Mary F. from Summerfield, NC first heard of Tar Heel Basement Systems while searching the internet for solutions to fix the floor above her crawl space. The brick pillars holding the beams that support the floor structure had settled considerably overtime, causing the floor to sag. Mary was impressed with Tar Heel Basement Systems website, which unlike the websites from other local companies,  contained a comprehensive amount of information concerning crawl space problems and solutions. That was enough to make her feel confident about calling the company for an estimate. The system design specialist that came to inspect her home was very knowledgeable and able to answer all her questions. Upon inspection he found out that not only the floors were sagging but mold was present, and the crawl space had been harboring local wildlife including rodents and snakes. He custom designed a solution that would restore the structural integrity of the crawl space, keep moisture under control and wildlife out of her crawl space. The complete system when installed would make it more energy efficient through better insulation, get rid of all the mold and prevent it from ever coming back. The crew that performed the installation was very professional, very respectful and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. She is very happy with her now clean and mold-free crawl space that will not only allow her to leave more comfortably in her home, but it is a great asset to her home when it comes the time to sell, because with the Lifetime Transferable Warranty provided by Tar Heel, the new homeowner won’t need to worry about the crawl space.

Mary F. of Summerfield, NC