Rarely does one find gentlemen, specialists, dedicated artisans and just down right friendly folks in the same crew. They were a pleasure to have in my home. These guys are truly remarkable in the way they focus and attend to business. They are also remarkable in the respect and cooperation they have for each other. You have very rare qualities and I commend you all for them. The brothers Schoenfield and their friend Edward were the first part of the I met. Josh explained everything I had questions about in a friendly businesslike manner, and he mostly did this while never missing a beat in the task he was performing. Remarkable! Quiet Orville just silently works on and on. They were all focused and on task 99% of the time they were here. I never even saw them take an hour off for lunch. Two or three nights they were still working at 7:30. Next part of the crew was Adam and Herman. More hard driving perfectionists (Adam even sings while he works; nicely too, I might add). Adam works like a man with a mission. He is a perfectionist, and intelligent and friendly. Herman needs to be commended also for being steady and reliable, along with his obvious expertise,If these hard working guys did not finish “on time” perhaps someone miscalculated the amount of work that was to be done. Because not one of them wasted one minute of time on this job. All in all I could not have had a greater bunch of workers and would recommend any one or all of them to my colleagues and friends,

Patricia B. of Duffield, VA