I am very satisfied with the work that was done on my basement on May 26-28, 2014. The work was performed exactly as Danny Harrell explained to me on his first visit. He came back a week before the job was to start to be sure the area involved was cleared out and adequate space to perform the work. He told me they would be here on the 26th about 8:30 and they were. I spent 45 years supervising and managing people in the installation and construction arena. I know what an effort it is to get the job right the first time. I am delighted that the work the crew did met the mark. What really amazed me was the way Josh Watson, William Reese and Jason Green performed their work. It was evident from the moment they got out of the truck that they knew exactly what to do. No one was giving orders, they simply got on with the work. I also helped with our local high school football team. The most important things we tried to get the players to understand and do were to be on a team and play with teamwork. During 12 years the team won 112 games, lost 5 and won 3 state championships. The team that showed up here reminded me so much of those teams of that era. They knew the task, they knew the plays up one side and down the other, but their teamwork was championship quality from the moment they got here until they finished the job. They are real team players and, in my opinion, real champions in what they do and the way they work together. I just know they perform the same way on every job they do. I hope you recognize them for their character and performance because my experience tells me they are a real contribution and asset to Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Mark M. of Burlington, NC