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Sagging Floors

Sagging floors go beyond cosmetic issues; they’re often symptomatic of deeper problems originating in unseen areas, such as your crawl space. When your home starts to feel the impact of issues like moisture invasion or pest disturbances below, it’s a signal to act promptly. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems specializes in identifying and solving these structural issues. Our SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are designed to provide a sturdy and long-lasting solution, helping restore the integrity of your home’s foundation and floors through crawl space repair

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the causes and signs of sagging floors, emphasize the importance of addressing them, and showcase how Tar Heel Basement Systems can support you in protecting your home. 

Understanding Sagging Floors 

Sagging floors manifest as noticeable dips or declines in the flooring, often becoming apparent through a springy sensation underfoot, indicating a compromised support structure beneath. 

This sagging can lead to various problems, including increased noise, potential tripping hazards, unstable furniture, and a general decline in your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

Keep an eye out for these additional warning signs: 

In severe cases, floors may even become detached from the supporting walls or beams. Such significant structural concerns are not to be ignored and require prompt professional intervention to prevent further deterioration. 

What Causes Sagging Floors? 

Multiple factors can contribute to the problem of sagging floors, including: 

  • Moisture: Excess moisture in crawl spaces causes wood to swell and decay, leading to structural weakening. 
  • Pests: Termites and other wood-damaging insects can severely undermine floor stability. 
  • Floor Joist Spacing: Joists spaced too far apart will inadequately support the flooring above. 
  • Installation Errors: Mistakes in the installation process can result in sagging over time. 
  • Foundation Shifts: Foundation shifting or settling beneath the floor joists can cause misalignment. 
  • Age-Related Wear: Age and degradation of floor components over the years can contribute to floor issues. 

Promptly identifying and addressing the core issues with the help of professionals like Tar Heel Basement Systems is key to an effective and lasting repair. 

Can You Fix Sagging Floors? 

Certainly, sagging floors can be corrected with the right expertise and materials. Relying on temporary DIY fixes or superficial adjustments often falls short of a true resolution and can be dangerous without the proper experience or equipment. 

A comprehensive, long-term solution is necessary to ensure the repairs stand the test of time. Tar Heel Basement Systems offers expertly crafted solutions designed to provide enduring stability to your home’s foundation and floors. 

How We Fix Sagging Floors 

Our methodical approach includes: 

  • In-depth professional assessment of your crawl space. 
  • Diagnostic expertise to identify and tackle the root cause of floor sagging. 

The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks provided by Tar Heel Basement Systems are engineered for strength, supporting over 24,000 lbs. each, surpassing industry benchmarks for structural support. Unlike basic support options available at retail stores, our jacks are part of a comprehensive approach, focusing on foundational stability for enduring results. 

The Importance of Addressing Sagging Floors Promptly 

Ignoring sagging floors is never advisable due to several critical considerations: 

  • Halting Further Damage: Quick action can stop the progression of structural decline and prevent subsequent complications. 
  • Avoiding Escalated Costs: Delaying repairs often translates to more extensive, costlier interventions later on. 
  • Improve Safety: Timely repairs eliminate risks associated with unstable flooring. 
  • Preserving Property Value: A structurally sound home maintains its value and curb appeal, preserving your investment. 

Taking immediate action can save you from future headaches and help preserve your home’s value. Trust Tar Heel Basement Systems to provide the expertise and solutions needed for peace of mind and a solid foundation. 

Choose Tar Heel Basement Systems for Your Sagging Floor Repairs 

Notice signs of sagging floors in your home? Take prompt action with Tar Heel Basement Systems. We don’t just treat the symptoms; our team provides comprehensive solutions to fully stabilize your floors, using our proprietary IntelliJack™ system for lasting support. 

We’ll also guide you through the repair process every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and receive an estimate for a thorough, effective repair. 


Yes, in many cases, it’s possible to rectify sagging floors with the right reinforcement, like our IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks, without a complete floor overhaul. Our experts will provide a detailed evaluation during a free inspection to advise on the most effective repair strategy. 

The duration of repairs can vary, but our team at Tar Heel Basement Systems works diligently to restore your floors quickly, often within a couple of days. For a personalized timeline, schedule a free inspection and we’ll provide a no-obligation estimate.

Costs will fluctuate based on the extent of damage, the area size requiring repair, and the chosen repair method. We provide comprehensive estimates after a free inspection, complete with financing options to suit your needs.

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