Tar Heel Basement Systems (THBS) has been a tremendous help in solving both my crawl space and dry basement issues. My father’s house had your usual dirty, junky (two old worn out water heaters, and an old unused water pump) crawl space with mold on the floor joists. THBS responded quickly to inspect the crawl space and made reasonable and practical suggestions to solve the problems. The work was scheduled. The work was done and what was once a place you dreaded to enter is now cleared and looks actually clean, just as depicted in THBS literature. The dry basement problem was just that. In my house with a full underground basement after twenty-six years water seepage was beginning to be a problem and with that a developing mold problem. Since I was impressed with the work done at my father’s house I called THBS to help me with my house. I experienced the same professional, prompt, courteous service as before. It is obvious by this letter that I recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems in helping solve either crawl space or dry basement problems. In both cases the installation crews knew what they were doing and accomplished the work in a professional and timely manner. Equally important the crews left both houses better and cleaner after the work than before.

Richard W. of Pfafftown, NC