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Crew installing interior drainage in basement

The BasementGutter™ System

Having an effective interior drainage system to keep your basement dry is important. Learn more about how the BasementGutter™ system is the best solution for a dry basement.


Basements are both the most important and most imperfect pieces of a home or building. Built in soils that vary and move, there is no guarantee that the area will remain the way it was originally designed. Over the years many companies and contractors have attempted to design pipe drainage systems that prevent clogging and accept water from the walls without any ugly gaps. The BasementGutter™ Waterproofing System was invented by the most innovative engineers in the business to do just those things.

Installed BasementGutter
  • It Does Not Clog: Located in the Out-Of-Mud zone, BasementGutter’s unique design was engineered to not sit in the dirt. It is installed on top of the footer of the home around the perimeter of the trouble area. Once the pipe is set in place, loose “crush and run” rocks are poured in to secure it while still allowing water to enter it. Silt and sediment clogging will never be an issue.
  • It Accepts Water From Wall Leaks: The BasementGutter’s patented pipe design incorporates a 3/8 inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain any leaks that come from the walls. Many times, wall leaks are a result of condensation, window well leaks, or highly saturated soil that surrounds the basement walls. Attempting to seal the walls with paint or other material is only a temporary fix. The BasementGutter™ system will catch any incoming water from both walls and floors and drain it from the home in one fell swoop.
  • It Does Not Rely on Filter Fabrics:  BasementGutter™ does not utilize any filter fabrics to keep the system from clogging because its design and location already prevents it! Many other basement waterproofing systems will incorporate filter fabrics to catch dirt and debris. They will eventually become clogged, the drainage process will be drastically slowed and the filters will have to be found and changed. BasementGutter’s patented design is made to be completely worry-free and can even be installed with an inspection port, creating an easy-to-reach spot for flushing or inspecting.
  • It Will Not Cause Structural Damage to the Foundation: The installation of a BasementGutter™ system involves the crew jackhammering around the perimeter of the trouble area to reach the footer of the home. Since the BasementGutter™ system is installed ON TOP of the footer and re-sealed into place with concrete, the structural integrity of the foundation remains unaltered.

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