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The #1 Way to Rid Your Crawlspace of Bugs and Critters

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Friday, September 5th, 2014

Dirt Crawl Spaces

More often than not, dirt crawlspaces create the best environment for pests and bugs to live out their entire life, thriving and multiplying. The organic wood material, high humidity, varying temperature, vents and dirt floor make the crawlspace environment almost identical to the outdoor environment they belong in. Spiders, beetles, termites, stink bugs, mice, and even snakes will find a dirt crawlspace and move right in.

The best way to solve or prevent this nasty problem is to remove the moisture, seal up the vents and cover every inch of dirt in a strong vapor barrier. If your crawlspace is already home to unwanted guests, a pest control company will have to pay you a visit. Once the pests are taken care of, a combination of CrawlSeal crawlspace products can be chosen to best fit your crawlspace situation.

CrawlSeal Products: Your Solution For Dirt Crawl Spaces

crawl space encapsulation system

The CrawlSeal vapor barrier is a specially designed liner that covers each and every inch of dirt in your crawlspace. It also continues up the block walls of the crawlspace and wraps around the piers. This ensures that no moisture, pests or rodents can enter the area from the dirt or gaps.

When it comes to crawlspace vents, popular opinion and building codes are stuck in the past. Back when the codes were written, we hadn’t studied the science behind crawlspace ventilation. Now, we know that crawlspace vents should be sealed off to minimize the airflow and moisture levels. Sealing the vents will also close another potential entryway for bugs and pests.

Basement dehumidifier

By using a Tar Heel crawlspace dehumidifier, you can easily rid the crawlspace environment of moisture. Drainage products can also be considered if there is a more serious moisture problem. This will make the area comfortable for you and uncomfortable for your unwanted crawlspace critters. The Tar Heel dehumidifier is also self-draining so you can rest easy knowing the job is being taken care of.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offers all of these products, services and more with the best inspectors in the business. We offer free estimates for our work and would love to visit your home and take a look at any of your basement concerns. We stand by our products and services 100%. If unwanted guests have moved into your crawlspace, we can help move them out!

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