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A Basement Repair Company or a General Contractor?

Not sure whether you should hire a wet basement repair company in Raleigh, NC, or a general contractor? Find out what differentiates them and who to work with.

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One of the critical decisions you’re going to make as a homeowner is to decide who repairs your basement when it’s in bad shape. You can go the route of the local wet basement repair company or work with a general contractor. But is there any difference between these two? What sets one apart from the other? Well, you’ll find answers to these questions and money. Just read on.

Licensing and Insurance

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A lot of repair companies in Raleigh, NC, take out full coverage for repair works. As a result, they can take up any basement repair jobs. Not so with general contractors, who may take out partial or limited coverage for projects. Because of this, they’re not likely to commit to projects that carry a high degree of risk.

Switching to licensing, most basement repair companies are licensed to do various kinds of basement repairs, and that means they have no problem adhering to local, federal, or state building codes. On the other hand, contractors may have local licenses. This limits them to work on projects that are within their locality. Also, they may not be able to obtain building permits.

Scope of the Work

Another area where these two differ is the scope of work or what they can actually do. Contractors tend to handle one-off repairs and small-scale basement jobs that don’t require much skill. Anything complex, time-consuming, or resource-intensive is likely to be taken up by a local basement repair company as they’re well-equipped. When scouting, find out what a company can and can’t do for you.

Project Management

When it comes to basement repair, you’re likely to hire a full-service basement company as they have the personnel and a project manager in most cases. Once you sign a contract, you’ll be assigned someone to oversee your basement project from start to finish. This person will also guide you and advise you. The benefit of this is it will free you up so you can focus on your business or job.

Some contractors can handle big basement projects, but it’s not their nature to do so. They’re likely to send in a handyman or subcontractor to handle the repairs. If they feel the project is too big, they may not commit themselves to work on your basement.


By working with a repair company, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of skilled basement professionals who continually upgrade their skills to match the industry needs. General contractors are not specialists as they work on just about any project that comes their way. That’s why they’re often referred to as jacks of all trades. If you have a serious basement issue that requires an expert, you better go with a basement repair company as they’re more likely to have a person who’s suited to that job.

Who Should I Work With?

Your basement is a key part of your home. We strongly advise you to work with a licensed basement repair company as they’re well-equipped and have skilled personnel at their disposal. Also, they have no problem handling any kind of basement job, be it basement waterproofing or crawl space repairs. That helps give you the reassurance that they’re up to the task.

What to Consider When Hiring a Wet Basement Repair Company

Having looked at what differentiates a contractor from a leaky basement repair company, it’s also prudent for you to know what traits they should have. A good basement professional should be licensed. Anything less than that means you’re entrusting your project to a person who may not be trained or qualified to handle the basement job.

Check what other customers are saying in online reviews and testimonials. Are they happy with the work that was done? Do they recommend the company? If the reviews are positive, it’s a testament of how good a basement repair company is in their work. So go ahead and enlist their help.

Make sure the contractor provides you with a written estimate and a written contract. Verbal promises and statements are not binding under law. If they don’t stick to their end of the bargain, you can’t take legal action or seek redress because there’s no evidence they reneged on their promise.

Also, ensure the company backs your project with a labor warranty and manufacturer’s warranty. Failure to obtain both warranties means you will have no recourse should the basement fall apart. In this case, you’ll have to pay another contractor to fix the mess.

Insurance is also critical when undertaking basement repairs in Raleigh, NC. It will protect you from claims compensation suits arising from damages or injuries if they occur with installers working on site.

Are you looking to repair your leaky basement? Need help diagnosing basement issues? Schedule an inspection with us and get a free basement repair quote along with recommendations to fix your basement problems.

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