I wanted to personally thank you for your help with my mother’s flooded basement! You were awesome! She was so appreciative,as were my sisters and myself. Your company is very lucky to have you out there representing them. I am part of a service driven company and I must say I was amazed at the level of service you showed us that day and I know it was a personal sacrifice you made. You went over and beyond in helping us with her situation. I just wanted you to know that we really do appreciate the deed you did.Thank you for the copy of her information as well. We certainly made the right decision in choosing your company to correct her basement issues and know that it is due to your visit to her house and making us feel so comfortable with the process. I am in hopes that the next time it floods we “girls”, as my dad called us, can handle pumping the water out.  Somehow we had never thought about going to buy a surface pump and hooking it up to a hose! Our dad just always handled it and she never had to do anything with it.    So thank you for teaching us “girls” how to handle this if it should happen again. I am sure my dad is smiling down at you helping his girls out. You are a good and honorable man.

April D. of Wilkesboro, NC