The sidewalk around the WBFJ Radion Station headquarters, in Winston-Salem, NC was sinking towards the building and water was leaking into the kitchen area of the building.The owner had called other contractor to have the problem solved but was told that the entire sidewalk would have to be replaced — and that was something that he could not afford.Then he heard of Tar Heel Basement Systems. The company was, at the time, working for his next door neighbor. When our PolyRenewal™ Specialist came to the building, the owner was very impressed with the presentation and with the product itself.”It almost made me want to become a salesperson for you,” he says. ” I like science, I like to see how things work, and some of this was just amazing. This PolyRenewal that you did here, this is just amazing!”

WBFJ Radio Station of Winston-Salem, NC