Outstanding work. I am so very very pleased I hired your company for my project. Josh and his installation crew were an outstanding sets of professionals. No matter how well you’re paying them, they deserve a bonus and a raise. John William’s presentation, patience, and ability to help me understand everything in the procedures and functionality if the system. Also price was good. Your company did so many things right that just make for excellent professionalism and good business. 1st and foremost to me is that all items were done when they said they were going to be done. Every date and time I was told people would be on site, people were on site. I don’t mind waiting 7 weeks to get you here if you tell me it will be 7 weeks to get there. I don’t mind waiting 2 weeks for materials if you tell me 2 weeks. (I added on to my original order so this was my fault). If it’s 2 weeks and you tell me 3 days, all respect is lost. At all 3 stages the crews were professional and had intelligent knowledgeable people on site. This gives a very important sense of ease to me as a client. It is tremendously frustrating when a professional salesman gives an estimate but later Tweedledee and Tweedledum who can’t think for themselves, understand anything not on their piece of paper or is part of another stage of the process, or GOD FORBID be able to make a decision show up. Being able to have all discussions with a pro as questions or concerns appear throughout the process is terrific. Another item that impressed me greatly was how much painstaking effort was put in by both install crews to keep messes to a minimum, protect my property, inform me of concerns (and in my old, not standard built house, I had no doubt all kinds of anomalies would arise) as they occurred. It showed me they really cared about keeping me happy by protecting home. Furthermore both crews worked like clydesdales, really passionately with a strong sense of pride in their work. My hat is off to Adam Hill and his men who started extra early, worked late into the night, and got everything done with a great attitude and professionalism from start to finish. I’d recommend Tarheel Basement Systems to anyone and rehire you again in a heart beat. I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out. Thank you so much. Call anytime for a reference or recommendation.

Erich B. of Greensboro, NC