John R. of Lexington, NC, found that his home’s foundation was so badly damaged that the whole house was practically standing on a single column. The home was so structurally unsafe that John was afraid of crawling under the house to assess the situation, and general contractors he called to help him refused to touch it. After making numerous calls, only one other company accepted the challenge, but charged a hefty price for the solution, which was way over what John could afford. Desperate for help, he began researching for alternatives to save his home’s foundation and finally found Tar Heel Basement Systems, learning about all the unique, exclusive technologies offered by the company to permanently and affordably fix all types of structural problems, including the one in his home. Upon inspection, the company decided to use helical piers to stabilize and lift the entire structure to its original position and then rebuild the foundation. Under the supervision of an on-site engineer, the helical piers were installed and John’s house now is 100% back on solid ground. John is very happy with the results, very impressed with the quality of the materials and with the technology employed, and is confident that his home foundation is now so well supported and so safe, he will never again have to worry about it.

John R. of Lexington, NC