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Unlevel Concrete driveway before and after Polyrenewal injection

Don’t Let Seasonal Changes Hide Trip Hazards Around Your Home

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With autumn making a presence throughout the region, leaves have already begun to change and fall from the trees. Uneven sidewalks, driveways, patios and pool decks could pose a liability concern as these trip hazards can become hidden by the fall foliage.

Unlevel Concrete driveway before and after Polyrenewal injection

Why Should You Fix Your Sinking, Unlevel Concrete Slab? 

  • The problem will only get worse. Once a slab has cracked and begins sinking, it simply won’t get better with time. In fact, the problem will worsen, resulting in a more costly solution.
  • Resale Value. Who wants to buy a home with an unlevel driveway, a stoop pulling away from the house or floors that are cracked and sinking? No one.
  • Appearance. Concrete that is out of level can often cause ugly cracks not only in the slab itself but also in any structure that sits on top of the slab, such as brick, drywall, plaster, etc.
  • Safety. Have you ever been walking and suddenly tripped on a sidewalk or section of concrete that was a different level than the rest? Those trip hazards can be dangerous and open your property up to unwanted liability.
  • Water Intrusion. Cracks in a concrete slab allow elements from the outside, inside. Cracks let water in, or at the very least, moisture, which can damage your living space in a variety of ways.
  • Pooling Water. As concrete settles and cracks, it creates a perfect environment for water to pool. What happens to that pooled water when it becomes cold outside? Ice forms, causing more safety and liability concerns.
  • Structural Damage. As a concrete slab begins to settle, the structure above will crack and settle as well. This can cause doors to stick, windows to bind, and other structural damages throughout your home.

Sometimes living with the problem for so long makes it seem like the problem really isn’t there–until something happens. With family gatherings and holidays on the horizon, ensure your home’s trip hazards are taken care of, the correct way. Learn more about a concrete lifting foam that can fix these problems for good in less than a day.

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