Becky D. first learned about Tar Heel Basement Systems through her Real Estate Agent, while she was still in the process of buying her new Winston-Salem, NC home. Becky was really glad she called Tar Heel and very impressed with the entire experience she had with the company. The System Design specialist that came to her home was very thorough. “He was not in any way pushy. Instead, he was very comprehensive, very knowledgeable. He spent two hours walking around the house, crawling in the crawl space, and he didn’t try to sell me anything! He just said: ‘This is what I have found, this is what we have, this is what it will do for you. I think it will be a good fit, but this is your choice.'” says Becky. After the waterproofing system was installed, he suggested a dehumidifier and explained that a store-bought, generic dehumidifier will require a lot of maintenance, consume a lot of energy and not be very effective. So after struggling for a while with a generic dehumidifier, Becky called Tar Hell again to have a Tar Heel Dehumidifier installed. She’s been very happy with the results ever since and very happy with the way Tar Heel Basement Systems handled the entire process. “They have my deepest appreciation,” she concludes.

Becky D. of Winston-Salem, NC