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I really appreciate Pete and Sydney’s followup.  I work in customer service and they both were great in fixing my … Read Full TestimonialWebb A. of Boone, NC »
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Testimonials From Boone, NC
Robert learned about Tar Heel basement systems through another contractor who was working on their home. When they complained about … Read Full TestimonialRobert 0. of Boone, NC »
Robert 0. of Boone, NC
Scott H. from Boone, NC already had a positive experience with Tar Heel Basement Systems. Several months ago, they had … Read Full TestimonialScott H. of Boone, NC »
Scott H. of Boone, NC
I felt the consultation was very good and no one tried to sell me anything I didn’t need.  The crew … Read Full TestimonialDebra G. of Boone, NC »
Debra G. of Boone, NC
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  • Dan
    Boone, NC 28607
    "Everything about the job from the quote and summary details to the final bill was…"
  • Boone, NC 28607
    "everyone was very professional and courteous."

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Boone, North Carolina

Water in the basement or crawl space leads to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues. It also leads to a reoccurring headache for you. Luckily, our trained experts are available to permanently fix the problem.

We will properly install a hidden drainage system in your Boone basement and completely encapsulate your crawl space with CrawlSeal vapor barrier. We are here to solve the problem for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement
  • Basement, Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Structural & Foundation Repair in Boone

Foundation problems destroy your Boone home’s value and can be dangerous. Our team of structural and geotechnical engineers is here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

We Fix

  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs
We Use

  • Wall Anchors
  • Slab Piers
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Helical Deck Piers
  • Sticking Windows
  • Underpinning

PolyRenewal™ Concrete Leveling & Lifting

The sunken and cracked concrete around your Boone home is both an eyesore and a safety hazard. It is also likely to get worse, but we can fix it for you.

Our experts use PolyRenewal, a superior polyurethane foam. Small holes are drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected and the expanding foam lifts the concrete. The majority of contractors you will call use mudjacking instead of foam. Mudjacking is heavier, require larger holes in the concrete and does not last as long as PolyRenewal. Call us today to learn more.

We Fix

  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Patios
  • Sinking Sidewalks

  • Uneven Concrete
  • Sunken Pool Decks
  • Highway & Commercial Issues
Job Stories From Boone, NC
Boone, NC - Complete Crawl Space Transformation
The crawl space in this Boone, NC home was damp, dark and costing the homeowner's a lot of money to help keep their home insulated during the winter months. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to create an energy efficient crawl space using, CrawlSeal 20mil. liner, X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels and an Aprilaire Dehumidifier. The crawl space is now completely winterized and humidity levels low making it an energy efficient area through all seasons.
Boone, NC - Doctors Office Crawl Space
This crawl space under a doctor’s office in Boone, NC was in need of a crawl space fix. Water was coming in through the cinder block foundation and under the multiple crawl space doors. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed CrawlDrain around the perimeter walls, 3 SafeDri sump pumps, CrawlSeal 20 mil. liner, 5 Tar Heel dehumidifiers and 2 crawl space doors that completely sealed the crawl space away from the outside. Now, this commercial crawl space is dry and healthy.
Boone, NC - Driveway Lift with PolyRenewal
The driveway at this Boone, NC home had settled over (2) two inches at the entryway to the garage, causing a huge burden when walking in and out of the garage area. Tar Heel Basement Systems completely lifted the sunken driveway back to the original height by using high-density, lightweight foam called PolyRenewal. This homeowner is excited to have the driveway level again!
Boone, NC - Home Stabilized Using Push Piers

The stunning cabin in Boone, NC had begun to settle. Visible cracks on the exterior and interior of the basement walls were signs that the home was beginning to lose its stabilization. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the home using Push Piers on the exterior and interior of the home. The Push Pier System stabilizes the home by hydraulically pushing the system into the ground until the piers reach stabilized soil. The weight of the home is then transferred onto the system. The cabin is now stabilized permanently thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems. 

Boone, NC- Basement Becomes Waterproofed Before Big Storm Hits
After the rainstorms would hit the High Country area, the Boone, NC homeowners would experience water seeping into their basement, creating a mess of puddles. Noticing the basement was constantly damp even during nice weather, a professional was needed to assess their concerns. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the BasementGutter Drainage System around the basement perimeter, connecting the system to the SafeDri Triple Sump Pump. The entire system provides a safe and discreet solution by removing water away from the home. The homeowners were relieved about getting their basement waterproofed just in time before the spring rainstorms hit. The worry of waking up to a flooded basement is now a thing of the past!
Boone, NC- Cracked Basement Wall Becomes Stabilized

Within the past five years, this basement wall in Boone, NC starting cracking which turned into the wall bowing inward. Noticing the problem was becoming harder to ignore, calling in a professional was the homeowner’s only option. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems provided the homeowner’s with peace of mind and immediately stabilized the basement walls by installing the Geo-Lock Channel Anchor System. Their property value was restored as the system provided their home with a permanent solution. 

Work Requests From Boone, NC
in Boone
I'm checking into this for my mother. She has a basement in her house and when it rains heavily, water gets in. It seems to be getting worse. We'd like an estimate on what it would take to get this fixed so she doesn't have to keep sweeping water out of the basement.
Almost Heaven in Boone
Earth crawl space that is transferring moisture into the living space above and condensing on the vaulted ceilings.
Applachian Street in Boone
Customer would like estimate for installing a sump-pump in basement , has moisture issues. Appointment set
Broadstone Rd in Boone
Will, Have you came up with a solution for our Radon concerns? Thanks, Mike
Chase Hill Drive in Boone
I need an estimate to encapsulate the crawlspace under the main section of my house.
Cherry Dr. in Boone
Leaks in basement windows and walls/foundation
Church Hollow Rd in Boone
High humidity during summer.
Deck Hill Rd in Boone
Leak in basement. customer knew of office. appointment set.
Deer Crest Lane in Boone
I would like to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and take a look at our crawl space and potential water issues.
Deerfield Estates Rd. in Boone
We want to get our dirt crawl space fixed.
Deerfield Estates Road in Boone
Basement and crawlspace are musty and we are concerned about mold growth and the smell that filters upstairs in our living space.
Deerfield Forest Parkway in Boone
Caller has appointment for annual inspection and needs to reschedule. Appointment set. Phone number taken from caller ID.
Doe Ridge Road in Boone
Crawlspace needs insulation and repair. Possible underhome heat needed.
Doug J. Boone, NC
Caller left a voicemail. Has a crack in foundation slab. A wet carpet in finished basement. Water must be coming up through the slab. Provided contact information.
Edgewood Drive in Boone
Partial basement and crawl space that needs a lot of work.
Elk Knob Dr in Boone
I have been having an increasing amount of musty smells and when under my house (a doublewide home) and noted that the back wall of the paper holding up the insulation has fallen and the insulation is falling.
Fallview Lane in Boone
Need quote on repair of waterproofing for leaking basementwall.
Hardin Road in Boone
Would like to get a quote for someone to help us with our crawl space. Would prefer to describe it over the phone. Thanks!
Heritage Ridge Rd in Boone
Crawl space encapsulation.
HIckory in Boone
Holiday Hills Road in Boone
200 s.f. standup basement area with moisture problem. Need to be able to access regularly for storage.
Holloway Mountain Rd in Boone
Customer is requesting an estimate on crawl space, moisture issues and water. Referred by friend Jeannie Harmon. Appointment set.
Honeysuckle Lane in Boone
I have a crawl space that has vinyl on the ground but it still is musty. I would like to get an estimate for a proper liner and a dehumidifier. Thanks.
Hopewell Church Road in Boone
Moisture in corners of finished basement. Back of house is entirely below grade. Need to pursue solution to stop water seepage from inside or outside.
Jenny Ln in Boone
We're selling our house, and the radon test came back at 6.4, so we need to install a radon mitigation system. Looking to get an estimate on the work.
Jonathan Way in Boone
Crawl space has white mold
Junaluska Dr in Boone
Control moisture in my crawl space
Junaluska Road in Boone
Need isolation replaced and cure for dampness
Keystone Dr in Boone
Crawl space moisture control
Little Laurel Rd. Extension in Boone
Hi - if you can do an inspection in Boone, NC - I'd like to schedule an inspection and get an estimate for flooring a basement space. My landlord, recently purchased a home and I'm renting the upstairs area. We are interested in a floating floor for the downstairs basement unit and I'm in charge of the research for this project. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Kris
Lynhill Lane in Boone
Mold under the house causing furniture in rooms to become molded
Market Hills Drive in Boone
Requesting estimate on foundation repair on garage. Vertical crack has caused part of foundation to separate. Referred from Cliff Baldwin. contractor Appointment set
Nestle Rd in Boone
Just purchased a home in Boone that has some moisture and foundation issues that need to be addressed in the crawl space. Also, I have a retaining wall at the creek that I'd like to see if you all can repair. I can provide a copy of the home inspection report detailing the crawl space moisture and foundation issues.
New River Heights Rd in Boone
New River Heights Road in Boone
There is water on the floor of the basement in one small area. I am selling the house, and people coming to see it have mentioned the water.
Oakley Green in Boone
Looking for estimate on crawlspace. Moisture concern. Referred by billboards. Appointment set.
Old Fairway Drive in Boone
Water seeping through the floor.
Old Twincey Road in Boone
Customer would like estimate for crawlspace that is damp , just purchased a small cabin. Appointment set Referred By: Realtor
Orchard St in Boone
Hi. I am intersted in getting a quote on waterproofing my basement. You all did some work last year when I bought the house, and I appreciated the professionalism. Thank you, Stephen
Paris Rd in Boone
Damp Crawl space. musty house
Pinnacle Dr in Boone
Basement mold, suspect I need external wall waterproofing. need professional advice
River Point Lane in Boone
Requesting an estimate to install a dehumidifier. Referred by Steve Smith Bad connection . Call disconnected
Rocky Mountain Road in Boone
Looking for estimate on crawl space mold remediation, waterproofing. Appointment set.
Russ Cornett Rd in Boone
2 walls in my basement leak a points through the cinder block as well as up through 2 seams in the basement floor during periods of very heavy rains. I am looking to get a quote on fixing the leaks so that I can finish in the basement.
Seven Oaks Road in Boone
Water in basement den, garage.
Skylar Ln in Boone
Water intrusion in masonry basement shallow crawlspace in other area, and poor ground tarping A lot of moisture in the crawlspace
So Hock in Boone
Basement Need repair
Sunset Mtn Rd in Boone
We have a vented crawlspace that i think needs to be sealed...can you give me an estimate? thanks. whitney
Tanglewood Dr. in Boone
I would like a quote on radon mitigation in my home. I have an unfinished basement.
Tracy D. Boone, NC
Estimate for mold growing in the finished basement Phone number taken from caller ID. Call was disconnected/dropped during set up of appointment