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Crawl Space Repair & Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem


Crawl Space Repair, Encapsulation, and Basement Waterproofing in Winston-Salem, NC

Due to the kind of soil found in cities like Winston-Salem, basements and crawl spaces experience frequent problems with flooding. The topsoil may be well-drained, but the subsoil retains water long after getting saturated. This soil, mixed with the high annual precipitation, creates a nightmare situation for the homeowners in the Triad Area. Basements and crawl spaces exist partially underground, so moisture and water find an easy entrance into your home if nothing’s stopping it.

Your home’s sub-level probably sees a lot of flooding from June to November, which is when hurricanes run rampant and the rain never stops falling. Luckily for you, THBS has the solution. Any water that enters the space can be drained out and away from the foundation with drainage systems and a powerful sump pump. A vapor barrier is essential to deter water vapor from permeating through the walls and increasing the humidity levels as well as a dehumidifier. Last but not least, insulation panels can help control the air circulation and keep the crawl space air from overtaxing your AC and HVAC.

Basement Gutter Installation with Level

Winston-Salem, NC Foundation Repair

Crew installing pier system

The most important part of your home is the area you can’t see. Your foundation holds up the entirety of your house and is designed to keep it stable at all times. If it fails, the entire house will begin to show structural damage. Repairing a foundation is more than just making the house look good again. It’s about making sure you and your loved ones live in a steady home.

Foundations settle when the dense soil that’s supposed to hold them up shift and become loose. As terrible as it is to face a settling foundation, the good news is that we’ve got long-lasting repair solutions to put your home back on solid ground. For homeowners in Winston-Salem, we’ve got different support piers that are driven into the ground until they reach load-bearing soil. These piers support the home, even when soil is shifting.

Wall anchors are used to straighten bowed, unstable foundation walls as a result of hydrostatic pressure. If wall anchors aren’t an option because of space, we can install wall braces instead.

Concrete Lifting repair in the Winston-Salem, NC Area

Concrete slabs are an essential part of your property. Your driveway, pool deck, patio, and pathways are made up of slabs. It can be really frustrating to have to watch your step because a slab has settled. Concrete slabs settle because the soil underneath shifts over time.

In the Triad Area, consisting of Winston-Salem, the soil has a lot of clay and expands when exposed to water. It eventually shrinks and loses its volume when the moisture content dries up, leaving the slab without a solid support. It eventually settles against the soil, which now sits lower than before due to the loss in volume.

Polyurethane foam can lift the concrete back into place by being injected under the slab. It’s the easiest, most effective concrete lifting method used to date. It effectively solves the issue the unreliable soil causes by becoming the stable foundation the slab needs in order to stay even.

Polyrenewal injection for concrete lifting

Frequently Asked Questions

About Waterproofing, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in the Triad Area

Crawl spaces are commonly built with vents because it was believed that they would help air out the humidity. As it turns out, vents actually increase the humidity levels of the crawl space because they let in water and humid air from the outside. Due to the stack effect, the humid air that gets in rises into your home instead of going out from the same place it entered—the vent. Construction crews still build crawl spaces with vents simply because it’s tradition and they aren’t interested in implementing waterproofing solutions. If you have a crawl space with a vent, you need to get a vent cover.

Vent covers are pieces of durable plastic that go over the crawl space vent to cover it up. They are custom-fitted to create an air-tight seal that ensures no water ever makes its way into the crawl space via the vent. Installing vent covers won’t take care of all your crawl space problems. Moisture can still permeates through if there is no vapor barrier in place. Still, they stop the circulation of air to and from your crawl space, which improves the energy efficiency in your home and lowers your electricity bills.

If you’re worried about covering your vent in case you or a contractor needs it to access the crawl space, fear not. The vent cover we use at Tar Heel Basement System, LumaBright™, is completely removable once the installation is done. LumaBright™ is made of a thick plastic that never rusts and lasts for more than 20 years, an excellent choice if you want the best for your home.

Many homeowners believe sagging floors is caused by an issue with the wood. Because of this, many believe they can fix the problem themselves simply by replacing the wood. Sagging floors are almost never caused by complications with the floorboards. Most of the time, sagging floors are either caused by wood rot or foundation settling. Both these causes implicate serious foundation problems which should be dealt with by foundation experts, not by the homeowner.

When the wood in your crawl space is rotting, it no longer has the ability to hold up the floor, which is what leads to the sagging. Wood rot, and anything that involves mold, is dangerous and contact can trigger intense allergic reactions. Even if you replace the wood, you still need to address the elephant in the crawl space: The humidity. The wood was rotting for a reason and replacing it without taking care of the dampness means you’ll be back to square one in no time. Properly waterproofing a crawl space is not as easy as getting rid of rotten wood, so it’s not something you can DIY even if you wanted to.

Foundation settling is another problem that requires professional solutions. When a foundation is settling, the house becomes lopsided from the bottom up. The foundation almost always settles unevenly, and it begins to break off from the rest of the house. This, of course, affects the floors. To truly fix this problem would mean to repair the foundation using some sort of foundation support pier, which are only available to experts.

Whether it’s high humidity or unstable basement walls, the clay soil around your property is the cause of a lot of issues. When repairing something, especially if it’s related to home improvement, it’s always important to tackle the source of the issue. So, if clay soils are causing so much trouble around your home, could it be replaced with a soil that has less clay in it? The truth is, no matter what kind of soil you have around your foundation, there will always be some issue with it. No matter how many years of perfecting certain building techniques and inventing useful tools that makes construction easier, humans cannot control the way the elements react to one another.

Soils with less clay in them are lot more granular; they do not compact as well as clay soils do and tend to shift around a lot easier because of it. Soil that shifts easily does not always make for good foundation soil, especially in the Piedmont Triad area. North Carolina is a very rainy state, so the soil would wash away eventually due to the floods and rainfall. Not to mention, the Triad Area is right in between the New Madrid Seismic Zone and the East Tennessee Seismic Zone. The earthquakes from these two regions do ripple through towards cities like Greensboro and Winston-Salem and affect the soil.

Replacing the soil around your foundation would mean having to lift your home, dig a deep hole, replace the soil, and rebuild the foundation. Not only would this be incredibly expensive, it would also be incredibly unnecessary. Even if you wanted different soil just to have better yard drainage, there are better steps you can take. A simpler, more effect solution would be to waterproof the foundation and repair it when needed.

Your backyard pool should be an area of the home where you go to relax and forget about your problems. It’s a little difficult to do that, however, if you have to constantly watch where you’re going due to uneven concrete. Uneven pool deck concrete is a lot more common than you think and it has nothing to do with the way you care for your property. Uneven concrete slabs in pool decks are the result of the clay bowl effect, which cannot be avoided because of how pools are constructed.

When a pool is being constructed, a hole is dug out the size the pool will be. Once the pool is constructed, the gap between the hole and the pool is filled with soil. In order for soil to be stable, it needs to be compacted. The soil that is used as backfill for the pool, however, is loose, porous, and has many gaps all around. The concrete slabs around the pool rest on top of unstable soil that shrinks, expands, and shifts over the years, which is what causes the settling.

Soil displacement is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any lasting solutions. The settled slab can be lifted back into place using PolyRenewal™. Holes are drilled into the slab and polyurethane foam is injected until there is enough to lift the slab. The foam is dense enough to hold up the slab and, unlike the soil, it does not shift, so the reliability of the material makes it the best concrete lifting solution. After PolyRenewal™, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool deck like you were always meant to.

If you’ve noticed any kind of structural damage on your basement walls, you should act quickly. All concrete walls crack eventually, but any significant cracks and bowing should be looked into because they are a sign of foundation settling. Because basements are built partially underground, they are always surrounded by soil that is saturated with water. Cracked, bowing walls make it easier for water and water vapor to seep through to your basement and increase the humidity levels. Once a basement becomes humid, a whole slew of other issues arise.

If your basement walls are bowing inward, you should not try to repair them yourself. You may think you’re saving money, but by not taking lasting solutions, you risk having to spend money on the problem multiple times. DIY solutions for foundation repair focus on fixing cosmetic issues but completely ignore the actual problem. Sealing the cracks and bracing it with wood won’t stop the hydrostatic pressure from breaking the wall even more, the underlying issue needs to be addressed first. Call the foundation repair experts at THBS for a permanent solution.

A bowing wall needs to be braced using a reliable stabilizing system. Our IntelliBrace™ system is composed of heavy-duty galvanized steel braces that are secured to the basement’s floor. The installation can only be done by our experts, but you can adjust them over time to strengthen the structural integrity of the wall and permanently solve your bowing wall issue. No matter how much water accumulates outside of the foundation wall, the braces will not budge, and they will protect your foundation for as long as they’re in place.

The freeze-thaw effect refers to the cycle of water freezing and thawing. The reason this is relevant to homeowners is because it has a major effect of the concrete around your property as well as your foundation. When water freezes, it expands by about 9%. As it expands, it displaces the particles of any material that it lies in. This means that any concrete, wood, or soil that is saturated with water will tear open as the water freezes and expands.

When thinking of the freeze-thaw effect, many homeowners in the southeastern United States think significant freeze-thaw damage only happens in colder climates. After all, part of the reason so many houses in North Carolina are built on slab foundations is because the ground floor rarely ever needs protection from freeze damage. However, if you live in the Piedmont Triad including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point, you should still take this cycle seriously. Even if winters in this region are milder than other parts of the United States, the temperature still falls below zero over 50 nights per year. The damage may not occur as quickly as in other states, but the dangers are still there.

When you have a foundation that isn’t waterproof, the water that gets in there will freeze during the winter and cause structural damage. Your concrete will crack as the ice tears through it, which will only lead to water leaking problems when it’s hurricane season. The freeze-thaw effect also tears open your pipes, which will cost you hundreds if not thousands in repair. To avoid this problem, you should waterproof your foundation in order to deter water from flowing in and you should get new insulation to keep the area warm.

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