Frank H’s home in Winston-Salem, NC had serious crawl space problems. There was so much water seeping into the crawl that he used to joke about living over an underground river. This all changed once he saw a crawl space system installed by Tar Heel Basement Systems in another home. He knew he needed a similar system in his house, so he contacted the crawl space experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems. The experts came in, inspected the place, and recommended a crawl space drainage system, a sump pump, and a full crawl space encapsulation system, conditioned with a powerful dehumidifier. The crew performing the installation was clean, courteous and punctual, leaving Frank’s home with a clean, healthy, dry and mold free crawl space. Vented, dirt crawl spaces in North Carolina are a housing nightmare waiting to happen. They are a huge source of energy loss, making your home uncomfortable and hard to cool and heat. They also harbor odors and pollutants that will eventually enter your living space, triggering allergies and ruining your indoor air quality. The moisture in the crawl space attracts pests and promotes mold growth, both of which can lead to serious structural damage and health issues if left untreated. If your home sits on a crawl space, trust Tar Heel Basement Systems to permanently fix and control moisture problems. Visit our website and call us today for a Free Estimate!

Frank H. of Winston-Salem, NC