I have a home in the North Carolina mountains that was literally rotting away from the underside to the point where I had to hire a contractor to remove the old floor system and build a new floor system. Coincidentally, I discovered Tarheel Basement Systems and their patented CrawlSeal™ crawlspace encapsulation system.  As it turns out, it was run by a fellow UNC grad, Pete Burgess, who promptly met me at my house, thoroughly assessed the situation and proposed a solution to prevent mold, moisture, odors and rot from ever happening again in my crawlspace.  Without question, this is the smartest decision I made with respect to the renovation of this house.  My hardwood floors are stable and flat (no cupping), the musty odors are gone, my heating bills are lower, even the spider population has virtually disappeared. I was so pleased with the results that I had another one of my homes encapsulated with the CrawlSeal™ System and one of my employees had the same work done to his house. He is equally pleased with the results. I can’t understand why any homeowner with a vented dirt crawlspace would not have Pete and his crew install their CrawlSeal™ system.  It is money well spent.  Thanks. Respectfully, John T.

John T. of Winston Salem, NC