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6 Reasons to Have Your Basement Repaired in the Summer

Hot summer months are ideal for inspecting and repairing damaged basements.

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waterproofing installations during summertime

Spending a hot summer day tending to a humid basement may not be on your bucket list, but the trade-off is worth the sacrifice come winter. Other than making the home cleaner and life comfortable, summer basement repairs boost energy efficiency and create invaluable recreational space.

The big question is, why carry out basement repairs in summer when everyone is having fun in the sun? Read on and you’ll see why summer is the ideal time to give your basement some much-needed TLC.

Easier Inspections

Every basement repair starts with an inspection to uncover the underlying issues affecting the basement. When the soil gets wet or freezes, the contractor won’t be able to perform proper inspections. You may have to put off repairs until the conditions improve. And this could mean one thing — deterioration of basement conditions. Take advantage of the natural light in summer to perform inspections and find out what’s wrong with your basement.

Effective Treatments

Another reason why summer is the best time for basement waterproofing is that higher temperatures allow waterproofing to dry and cure more quickly. Any kind of water infiltration will delay the curing process and make the waterproofing solution less effective. In fact, water invasion may ruin the whole procedure. Summer’s warm and clear weather conditions help speed up the drying process.

Best Working Conditions

Repairing a leaky basement is sometimes a lengthy and daunting task. Timing matters. It’s important to schedule repairs at the right time of the year to avoid any issues. Winter and spring are typically the wettest seasons of the year in Raleigh, NC. During these times, the ground freezes up or becomes too soggy. Such conditions can prevent your basement contractor from waterproofing your basement effectively.

Summer presents the perfect weather for basement waterproofing with less precipitation and higher ambient temperatures. These weather conditions allow contractors to work on both interior and exterior waterproofing more quickly and efficiently without worrying about moisture to the worksite.

Easier Foundation Excavation and Waterproofing

Excavating a frozen foundation or wet soil is counterproductive for many reasons. Frozen grounds are more challenging to dig into, which slows down the waterproofing process. These conditions may also delay some exterior basement waterproofing works like installing foundation piers or crack repair.

Wet and cold conditions could also get in the way of curing and achieving the desired results. Rain causes cracks to leak actively. At Tar Heel Basement Systems, we recommend waterproofing your basement during summer, as the soil is dry due to the heat.

Extended Daylight

Summer provides ample opportunity to have your basement waterproofed in time for the wetter, stormier seasons. Other than the warmer, sunnier weather, summer brings with it more hours of daylight, which enables contractors to work more efficiently. These extra hours of daylight allow workers to stay later in the day. Your project will take a shorter time than someone undertaking basement repair in fall or winter.

Contractor Availability

Most contractors are usually fully booked in fall. This is the time homeowners return from vacation and start getting ready for the holidays. If you get a contractor during the offseason, you might secure a discounted rate and have your project done more quickly than in peak season when they have a long list of home repairs.

Get Your Basement Repaired This Summer!

It is quite clear that poor timing negates the benefits of basement waterproofing. Don’t delay any due repairs. Water seepage, no matter how small, should be tackled quickly to protect your home and for peace of mind.

Tar Heel Basement Systems is a certified basement waterproofing company in Raleigh, NC. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to address your basement leak and protect your home.

Get in touch with us for free basement waterproofing inspection and quote and recommendations that will restore the beauty and glory of your basement.

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