employees.

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By Dianne from Taylorsville, NC 28681

The installation crew should be commended for the way they treat their customers. You are very lucky to have them representing your company.

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By Larry from Beech Mountain, NC 28604

Meet Our Team

Rick Brown
Title: Sales Manager, Winston-Salem
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Rick Brown

Hi, I’m Rick!

I grew up in Orlando, Florida but now live in wonderful town Winston-Salem, NC. Before joining this team, I gained over 15 years of experience in residential home construction, performing remodels and new builds. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of North Florida. I started my career here as a Certified Field Inspector and thanks to a company that embraces meritocracy and drives growth, I was able to work my way up to Assistant Manager of Sales. I was drawn to Tar Heel because of a common goal: to improve customers homes and keep families safe.


When I’m not working closely with Certified Field Inspectors to find permanent solutions to all of your foundation and waterproofing needs, I love spending time with my wife of over 25 years, Sheila and our daughter, Lindsey. We love to spend time outdoors, travel, garden and attend sporting events together.


I look forward to working towards protecting your greatest asset: your home!

from customers I've helped!
"This company provides first class service from your original phone call to the completion of the job. They don't just…" Read Full Testimonial
Dianne W. of McLeansville, NC
"You arranged a wonderful solution for my basement this fall.  I wanted you to know that the basement repair has…" Read Full Testimonial
Marty O. of Greensboro, NC
"Extremely neat & polite. Customer service, honesty & follow up are in short supply these days!!! But not with your…" Read Full Testimonial
Mark H. of Greensboro, NC
"Professional, friendly & courteous. Thanks for the great work!! Most professional company we have ever dealt with in NC." Read Full Testimonial
Leo & Ellen E. of Greensboro, NC
"Rick is very knowledgeable and prepared with brochures, he took time to walk and look at the repairs, great experience! Doing…" Read Full Testimonial
Mike A. of Greensboro, NC
"Mike and Rick were both very professional, friendly and accommodating. Everything from the receptionist to Mike and Rick reminded me…" Read Full Testimonial
Greg T. of Kernersville, NC
"We liked Rick Brown very much. We felt he was honest with us and he made a good overall impression.…" Read Full Testimonial
Phillip B. of Pleasant Garden, NC
"Your product beats trying to jack and pour new concrete footings. Professional, experienced, efficient and courteous." Read Full Testimonial
Grace Bible Church of Winston Salem, NC
"I went online and googled for concrete companies in Winston Salem. I greatly enjoyed talking with Rick and showed me…" Read Full Testimonial
Andrew C. of Winston Salem, NC
"Rick was very professional and friendly. It was a pleasure dealing with him." Read Full Testimonial
David H. of High Point, NC

Videos from projects I was involved with:

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Solutions for a Flooding Basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial

According to Ronald V. the basement in his Winston-Salem home was flooding so bad, that … Watch VideoSolutions for a Flooding Basement in Winston-Salem, NC | Customer Testimonial »
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Case Studies I've worked on:

Before & After Photos
Tar Heel Basement Systems raised and stabilized the sinking garage slab using the polyurethane, lightweight, waterproof foam called PolyRenewal. The PolyRenewal System was injected under the slab through penny-sized holes to stabilize the fill soil under the slab and lift the slab back to the appropriate height.  
The slab floor in this Greensboro, NC home had begun to settle over the years, causing the slab floor to become uneven and interior cracks to form along the door frames. The Tar Heel team was able to restore the settled concrete slab through the interior of the home using polyurethane, high-density, lightweight foam called PolyRenewal. The slab floor is now permanently stabilized and the interior cracks have become closed.
The pool deck at this Kernersville, NC home was in need of some TLC. The slabs had settled in many different spots along the walk areas creating severe tripping and safety hazards for those enjoying the summer weather and time by the pool. The Poly Team was able to lift all of the settled areas back to the original height using polyurethane high-density, waterproof foam called PolyRenewal. The homeowners are excited to have a safe outdoor area for summer fun … Continue readingKernersville, NC – Uneven Pool Deck Made Safe with PolyRenewal »
The homeowners at this Pleasant Garden, NC residence had put off fixing their sinking sidewalk for many years until they discovered the PolyRenewal method to raising sinking slabs. Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized and raised the sinking slab by injecting a light-weight, high density, waterproof polyurethane foam called PolyRenewal. The sidewalk leading to the front porch stairs is no longer a safety hazard for these Pleasant Garden homeowners.
The lightweight, high-density polyurethane foam called PolyRenewal was able to stabilize this sinking slab garage floor and lift the slab close to its original level.
Over time the soil beneath the sidewalk began to erode, resulting in a trip hazard for the homeowners. Wanting to eliminate this concern and restore their home’s property value, the owners chose Tar Heel Basement Systems to achieve this goal. Installed in a matter of a few hours, the PolyRenewal System provided a permanent solution by stabilizing and lifting the sidewalk back to the appropriate level without disruption to the yard.
The Grayson County Sheriff’s Department had a sinking slab for years that was becoming a safety concern. Tar Heel Basement Systems raised the sinking slab using a waterproof, high-density polyurethane foam called PolyRenewal. No disruption was done to the sidewalk or landscape surrounding it. The once sinking slab has now been stabilized and lifted.
The sinking slab at this Abingdon, VA residence was a long term problem that could no longer be covered up with D.I.Y. patching. After several attempts at fixing the sinking porch themselves, the homeowner’s called Tar Heel Basement Systems for professional guidance. The PolyRenewal Team stabilized the soil under the slab and lifted the slab back to the original height using high-density foam called, PolyRenewal. Unlike mud jacking or total concrete replacement, no destruction was done to the property or … Continue readingAbingdon, VA – Sinking Slab Porch Raised with PolyRenewal »
The carport at this Lenoir, NC home started to settle over a decade ago, but recently the problem was becoming progressively worse. The homeowners wanted to have the problem addressed immediately by a professional. Tar Heel Basement Systems lifted the slab floor of the carport and successfully reattached the brick veneer along the wall by using PolyRewenal. The lightweight polyurethane foam was injected under the slab through small, penny-sized holes; leaving no trace of disruption to the property.
The basement in this Newland, NC home had severe moisture problems that had caused the waterproof paint to bubble and peel. The walls were left with an unwelcoming view, leaving the basement damp and dark. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the patented BasementGutter Drainage System and SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System to permanently remove the moisture problem. Waterproof Panels were then installed giving the basement a healthy welcoming look. The drab basement has been completely transformed using all antimicrobial materials … Continue readingNewland, NC – Basement Wall Remodeled to Create Healthy Environment »
The curved, concrete driveway in Morganton, NC had begun to sink so severely that the slab had completely separated from the curb. The settling area was not only causing issues with the drain grate in the driveway, but it was also an eyesore. Tar Heel Basement Systems restored and lifted the sinking slab by using the PolyRenewal System. The lightweight polyurethane foam was injected under the slab to lift and permanently stabilize the sidewalk and driveway.

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