William, I had to again thank you for my crawl space work. I have just spent 9 days in the hospital–chronic lung disease from TB as a young woman—and my neighbor had turned on the heat for me. I came home to a blustery, cold Beech, and a toasty home—at 68 degrees, before, it would have to be set at 72. But most wondrous of all, the evening shower in the master bath was, well, I nearly cried with gratitude. For the FIRST TIME in the 10 years since we built this home, the MB was WARM! The floor was warm; the surrounding air was warm; it was not a teeth chattering, unpleasant experience. All this is from the crawl space being sealed. May God reward you for the work you do so well. It has changed the quality of my life for good, and for the first time in 10 years, I am looking FORWARD to using the master bath this winter. Who knew that such a procedure would change lives! Thank you and your wonderful team, Louis Jesus and Gabriel, for helping to make my life so much better. With gratitude, Gladys L.

Gladys L. of Beech Mountain, NC