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Is Your Basement Ready for Another Rainstorm?

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Monday, April 11th, 2016
why leaks happen in the basement

There is no way to prevent inclement weather. However, there is a way to permanently manage the water or moisture intruding into your basement!

Your basement is a hole in the ground lined with an imperfect concrete structure– a porous material with cracks, holes, and joints in it. That is why basements leak.

Even with footing drains and dampproofing being required by I.C.C. building codes on newly constructed homes, water will eventually find a way in. Damproofing is a coating on the exterior foundation wall that is not an effective prevention or solution for long-term homes because it cannot stop water completely. Footing drains are plastic pipes with holes or slots that are laid around the exterior footing. These drains often become clogged and can never be serviced or replaced without extensive excavation of the yard.

It seems that an interior drainage system would work the best on new homes or homes suffering from a damp, wet basement. No large excavation of the yard, quick install and serviceable. Not all interior drainage systems are created equally. There are a few requirements that homeowners should be aware of before choosing a quality interior drainage system:

BasementGutter prevents flooding
  • Designed not to clog- sits on top of the footing
  • Has a built-in 3/4-inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain wall leaks
  • Does not rely on filter fabric
  • Has a big drain outlet to the sump
  • Will not cause structural damage to the foundation
  • Serviceable drainage system

Tar Heel Basement Systems provides an interior drainage system called BasementGutter that meets all of the requirements above. Don’t let the next rain ruin your spring! Call our office to schedule a FREE estimate appointment with one of our certified basement specialist: 1-844-545-6243.

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