I bought an all exterior log and stone house in 2004 and the realtor disclosed that the massive stone chimney was leaning. The lean was not visibly obvious and there were no signs of mortar cracking so I felt secure that the problem was minimal. In 2007 we had the first of a series of earth quakes and mortar cracks developed in my foundation, and the chimney definitely shifted causing gaps between it and my house at the exterior and interior places where wood met stone. I had to patch all of these gaps to prevent extreme heat and A/C loss and reduce the number of animals coming inside.   In 2012 we had a long dry spell which caused the red clay to shrink followed by a long rainy period where the ground got saturated and my chimney moved even further, and actually separated from my patches both inside and out. I contacted a series of foundation repair companies and masonry repair companies to assess the best plan to correct the problem most affordably. Long story short I chose Tarheel Basement Systems because of William Blake’s obvious professionalism and honesty, and the overall professionalism of the people calling me regarding the company from their home office. Other foundation repair sales people attempted to scare me into paying higher amounts of money than were reasonable, and Mr. Blake did not. Mr. Blake treated me with respect, and honored the fact that I could actually understand the issues.   The repair Mr. Blake recommended was one no other company mentioned, and made the most sense! Tarheel Basement Systems proposed using “push piers” to support the edges of the chimney footers and at the very least stop the movement for my lifetime, and possible even push the chimney back into the position it was when I made the first attempts at patching the gaps.   Today Josh, Edward, and Jake arrived to do the work, and were the most polite, professional, and earnest work team I have had the pleasure of knowing. They explained everything they were going to do in advance, and brought me out to witness some issues they encountered which were explained to me in advance were possible so they could make sure I was aware the issues existed. We planned in advance that they may go as deep as 36 feet before hitting bedrock but it turned out to be over 60 feet, and they wanted me to know before I got surprised by a higher bill since they had to use almost 3 times the number of steel pipes we expected. All of this was explained by Mr. Blake originally and covered by the contract of not only Tarheel Basements, but also Ram Jack and others, so I was not surprised when they brought me out to witness the need to use many more push piers than hoped. Josh, Edward, and Jake eventually hit bedrock so they had enough pressure to actually move the chimney back into position making this a very positive result for me as the person who no longer needs to patch her wall and floors when the chimney moves!   I would most highly recommend Tarheel Basement Systems to anyone with a foundation problem and if you can, ask for Josh, Edward, and Jake by name! They were amazingly efficient, effective, professional, and polite.

Bonnie C. of Winston Salem, NC