The garage floor in Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S.’s Graham, NC home had sunken seven inches in one corner, which caused it to crack as well. After doing some research on concrete lifting alternatives, they decided to call Tar Heel Basement Systems and take a good look at the exclusive PolyRenewal™ Concrete Lifting and Leveling System offered by the company.They were very impressed with both the company and the product right from the start. The system design specialist that inspected their garage was very thorough, very knowledgeable, and explained exactly what the problem was, how PolyRenewal could be used to fix, and what to expect. They were particularly impressed with the fact that with PolyRenewal there would be virtually no downtime. Only minutes after the application the garage would be ready to use.The application process was quick and clean. The structural-grade polymer foam was injected under the slab through a dime-size hole and quickly lifted the slab back to its original position.They were very happy with the technician that was overseeing the project. “It was perfectly leveled, exactly how we wanted it!” says Jerry.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. of Graham, NC