This church in Lansing, NC had terrible basement flooding problems. During heavy rains they would get up to 18 inches of water in the basement, and when the water was finally gone, they had to deal with the aftermath: musty smells and mold problems. Ed decided that it was time to fix it once and for all.  After seeing Tar Heel Basement System billboard advertising, they made the call that would forever change the way the congregation had been using the basement.Ed was really impressed with the inspection and the thorough explanation provided by the system design specialist. He knew then and there that he had called the right company from the job.At first, they only wanted the water problem solved, which was accomplished when Tar Heel installed a BasementGutter™ interior drainage system, and a good sump pump system. “We’ve had all the rain and snow this winter and we haven’t had one problem yet!”Seeing the great results after the waterproofing system was installed, they decided to call Tar Heel again, this time to finish the walls and floor of the basement, transforming a previously unused area of the building, into useful rooms for the congregation — including carpeted rooms for the children.”We’re just pleased. Very pleased. The whole church is pleased!” explains Ed. He’s been recommending Tar Heel to others in the community ever since. “I don’t think you’d do nobody wrong! Everything has just been wonderful!”

Ed S. of Lansing, NC