Case Studies: Browns Summit, NC- Crawl Space Door Installation

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 By Jaimie Hooker


This beautiful Browns Summit, NC home had a crawl space door that was anything but matching the home. The crawl space door was beginning to deteriorate and the hinges had become severely rusted. Due to the severe deterioration of the bottom of the crawl space door, humidity, critters, and weather were entering the crawl space area. The homeowner called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a quality solution.


System Design Specialist, Trevor Lord, completed a full assessment of the previously damaged crawl space door and created a plan to install the Infinity Crawl Space Door.

The Crawl Space Team began by removing the old, wooden crawl space door that was rotted, warped and ultimately serving no purpose. The Team began installing the Infinity Crawl Space Door, unlike the previous wooden door; the Infinity Door is made of high-density vinyl, comes in multiple color options and can be customized to any crawl space entryway size. The Infinity door will not rust, warp, rot or dent but is completely insulated and when closed seals off the crawl space for maximum energy savings. An additional perk is the dead bolt that will prevent weather, pests and intruders from entering the area below the home. This Browns Summit, NC homeowner is happy that Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to install the customized Infinity Door to protect the crawl space.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Trevor Lord

Products Installed: Crawl Space Infinity Door

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