Battery-operated Backup Sump Pump to Keep Basement Dry During Power Outage | Customer Testimonial

Scott H. from Boone already had a positive experience with Tar Heel Basement Systems. Several months ago, they had installed a full perimeter drainage system and a powerful SafeDri super sump pump system in his basement to keep it from flooding.

This system worked as promised, keeping his basement dry, but this savvy homeowner had a thought. He considered heavy storms, during which he heard his sump pump turn on way too often, and wondered what would happen to his basement if the power went out.

He quickly came to the conclusion that he needed a second layer of protection in case of a power outage, so he called Tar Heel again. Herman, one of our experienced system design specialists, suggested the SafeDri Battery Backup System. The SafeDri is a battery operated sump pump like no other in the industry. Unlike store bought backup pumps that run on Marine batteries, the SafeDri runs on a long-lasting battery, specifically designed to withstand long periods of being unused so that you can trust it will work when you need it.

Like many other satisfied Tar Heel Basement Systems customers, Scott now enJoys the peace of mind of knowing that his basement will stay dry even if the power goes out, no matter how heavy the rain.