Basement, Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in NC: Tar Heel Basement Systems – About Us

Meet Pete Burgess, owner of Tar Heel Basement Systems.

In this video Pete talks about his company, and the amazing journey that took his company from its humbles beginnings as a small, home based business to one of North Carolina’s most trusted provider of crawl space, basement and foundation waterproofing and repair services.

Pete moved from Chicago to North Carolina at the age of 50 to retire and relax. A few months later, “bored out of his mind” according to him, Pete decided to start working again and was hired by a local builder, from whom he learned much of his trade. One day he read an article in Fine Home Building Magazine about crawl space encapsulation and thought the approach of sealing a crawl space to protect it from mold, moisture and decay, made complete sense. He then had the crawl space of his own home encapsulated, and he liked the results so much that he decided to go into business, selling and advocating the practice throughout the state.

The business boomed and today Tar Heel Basement Systems is a large, successful operation, that is constantly growing and hiring and has since then branched out to provide basement waterproofing, foundation structural repair, and more recently, concrete lifiting and leveling with PolyRenewal™.