Problem Crawl Spaces in NC: What is under your home?

In North Carolina, many homes are built over a dirt-floored and vented crawl space. That type of foundation is extremely prone to moisture and mold issues.

The relative humidity is a typical crawl space often reaches levels above 60% making it a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
The warm, humid environment can also invite rodents, termites, dust mites, and become a refuge for strays and wildlife.

Left untreated, a filthy crawl space will have a negative impact on your home’s value, its structural integrity. indoor air quality and energy bills.

Tar Heel offers a full line of patented products specifically designed to solve all types of problems in crawl spaces. From mold, musty smells and humidity, to dry rot and sagging floor joists.

We help you make your crawl space cleaner, and your entire home healthier and more energy efficient.