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Crawl Space Drain

Crawl space interior drainage systems are one of the best ways to prevent flooding and humidity in your home. Tar Heel Basement Systems is here to help.

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Wet crawl spaces are a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and rot because of groundwater or leaking water heaters and pipes. If any of these have happened in your home, you may face damage to your crawl space. To prevent mold and mildew from forming in your crawl space, Tar Heel recommends installing an AquaStop CrawlDrain™. 

How AquaStop CrawlDrain™ Works

  • The best results are obtained when CrawlDrain™ is installed in conjunction with a vapor barrier. Your crawl space will be thoroughly cleaned before the installation of the crawl space drain to ensure that the barrier will not rupture. We’ll also take care of any water that’s accumulated in your crawl space. 
  • To install the drain in the crawl space, our team will excavate a trench around its perimeter. Gravel will surround the 4-inch-thick pipe, slowing the flow of water and reducing the chance of clogging as it exits your crawl space. 
  • Our CrawlDrain™ is designed to work with our other crawl space solutions, as stated in the previous paragraph. We will install a sump pump after the drain is in place to prevent water from pooling in the vbasement. The sump pump, vapor barrier, and CrawlDrain™ all work together to remove water from your crawl space. 

Why AquaStop CrawlDrain™ Stands Out

  • Unique Design: CrawlDrain™ includes holes at the base to collect and drain groundwater. Because it stops groundwater from entering your home, CrawlDrain™ can also operate as a preventive measure. It reduces moisture, humidity, and water damage risk. 
  • Durable Construction: To endure soil movement and saturation, CrawlDrain™ is designed. With regular soil soaking, this system is impervious to rust and corrosion, and will not degrade. It can also be flexed and moved, and it has a long lifespan. 
  • Resistant to Clogs: CrawlDrain™ uses a special filter cloth to prevent clogs, blockages, and system damage. This eliminates the need for flushing and maintenance and increases the system’s longevity. This fabric filter reduces crawl space flooding during heavy rain and saturated soil.

Signs Your Home Needs This Solution 

Mold Growth

If water gets into your crawl space and pools, mold will grow when the water evaporates and making the space humid. Mold can cause musty odors, respiratory concerns, and mold development in your house. Again, a crawl space drain prevents water from gathering, which can prevent mold.

crawl space flooding

Standing Water

There are multiple ways that water can get into your crawl space. Overflowing gutters or drainpipes can let water into your crawl space if the water pools around your foundation and saturates the soil around and under your home. Leaky pipes or vents can potentially let in water. Rain or sprinklers can soak the earth around your property, causing standing water in your crawl space. Installing a crawl space drain helps prevent these problems. 

reading moisture in crawl space

High Humidity

Crawl space humidity can cause wood decay, mold, and condensation. All of these can cause foundation failure and health problems. Condensation can ruin insulation and wiring in your crawl space, rendering them worthless. Crawl space drains prevent humidity by preventing water from evaporating in the crawl space.

Crawl Space Drain


Your crawl space houses many home systems like plumbing, duct work, and your HVAC unit. These systems will deteriorate if water seeps into your crawl space. Even neglecting one of these systems can impact your property. If flooding and standing water degrade the foundation, additional structures will be harmed. Maintaining your crawl space is important. 

Yes, without a doubt. First, keeping water damage and other problems caused by moisture from happening in your crawl space could raise the total value of your home. If you do nothing, water will seep into your home’s wooden parts, which will cause the wood to rot. This is bad news for your house because weakened wood can cause problems with its structure. Also, if there is enough water drainage, mold won’t grow. You and your family could breathe in harmful spores if you don’t.

Of course, a little bit of water won’t cause a problem with the structure right away, but it can cause mold to grow much faster than you might think. Mold can start to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours, according to FEMA. That means that even a small amount of water can cause a lot of trouble if you let it sit there and grow. The safest thing you can do for your family and your home is to make sure a good waterproofing system is in place.

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You may put your faith in Tar Heel because we have experience resolving actual issues in Raleigh, Wilmington, and the rest of the northern region of North Carolina. If you see any cracking, sinking, or unevenness in your concrete, we ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. Checking the integrity of your foundation, crawl space, or concrete basement is completely free and comes with no obligations. You will require the assistance of our staff if you desire to successfully waterproof your basement in its entirety. Keep an eye on your house because if you overlook the early signs of wear and tear in your home’s crawl space, the damage will only get worse and eventually require more extensive repairs. 

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