I just wanted to express my profound gratitude to a company that went above and beyond what is “normal” customer service. In the summer of 2012 Tar Heel Basement Systems installed their CrawlSeal™ product underneath my garage crawlspace. The job, the service and the product performed above what I had expected. I was extremely satisfied with the look of my crawlspace, and immediately noticed a big difference in the humidity level and the musty smell. My crawlspace is approximately 2000 sq. feet of space with 24 ft. ceiling. After leaving the house for the winter and the long rainy season we had experienced in the mountains of North Carolina, I returned to the home at the end of May. When I opened the door to my crawlspace I was shocked at the amount of water that had accumulated in the space from the humidity build up. The walls and ceiling were literally dripping with water. I had removed approximately 20 buckets of water before I gave up. At approximately 2PM that day I called the Tar Heel Basement Systems office and told them what I had discovered. I’m sure I sounded desperate. At 6PM that same evening a company representative, Herman, arrived and saw the condition the crawlspace was in. He advised me of the problem and suggested a dehumidifier. After consulting with him, he told me that they were booked for the next couple of weeks, but seeing the condition the crawlspace was in and knowing that I had to leave town within a couple of days, Herman promised that he would be back the following day to install the Tar Heel dehumidifier.  Sure as his word, he was back the next evening and installed the machine. Within 24 hours I noticed a tremendous difference with the dampness and 48 hours after the machine was installed the crawlspace was 99% dry. I was surprised at how quickly the dehumidifier worked. I was more surprised and extremely grateful at how the company treated me and how efficient, respectful and professional every representative I had come in contact with responded to my call. I can’t express how much I appreciate their help, especially Herman’s assistance. I come from a large city and I have never experienced the customer service that I received from Tar Heel Basement Systems. I can honestly and truly recommend this company. Without any hesitation, if you are in need of their type of services, hire them. You will not be disappointed!

Rick N. of Boone, NC