Robert learned about Tar Heel basement systems through another contractor who was working on their home. When they complained about the fact that their home was very cold during the winter time, the contractor suggested that they called Tar Heel Basement Systems to have the crawl space sealed and insulated. Tar Heel Basement Systems came to inspect the place and noticed that not only there was a lot of air from the crawl space leaking into the living space, but the air that they were paying to heat was being distributed through uninsulated flexible ducts that run through the crawl space. Thus, a lot of that heat was being lost in the crawl space, before it made into the rooms. We installed a full CrawlSeal™ System, which completely sealed the crawl space from the dirt floor and outside air. As a result, his home is much warmer and comfortable, and since the work was completed in May 2011, he has been saving an average of $40 per month in energy bills. That is over $400 a year! He also noticed a decrease in propane bills! He is so satisfied with the results of his CrawlSeal™ Systems, that he has been referring friends and family to us ever since! If your home is too cold in winter time, damp and uncomfortable during summer time, if you have warping or creaking floors, and detect musty smells around the house, or if someone in your family has allergy symptoms that seem to get worse indoors, your crawl space might be the source of all these problems! Let the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems fix it for you! We will inspect if for free, so it will cost you nothing to find how just how much more comfortable and energy efficient your home can be with our crawl space encapsulation system.

Robert 0. of Boone, NC