Photo Album: Winston Salem, NC Crawl Space with Insulation on the Floor

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A pest company performed an annual termite inspection and let the home owner know that it was extremely wet in the crawl space, even more so than the previous year's inspection. The insulation was drooping significantly and had even completely fallen from the floor joists in some areas. The plastic was practically useless because it was extremely thin and did not cover the dirt floor in many areas of the crawl space. Additionally, there was mold growth on the floor joists that needed to be cleaned and insulation that needed to be removed. This was the perfect environment for bugs and rodents.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed a CrawlSeal encapsulation system, complete with a perimeter drainage system, insulation panels and a commercial grade dehumidifier. This crawl space in Winston Salem, NC is now dry and more energy efficient than ever.

First Call Restoration is a restoration company that we work very closely with. On many of our crawl space installation they come out before we encapsulate to do a mold remediation. In this crawl space they did the mold cleaning and also pulled the moldy, ineffective fiberglass insulation from the floor joists before we performed our crawl space repair. We work very closely with First Call and are fortunate to be able to partner with such a professional and trustworthy company.


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  • Crawl Space Floor Covered with Fallen Insulation
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  • First Call Restoration Pulls Moldy Floor Insulation
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