Bonnie C. from Winston Salem, NC noticed that the gap between the wood floor and the stone hearth of her fireplace was about two inches wide. She sealed the gap to prevent heat loss but was extremely worried when the seal came completely apart, indicating serious foundation movement. She then began to shop for a solution and as a savvy homeowner; she called three different companies to see what they had to offer and to obtain quotes for the repair work necessary. Tar Heel Basement Systems was among these companies, and Will Blake, one of the owners personally inspected her home. He thoroughly examined the situation and aided by pictures and a presentation, explained to Bonnie exactly what the problem was and the options to fix it. She was very pleased with the knowledgeable, professional and courteous treatment she received which allowed her to make an informed decision. After the consultation visit Bonnie chose Tar Heel Basement Systems to repair her home’s foundation. According to her, they had solutions no one else offered that made sense to her. They also gave her the best price. She was even more impressed when the production crew came to perform the actual work. Not only did they effectively lift and restore the chimney to its original position by the closing the gap between the floor and the hearth; they took every necessary step to do the repair work without disturbing the yard and her home. According to Bonnie, right after completion, you wouldn’t know that her home just went through a major foundation repair procedure. “This is by far the best home improvement experience I ever had with any company” – she says. “I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing help with a foundation issue, a chimney issue, a water issue, a leak. I would most highly recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems above anyone else.”

Bonnie C. of Winston Salem, NC