Can’t remember the names of the guys that came out, but what i can tell you is before them we had water coming into our basement quicker than if you had a garden hose trying to fill it up/ The guys came out and installed a perimeter system and we haven’t had a drop of water in the basement since. We had four days of nonstop rain and a 12 inch snowfall on top of that and not one drop in the basement! Before we couldn’t even use our basement due to standing water after a light rain, now its dry and we are able to store things and use our completely dry basement. The guys did a great job, worked hard and were very good at what they do. I would strongly recommend Tar Heel Basement to anyone wanting a dry basement and a price what i thought very reasonable! Don’t waste your time trying to fix it from the outside where the contractors won’t give you a warranty.

Brenda & Dave G. of Rural Retreat, VA