I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the results of the CrawlSeal™ installation you did for me in April. By this time in the summer, for more years than I can remember, the house had an extremely musty odor inside. Now every day I come home from work expecting the same and there is not a hint of mustiness. And I haven’t seen mildew growing on anything inside. The results have so far exceeded my expectations.Last week I checked the crawlspace humidity for the first time and found it to vary from 70-80% so I have installed a dehumidifier in the last couple days and am still in the process of adjusting the settings, having decreased the humidity to 56% today.Thanks again for your assistance. You have solved what had been a very frustrating problem. Kirk Gulden, Wilkesboro

Dr. K. of Wilkesboro, NC