The basement in Mark M.’s Burlington, NC home had more problems than the typical wet basement. On top of the efflorescence stains – a clear sign of water seepage and poor foundation drainage – the walls of the basement were beginning to bow due to the enormous pressure exerted on them by the movement of the soil around the foundation -which would expand when over-saturated with water. Mark feared that these walls would eventually cave in, compromising his home’s structural integrity. After researching solutions and having a few area contractors inspect the property, he felt that Tar Heel Basement Systems was the only company proposing a solution that made sense for his home.  During the inspection process, he asked many questions and the system design specialist was able to answer each one of them, in a way that made Mark feel confident hiring Tar Heel for the project. While very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of our system design specialist, he was even more impressed with the crew that performed the actual installation. Not only were they clean, professional and courteous, they were also all extremely knowledgeable. “The thing that amazed me the most was (…) if you just stood there and watched them – and I did – I couldn’t figure out for a long time which one of these people was responsible and in charge of this operation because they just worked as a team!”  — explains Mark. He is very happy with the results. He will never have to worry about basement leaks, and the walls are stable again. “I was more impressed with the character of the people, of the installers, and their knowledge and their work ethics. It was amazing, absolutely amazing!”

Mark M. of Burlington, NC