Creating a Healthy Crawl Space Environment at a Lenoir, NC Home

Pat P. knew she needed to do something to fix the crawl space in her Lenoir home. It had standing water, and so much moisture that the fiberglass insulation installed between the floor Joists was soak and wet, moldy and falling off.

She asked a contractor who was doing some other work in her house to take a look at the problem, but he was quick to tell her that of Tar Heel Basement Systems was the company to call because they would do a much better Job.

Pat was not unfamiliar with the company. She works at Habitat for Humanity, and Tar Heel Basement Systems is the company working with basements and crawl spaces for that organization in this area.

Tar Heel completely changed the way the crawl space looks and feels. After cleaning up and correcting drainage issues with a perimeter drain and a powerful sump pump system, the vents were sealed and entire space was lined with the CrawlSeal vapor barrier, to isolate it from ground water and the moisture that would otherwise get into the space through the vents.
A dehumidifier was used to monitor and control humidity, so mold will never come back.

Pat is very happy with the results. The contractor who referred her to Tar Hell told her that the crawl space is so clean he could sleep in there.
“It does look great!” says Pat. “If there were other people that needed to do the same thing that I’ve done I would be glad to recommend Tar Heel Basement Systems to them. I just feel that it is a hard working company and I feel like they do a quality Job.”